Getting Some Parenting Help From Police

Young boy arrest
A mom gets her misbehaving 10 year old son fake arrested by a police officer to bring the derailing young man back on track, after it's shared on Social media, some praise her for fake arresting rather than wait and face future REAL arrest of her son as a criminal. She is applauded by moms who think whatever it takes to raise a son well is in order provided the boy is not hurt by her decision. Others came for her calling it bad parenting.
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I cannot judge this mother in any way. She must have tried other methods before involving the police. It's not like it's a real arrest. Boys at this age can be a
handful, teenage years are very close by and if she is not firm, the young man might just go astray. All kids are not the same and truth is ... some children are much easier to raise than others. What works for one child may not work for another. In Nigeria where whoopping is still practiced, we still see kids who do not even cry after receiving strokes of cane while others urinate in their pants at the sight of mom holding a cane. If she tried her best and felt including a fake arrest is what she needed, why not. Rather than give up on a child, faking an arrest won't hurt.