Should People Take Off Shoes At Your Doorstep?

Shoes inside or outside the house? 

Shoes are seen at doorsteps, beside footmats almost everywhere one visits. Some shiny, dirty, unpolished, with tiny dog poop, with some careless driver's cough phlegm or mucus, with some mud, stepped on some roadside leftovers... Inside the living room some people are seen still wearing their well buckled shoes while in some cases, children and domestic staff like drivers and gatemen plus househelp are barefooted.

In Canada for example, people must wear their shoes at all times whether they are guests visiting or in their homes.

I have a few experiences where I leave my shoes outside only to be made a little uncomfortable by dust or sand on the floor or carpet.

Whether it be
slippers, bata sandals or any type of shoe, I am one person that doesn't like to take off my shoes unless
I'm climbing the bed to sleep. My feet are so sensitive they can feel even dust particles. In my house, we wear slippers all the time and the kids are encouraged to never walk about barefooted whether inside or outside the house.
Leave shoes at doorstep or take shoes inside?
How do you feel when guests walk in with say muddy shoes? Are you of the opinion that while Very Important People (VIP) cannot take off shoes at your doorstep others should at least shoqw some respect? Would you prefer they left them outside or just wiped on the doormat?
Please share your thoughts.


  1. People have different policies with regards to this. If adults come to visit they can leave their shoes on but i always ask kids to take off their shoes as i know they will end up playing and jumping about. Takinf shoes off also make kids comfy and free to play.
    I feel it is kind of rude to ask adults to take off their shoes as it can make them feel unwelcomed.
    I have very cold feet and i find that shoes keep my feet warm indoors. If i visit a home and i'm am asked to take off my shoes i will respect them and take off my shows but i will cut my visit very very short.

  2. Anonymous4/19/2015

    This is interesting,I took a course in micro biology last year,one of my assignments was to swab my shoes and grow the bacteria,Lord have mercy,u don't want to know Wat is beneath your shoes. A co worker' s child got really sick it was discovered that the baby had put the mom s shoes in her mouth,they spent a long time in the hospital so Biko,please he who has ears should hear leave ur shoes outside,if u must wear shoes or slippers inside pls let it be different from those worn outside

  3. Anonymous4/19/2015

    We always take off our shoes and wear slippers and we ask our visitors to remove their shoes at the door. If people are coming for the day or staying overnight then we ask they bring their slippers to wear.

  4. Anonymous4/19/2015

    The comment about you leaving your shoes on in Canada is totally false. I know because I live in Canada. Have lived here for over 20 years now. It's a forgone rule that you are expected to take your shoes off,when you come into somebody's house. People do it automatically without been asked. It is done,so that people don't drag in dirt or snow with their shoes. Can you imagine how much cleaning you have to do on your floors,carpet or rugs daily? Bear in mind we don't have house helps here,we actually have to do it by ourselves or pay a hefty sum to a cleaning company to have it cleaned? Even,whenever I'm in Nigeria,and people come visiting,it irks me when the walk all over the rug with their shoes on. If you have problem walking barefoot,I have indoor slippers available for you,or you wear socks. I don't understand why people get offended by this,it's common courtesy.

  5. Just married4/20/2015

    Wearing your shoes inside another person'sm house is very disrespectful, If you are too impoetant to take shoes off in my house, then stayn in your house let mke stay in mine. Cleaning is not easy especially with no househelp.

  6. I hate it when people come into my home with their shoes on, I don't like it one bit.I always take my shoes off when I go visiting, so why shouldn't you. I don't usually tell my visitors to take their shoes off but trust me, you won't like my mood afterwards, I find it rude and offensive especially when u can obviously see that the occupants of the house have no shoes on

  7. I don't like Pulling off my shoes when entering someone's house. Likewise, I don't like seeing different shades of footwear outside my door.

    Depends on people sha but I've not experienced someone telling me to off my shoes when going into their house.

  8. In my opinion one should not have to take off ones shoes before entering a house no matter how grand the house may be. Your shoes are an integral part of your dressing and to be asked to take them off is like asking you to undress. A good host puts his guests first. Any concerns about hygiene can be taken care of by cleaning up AFTER the guests have gone .
    I find that leaving shoes at the entrance of a house looks untidy and also can be a hazard to others who can trip over them.

  9. Anonymous10/30/2015

    Where I come from, it is our culture to leave shoes at the doorstep. Whether a VIP, a child or a house help or gardener, we leave shoes by the doorstep. Around our estate, it is regarded irresponsible to visit your neighbor and keep your shoes on because you don't appreciate the effort put to clean the floors and carpets. My mother was a housewife and she always ensured her wooden floors and carpets are clean so you don't feel uncomfortable and cold. I do the same for my family.

    I remember the day I took my son for school admission (baby class), he took off his shoes. The headmistress told him that he was not at home and he can keep his shoes on. She told me that was common and kids removed shoes during their first admission and she had to put a sign at the door “Keep Shoes On”. It is hygienic and respectful to remove shoes before entering the house.


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