Domestic Services For Couples Staying Abroad ;)

Hi aunty hope you and the kids are ok.pls help me you see am in school
am in my 3rd year my mum is my straight but she is very sick right now
am a very intelligent girl am 21 from Delta am about dropping from
school because no money to further my education have talked with some
uncles of mine but none is willing to help me am at home Right now
while student are in school.

 there is this man am
working for he is
owning me 20k for four months so I quit the job am now selling
recharge cards also I will love to work. For. Couples staying abroad
as a maid if I drop out of school  if they are willing to sponsor my
school over there   pls post this. In your blog for me.
 if there is any
one out there to help me pls do before I die I don't want to sell my
body for money plssss help me God bless you thanks. JOAN.


  1. Hello Joan, well done for taking education seriously and for working/ your recharge card business on the side to raise funds.

    Studying abroad is not as easy as you have made is sound. I fear you might be used/exploited while being promised to further your education abroad. I have heard of similar cases whereby a lady is used as a househelp with no wages and the so called education promise is not fulfilled 6-8yrs down the line. Then when the lady keeps insisting or threatening they chuck her out on the stress with nothing and nowhere to go.

    I will suggest you look for such opportunity in Nigeria as I believe a couple that will make you such a promise will fulfill it. Also you will be around to look after your sick mother.

    Do not get me wrong, I am not saying NO ONE abroad will give you this opportunity but one a very little number of people will.
    I pray help will come your way soon.

  2. Hi Joan,

    I rarely leave comments here but yours is different. Don't think going to abroad is the way forward for you (I might be wrong).
    Talking from experience I schooled in abroad Canada to be precise, you wont have time to do other things after school and school work. It is very intense here on like Nigeria.
    Tuition fees here are very very very expensive that anybody who needs a help here will rather employ a nanny which is cheaper than sponsor someone.
    I believe that anyone that will agree to sponsor you would have ulterior motive.
    please be careful. I advise you to focus on Nigeria.

    May God give you directions.


  3. Anonymous3/04/2015

    na wa oh...u said u are intelligent,but it does not reflect in ur write up!

  4. Anonymous3/05/2015

    Na real wa. I remember when this blog used to be 'IT'. Sigh

  5. Anonymous3/14/2015

    See u obodo oyibo de hungry u cut ur coat according to ur size

  6. Plus, to (honest, most people you bring abroad as domestic help end up running away from your house.
    I've just had a baby and, between just my husband and I, we're pretty stressed out so I've asked my aunts who live here how they managed and, most of them had had, at a stage, omestic help flown in from Nigeria ( whom they basically got a passport, visa, ticket for) but the recurring factor was that the girls ended up running away to try to find for themselves so, imagine just how disheartening that is.

    1. Anonymous3/28/2015

      It depends on how the person is treated and the promises you make before bringing them over. I have seen the way some of our so called nigerian family in need of domestic help treat the said help so don't come here sounding all innocent like you don't know what goes on out there. If you can afford to get a domestic help from nigeria, wouldn't it have been cheaper you pay for a professional live in nanny in the country where you are? Those are the ones you dare not violate their human rights. A nigerian lady here in London maltreated the girl she brought from nigeria so much that the social service has to step in and take the poor girl away from her thanks to her classmates who reported their observations to their teacher.

  7. People like you always like to make their stories look good just to suit your selfish interest.Be honest,the reason why most Nigeria family look for nanny from Nigeria is Because they knew they can easily mess her up.


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