Should I Try The Knorr Taste Quest Cooking Competition?

Frying my home-made akara balls
Well, I've thinking o. The amateur cooks like me who do this thing, how many heads do they have? ehn? Seasons1 and 2 came and passed. The reason I didn't register is that I thought the competition was for professional chefs or trained cooks. I just learned now that it's for ordinary women who learnt to cook from mama's kitchen and theirs.

You guys have been following my yummy cooking on wives connection recipes, do you think this cooking qualifies me for this show OR, I should just sit down and not make a fool of myself? Lolz.

I think I cook well o, family and friends enjoy my cooking and thanks to mails from wives and husbands who are grateful wives connection cooking has changed their dining tables.  I really am interested in this cooking competition this season, abeg
make una help me too na. Should I put my amateur cooking skills out there ( That's if I'm picked o)?


  1. Yes you go already, we got your back Aunt Eya

  2. Anonymous5/04/2015

    If you want it, go for it. Follow your dreams, you might just be the next winner. It's better to try and then fail than not to try atall. I wish you well.

  3. I think you should try it..... for the fun of cooking.

  4. Do it, yes u can!

  5. Hmm...Aunt Eya, your blog is edible.
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  6. Babe we re behind u ooohhh....go for it dear!

  7. What do you have to lose if you try?

    Eya please go for it.

  8. Eya please go for it!

  9. i guess you know that there is no harm in trying, go for it, i believe you got what it takes to pull through as winner, when you win please invite me for a free ads,buy cheap, sell very fast here!

  10. Yes y not, u cook well

  11. Anty Eya, what are you still waiting for? Bikko go. And if you need any one to come help you in the kitchen... Holla @ your girl.
    We've got your back.

  12. Eya go for it..we're solidly behind U

  13. Give it a trial. You can NEVER tell. Best of Luck!

  14. You should give it a try ;)... you'd have to learn some new ways of using some ingredients though, as in asides the conventional way we* use them! also you'd need to up your game on presentation of the dishes...

    It's certainly not for the faint- hearted LOL

  15. Without a doubt Aunt Eya.
    Go for it!

  16. Of course, u never know u just might be the winner o

    Afterall the others no get 2 heads now, if u feel like it just DO IT!!!!!!!!!!


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