Sisi Yemmie's Fried Rice For This Weekend

Fried rice with a difference. 
Beautiful Blogger Sisi Yemmie is now a mommy blogger, she just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who is less than a month old and right now. You and I do not need to be told that this is a very busy, tiring, guest receiving,  hot watering, sleep craving, overwhelming period for every new mom. Even if one has family and friends to do all the work, what about waking up to breastfeed hungry crybaby at night?
sometimes once is not enough. Sleep deprivationx.

Let's try her well dressed attractive Nigerian fried rice
this week as our way of saying congratulations to her.
The beauty of this fried rice will fill you up by mere looking at it sef.
Let's cook right here.
If you'll like to check out other fried rice recipes, then have fun here


  1. Congrats again sisi


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