Royco Women Who Really Cook Contest

Royco Women Who Really Cook contest

Royco Nigeria has rewarded two African women with Kitchen appliances for preparing tasty African meals in the Royco Women who really cook contest. Faith was the winner of the Southern theme with her delicious lookingBanga Soup & Starch recipe while
Fatima preparedAlayyaho Soup & Masa for the Northern theme.

Do you think you have the skills to do better than them? It is very simple!
Join the Royco Women Who Really Cook Contest? Every week during the competition, Royco will give out a cooking theme from the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Participants will be required to follow these themes when preparing their winning African dish. To participate; all you need do to is upload quality pictures of indigenous and original recipes you have prepared! One African woman will be selected by the Royco team every week.

Entries will be selected based on the following: cleanliness, theme of the week, presentation of Meal, the quality of your image & use of Royco.
Remember, you must capture how you used any of the Royco Seasoning in your picture and also your pictures should be of good quality. When all this is done, upload your picture here:

Follow Royco Nigeria here: for more information.
Remember terms & conditions apply:
Get cooking and start winning now! 


  1. Debbie5/27/2015

    That Banga soup is born again mehn


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