Quick Bitter Leaf Sauce With Rice

Bitterleaf sauce with rice
Rice with Quick bitter leaf sauce.
I made some bitterleaf sauce on Monday. I didn't remember to start taking pictures on time.
Actually, for the past 2 weeks, I've been battling with loss of appetite( although I just treated myself of mild malaria). I suddenly lost all my cravings and desires for food. Hahaa naa. I need to eat to survive. Food gives us stamina. I even lost my cravings for snacks ( I must confess I'm a bit of a sweet tooth). Nothing was going in my mouth. Not even water.

I was on my own. (sighs deep),That's what you get when you live alone.
So when my mum called last weekend to check on me, I complained to her. She instructed me to make some peppery bitter leaf sauce, saying it's a huge cure to
awaken the taste buds. My mum knows every natural cure. Lols.
At first I ignored it, but when I couldn't stand it anymore, I decided to give it a try. And the result was what she predicted.

Nothing much went into the prep. All you need is

pepper ( ata rodo), onions, and bitter leaf.
I added
smoked fish and crayfish for taste. And yes, salt and Maggi too.

*) I gave the pepper and onions to the women at the market who grind with stone ( 50-100N) . If you can't get a local grinder, you can use your blender or hand grinder. Just make sure the pepper isn't smooth.

*) I bought the washed bitter leaf o.. I just can't stand the bitter taste abeg.

*) make sure the pepper is pepperish. That's the idea. And if you can stand it, the bitter leaf shouldn't be too washed too. It should still have some bitter thang to it.

Below are the pictures.

Frying pepper sauce in red oil. I fried the sliced onions first before adding the grinded pepper and onions.

Adding smoked fish to the frying stew ( wish I had even bought pomo sef).

Adding crayfish,I also added Maggi and salt at this stage.

Adding washed bitter leaf. After adding the leaf, I allowed it simmer  for just 5mins, then I removed it from the fire.

 My tasty bitter leaf sauce. Very delicious.

My ready sauce. The first time I ate it, I ate it with hot eba. I couln't take pictures because my phone was dead by then.

I had it with rice the following day.

My mum was right. From the moment the eba and veg landed on my tongue, the pepper and bitter taste awoke my buds. Lols.
 See for yourself in the rice naa. I finished everything.
And I must say my appetite has improved.

You can try it as an appetite booster, or for convalesence or simply as a side sauce.

Happy trying. ( I'm not a cooking pro yet o. I'm aslo a learner)


  1. Haven't tried this, but will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haven't tried this, but will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing.



  5. thanks for sharing sis.will definitely give it a try

  6. Anonymous1/14/2016

    Wow...I hope my sweetness will like this.. Tnx alot


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