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Sometimes, when I hear or read about marital violence, I shudder and cringe in fear. Most times, it gives me unsettling thought about marriage, so much I even fancy remaining single. And the unpretty thing about this malady, is its global tentacles. It's just Everywhere.
I'm reacting to a post I read last night on Lindas blog, on a woman who was beaten blueblack black by her husband,   till she couldn't  see anything but red. She was so badly beaten that one of her eyes is practically lost.
( full gist on her blog).
The picture was gory. Haba, that was just to extreme. What could she have done? I saw a picture of her before the beating. She's been married for four years, and three plus half out of those four years, she's been used as a training bag for her supposed husband punches.

There's so much said on " choose wisely" , "make
sure you are compatible" ,"shine your eyes","make sure he loves you", "check for all the signs" etc. But then, a whole lot of crappy stuff still happens in that institution called marriage even after following so many rules and guidelines.

Last week, a Unilag student was badly stabbed by her lover, so sad she lost her life. We recall the
story of that Arowolo banker woman who was killed by her husband naa.I can't even begin to recount true life stories of marital violence.  As a single lady, I don't envy married women at all.I've seen women
who would do anything to get out of their marriage. And I've  also met ladies who would do anything to get married.. lol. It's a twisted world. Yes, I've seen quite a couple of happy homes and marriages,but majority is a bloody battle field. Even in my church, lot of married folks are not happy. Why is that?

Hey,I know marriage is not a bed of rose, but, come on, it shouldn't be a crown of thorns either. What's  happening in our society? Hell-bent on madness and folly. The economy is not smiling, the government isn't friendly, the environment is polluted, the world is in crisis, and then the  home which is supposed to be a safe haven is a war ground.

My heart, really goes out to that unfortunate woman, I pray she recovers fast and whole.This is one of those times when decision lies in her hand, I pray she gets the courage to make that right decision.
To all victims of marital violence,I also pray for
 restoration and tranquil back into your homes. But, it's about time you also take decisions that will help prolong your life. There's just no use dying before your time.

Hmm, All the single ladies, I mean genuine hardworking single ladies, can you give yourself some breathing space and relax. Can't you see, marriage is not worth rushing into. Which would you rather have?
The Mrs title + misery or your Ms + peace.

The grass is not that green on the other side, Just be happy because I've come to see that even marriage cannot deliver happiness to you.I pray we won't miss it in marriage.
I'm crawling back into my duvet,lost in my thoughts. Thank God, my pillow doesn't punch me.

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 Stay Happy.


  1. It's actually so sad. People say there are always signs (that are overlooked) while dating/courting if a patner is abusive or not. I don't know if that's true for every couple though.

  2. Anonymous3/29/2015

    Am married for 10 yrs and hubby has never laid a finger at me. Too bad some men are just beasts.

  3. I am 28 years and not even desperate about getting married because of all the bad stories and past personal experiences.
    sometimes I wish there were other options like contracts etc. Its too overrated jor


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