Too Soon To Rest With The Lord

Rest And Cry No More Lady T .
Rest? No! Wake up, it's two days to your birthday. How could you not tell me you were depressed and very ill? How could you come into Abuja, quietly check yourself into National hospital leaving instructions that you didn't want anyone to know, didn't want to see anybody. You didn't want to bother anyone? Who is ANYONE?

I am grieving silently and it's so heavy for me cos this whole thing I don't understand. I didn't see you sick, didn't hear about ill health, didn't hear you flew in straight to the hospital, spent a whole day there and passed on the following. 

What is friendship? Why are we friends? I thought you said you trusted me a lot? If we were friends, why couldn't you sort me out as the only one to confide in? I am so heartbroken, don't know how and what to tell the girls.

You could have just let me in. Just a few days ago, I teased hubby that you look fresher now than when you were married to his friend. He didn't argue at all. We were happy thinking that you have gone past your husband's passing. You didn't fall sick during those dark days. You told me how your in-laws pounced and took everything, how they accused you of ending their son's lineage, they called you

names and you ensured they took everything because you didn't want your own parents to lose their daughter. You told me how your in-laws didn't let you mourn your husband enough, how they came as soon as he was buried and won't even believe that what you showed them is all your husband had. You felt the anger didn't let you grieve your  enough but we felt you mourned like you too were dead. 

You mourned him until a market woman called you to a corner and told you that the next time you came to that market, that she didn't want to see you looking unkempt in those mourning clothes. The strange woman scolded the tears out of your eyes. She told you specifically that if you were the one that died, that your husband would have married another wife even within that year cos men are like that. She told you that one year of mourning was enough. You thought about it, and decided to have a clean bath and change your clothes. The strong Lady T that likes to quote scripture for every situation and clown over even serious issues. You never took life too seriously. What happened?

 It's well
After my last baby girl, was it not you that came to Abuja to warn me not to try it again, telling me that even those who have none are grateful to God, that having one gender is a big blessing. I was touched that even without one to call your own, you could still give me some advice. You remember how my last preg was hid from you until delivery because I didn't want to face your 'comedy' tongue lashing. 

You, who woke us up for morning devotions when you are around, and sing such heavenly songs. You always came with good songs in your phone to send to mine because you think my phone is boring and that I don't care. You made me learn to save and enjoy songs and games in my gadgets telling me you don't know the type of person I am, that I just don't know how to enjoy myself and have leisure time. 
How could you leave now that we thought you have decided to hand everything over to God and enjoy your life.

You are too young to go. We always told your hubby then that he married a kindergarten and then before we knew it, you were already looking like one madam and telling us not to be fooled by his doting in our presence. 

Those dark days, I felt you might not make it but years have passed and you bounced back like the child of God that you are. I stopped feeling sad when I see you alone. I got used to because you showed us that you had recovered from that loss.

The last time you visited, I remember the girls taking turns to serve you water and soft drinks, taking pictures with you. I just visited your timeline babe and you posted one pic with you and my baby girl, your fav. I cried remembering how you held her to yourself, how you prayed that one day you'll get married again and have a family.

You've left this world of uncertainty and suffering,  left never to correct me again. I never remembered your new name and each time I called you Tina, you quickly corrected that it's Tylda. The name change came after you lost him, you thought that loss was too much ill-luck and you said changing your name might take away that bad luck that made you lose a husband at an early age. Because I never remembered the new name, I started calling you Lady T. That was easier for me after all both names start with a T. You liked the Lady T and correction ended.

It's been three days since a message entered my phone, informing me that "Tylda has passed at the National hospital, that she didn't want anyone to know she was there.  She came in from Port Harcourt and went straight to the hospital" What?

There is no closure for me at all.  What happened? Did you give up on life? You told me God never gives up on us.You said my family is one of the two families that continued to stand by you after he passed and that all other friends disappeared, you said we are very loyal friends, were you lying to me then? If only you gave me a sign, confided in and told me not to let anyone know, you know me so well, no one else would have heard even a whisper.
If only you told me something, anything.
Rest In Peace T.


  1. Anonymous5/12/2015

    Another reason life is all vanity.May her cute soul rest in peace

  2. God knows best, take heart Eya. I am like your late friend, what I hate is bothering people with my problems. She will surely rest now.

    1. Thanks Ify. Those who care about you won't mind, they'd rather you bother them than bear burdens all alone.

  3. It's well. May God console and comfort you and everyone she left behind.

  4. Wow RIP lady T. Eya please take heart.

    1. Amen.Blessings Pynk

    2. @ Miss Pynk. I enjoy your blog ...The tattoo on private part post :)

  5. Rip lady T. Take heart Eya.

  6. Sorry about ur loss. God needs her more.

  7. Pls take heart Eya, life is just like that. What a beauty to be swallowed by the insatiable ground. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  8. Anonymous5/12/2015

    So sorry for you loss. God rest her soul

  9. sorry for the loss of your dear friend. She was so pretty. May her gentle soul rest in peace. God knows best and he will give you and her family and friends the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

    1. Thanks Adaeze for the prayer. May your very talented creative writing take you before kings.

  10. May her soul RIP. Aunty Eya may God comfort u and everyone she left behind.
    Charge to US all............Let us live eachday like the last cos no one knows when our soul will be required of us.

  11. Your blog is fun Abiola. Those painted nails though.

  12. This is touching. May the Lord rest her soul and be with the family she left behind amen.

    Take heart Madam Eya. God knows the best.

  13. Sorry about ur loss Eya....May she Find peace with d Lord.

  14. Eya take heart. Please lets learn to open up about our challenges in life. Depression is treatable.

    I lost a dear friend recently Sly Ojiegbede. Not due to depression but lack of proper health care.
    A problem shared is definitely a problem half solved. Nigerians open up and share

  15. Mrs Kelz5/17/2015

    So sorry Anti,May her soul RIP

  16. What a beauty... What a loss! So touching and sad...

  17. So sorry for your loss. RIP lady T

  18. Anonymous5/28/2015

    She likely died from a broken heart that manifested in illness in her body. What is this life? The more I live the more I don't know. May her soul find peace now that she is in the arms of her Creator


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