About The Cookware That Bakes And Cooks Even Afang Soup Without Oil

Baking that cake on my old tired gas cooker, with ease and speed

Cake is ready. No retouching, no oven, no burning. The only food pics from my new cookware are the cakes for now. Will definitely take more pics,  God willing.
Before now, I thought that we Nigerians never really bothered much about healthy choices when it comes to enjoying food but with the number of mails I'm getting at and WhatsApp, that has changed.

When I published that post, it was to publish another with a soup or stew recipe the very next however God holds the times, and I am also looking forward to when I'll be able to do a full recipe post. ...Very soon.
The reason I disabled comments on there is because of the comments about the cost of the cookware which is actually not really true. It's not about the cost because this is a wonder cookware,  after purchase, even before completion of the payment, you can make much more than what is
spent buying them and that depends totally on what you want as a buyer trying to make healthy choices in life. If possible, me, Eya Ayambem, would have got these cookware for all wives connection blog readers but my hand no reach at all at all . With the rate at which people are sick and falling sick with one ailment or the other, especially people in their forties upward, alot of elderly Nigerians today are battling with one form of diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, waist disease, eye disease, reproductive disease, respiratory disease, digestive disease or the other, some obvious while others treat secretly.

If only many people are aware that we take in a lot of gradual poison slowly seeping into our food through their interaction with our cookware.  Many who are aware, are nonchalant. But, truth of the matter is that gradual poisoning may accumulate over time and then eventually result in one degenerative ailment with different tests never reading "poisoning"

Majority of the mailers want to know where to get the cookware and the cost and I spent a better half of this evening replying that they are not sold at the market and the cost depends on your choice. When I got introduced, initially,it didn't make much sense but now that I cook all my meals there, I honestly regret that I wasn't introduced as soon as they were brought into Nigeria a few years back.
Forget what you hear about the cost because that's not the whole truth trust me. With the whole world advancing in technology and living generally, every family deserves to eat healthy and live longer by God's grace. For those of us interested in mailing me, please the city you live in is all I need to know and you get a dealer helping you out with free information and demonstrations on how to cook the right way. The dealers provide the cookware needed to make the dinner. For those in Abuja, it's very easy cos if you are interested, it's at your convenience that you receive your free health talk, free dinner demonstration and eating from the dealer that supplied mine.


  1. I apologise for my recent forgetfulness, don't know if it's stress that's causing it. Imagine, I cooked a very delicious pot of Nigerian tomato stew without oil yesterday Saturday but didn't remember to take pics again. Please pray for me o.

  2. You are forgiven - I made a very nice Spagetti with mixed vegetables yesterday and for get to take pictures also. Now I have to make it again if I am to put up a post soon.

    *sigh* happens to the best of us most times. :)

  3. Anonymous3/09/2015

    well why not just say how much it is then instead of censoring people's comments. could be $300 or more. you can find them online

    1. Debbie3/10/2015

      No dear.
      This cookware isn't sold online. Only certified and registered partners deliver it and it's a one-on-one process.
      I know because I am a dealer too.

    2. I'd like to say the cost but that's not possible on a blog post because it's not just one set. The cookware and prices are so many, the brochure is a booklet of over thirty pages of items and their prices starting from as low as eleven thousand naira depending on what you pick that's why it's better to see the dealer, flip through the brochure and decide what you need and don't need from the numerous cookware.

  4. Nice blog.
    You can visit to see if you can send guest posts to us.

  5. Anonymous3/10/2015

    Aunty eya, dis blog is dying gradually, if u don't ve the time to blog again, shut it down or better still hire someone. ..I miss those days wr we wud all gist like family thru this blog, now u ve taken dat away..

  6. Anonymous3/10/2015

    Abeg eya close this have killed it.

  7. Debbie3/10/2015

    If you're in Delta State or its environs, we can arrange a free cooking presentation for you and your family using this wonderful life saving cookware.
    The presentation is 100% free and we provide the food stuff. All we derive pleasure from is to show you how you can make your favorite meals in a healthy way.
    You can reach me on

  8. Anonymous 10:34 and 11:21, pls cut Eya some slack. Do u fink its easy for a full time wife and mother to blog?Go and ask LIB the sacrifices she makes to keep her blog alive and trending.As for hiring someone, noone can do ur thing better than you oo so pls lets be making do with what she is able to do for now till things improve, Biko nu

  9. Chioma3/12/2015

    GBAM. Thanks Olives, you just took the words outta my mouth. If LIB gets married today and raises five kids with a baby to look after and a husband with extended family as is the case in my Africa, do you think her blogging won't be affected?

    I started a blog and couldn't last for even a year AFTER I KILLED TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE,, PREGNANCY AND MARRIAGE, LOL. I got married. We really have to bear with Eya. There's no magic.

  10. Thanks for understanding my shoe pinch.

    1. Anonymous3/19/2015

      Eya don't let pple sympathize with u into killing ur business. Put in the extra hours and get ur work done. Working mothers work for eight hours n still tend to their family

    2. Ima'3/20/2015

      There is a big difference between a working 8 am to 5pm mom and a stay at home mom you know, for the working mom, you are away from the kids, in as much as you are working, you still have some time to yourself, not having to worry about the kids around you e.g time to gist with colleagues, surf the net, reflect a bit, plan etc. You get the drift. Take it from a mom who was working before leaving her job, there is a very big difference. It is not easier here, maybe even more difficult, cos you have to dote on the kids all day, and these kids, they just don't sleep or give you a break.

      So I understand Eya's,predicament. Blogging takes a lot of your time, you need to research, read, socialize and get ideas generally, but having your kids around you all day gives you little or no time for that. Cheers

    3. Anonymous3/21/2015

      Ima Eya has one little one at home. The others are in school. If she can't find two hours when the baby is sleeping, then o well

  11. If you sent me a mail, please be patient. I already forwarded your mails to her and if you live around Abuja and would like to contact the dealer yourself, here's her number: Mrs Ugo 080 3535 0982

  12. Anonymous3/22/2015

    please i am interested in the cookware. i live in ile ife, osun state. please link me up with a dealer, thank you.


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