How To Preserve Water Leaf (Nigerian Spinach)

Washed and hopped water leaf.
I tried freezing because, of all the leafy vegetables used in Nigeria, water leaf is the most difficult to preserve. It has to be used straight from the market or the very next day else the leaves begin to drop and rot. This worked perfectly for me. The afang soup was to be cooked three days after shopping and this water leaf couldn't have lasted that long.

After shopping, the very next day, I had to wash, chop, pack in a bag and store in the freezer for two days. I expected the leaves to look wilted but they came out looking very fresh and green. Now I can buy water leaf ahead of time for weekend cooking.
A bunch of water leaf. I prefer this specie with tiny leaves. The broad leafed water leaf has a way of making the soup too watery 
Water leaf is used for cooking, softening other vegetables in Nigerian soups like fried afang, edikang ikong soup, groundnut afang soup and sometimes bitter leaf egusi soups.
 Water leaf in a bag ready for the freezer
Wrapping in paper bags before putting in cellophane is what I'll like to try next.
Newspaper should work well too.
 Dumped in the freezer for two days

 My frozen water leaf  till in the bag. the bag will be torn to bring it out
 Frozen water leaf is put in a pot and placed on the cooker right away.
Do you have other methods of storing your water leaf and other leafy veggies?