Cooking Nigerian Meals Without Oil, Water; My Healthy Lifestyle

Just finished baking this lovely cake in this pot on the cooker

 Two of my new cookware for a healthy lifestyle, these ones are the no oil pots, Chicken wings frying in there without oil.
My initial plan was... not to post on this until I've published a recipe cooked with my new cookware but time is flying past and we have been cooking but haven't taken any pics yet. What has come over me? I can't believe that me, Eya, I can cook and finish eating before remembering that pics were not taken.

Iam making this post, hoping that it will become my reminder to take pics when using the cookware. They are so many. After cooking with them and practically getting to know the health benefits, I thought about joining the team so that when I post, my blog readers who are interested can contact me and get theirs through my able dealer or myself if I can bear the financial demand too, but, honestly my dear readers a lot is happening right now and you guys won't understand. I wish a day can take like say 30 hours instead.

I wanted to respond
to blog comments about my recent irregular blogging and how it's affecting us all, but I just thought to myself that wives connection readers will definitely not understand. It's just a passing phase. I don't blame myself for raising a baby at 40 *(my mischievous smile), afterall, many women are doing it and truthfully, baby J is not the reason for slow blogging as some of us have concluded.

To the main matter now.  I know that most of us like me, will never agree that we are not really into that choice of a healthy lifestyle, we think that all is fine, that we are very healthy and all but this is not so true. We have chosen to look the other way and refuse the truth about what we spend on medicare for our families, our body weight, heart and other organs, skin and total well being.

When I got introduced to this cookware, I was like, what? How can any sane person pay so much for just cooking pots? ... afterall I started eating with my aluminium and stainless steel pots since I was born, my mother and grand mother cooked and ate with these pots and nothing bad happened to anyone; we are still very healthy by God's grace. I told myself that I can't get involved in that kind of expenditure but all that changed when I watched the cooking demonstration and tasted the same meal cooked with three different pots (This is better seen than read) I realised that our cookware actually interracts with our food whether we believe it or not.

An experiment was carried out with this cookware, and my other pots and dear, believe you me, my children were around and tasted from all type pots... Their exact words were "mummy why have you been slowly poisoning us? They refused to eat the jollof rice I just finished making in my then newest stainless steel pot and I also couldn't bring myself to enjoy the sumptous looking meal. That was when my family decided it's time to put our health first and invest in what is best for the family in the long run. the cookware comes with a lifetime warranty so I can not spend again for replacements. There and then, we got the wonder cookware and things haven't
 been the same;

My gas cylinder that empties at the end of every month, I just realised yesterday that we are still using the one that was filled in December, WHAT?
lovely cake baked in my new cookware on the cooker.
I do everything cooking in these pots; bake, grill, fry without oil, sautee without oil, cook Nigerian soups without oil, boil some foods without water, roast, and do watever I want. This cake was baked for the girls right inside a pot on my cooker, it baked in 15 minutes under very low heat. Another interesting thing is that the pot doesn't need high energy and has a way of complaing to me that the heat is too much, so, we basically cook with the lowest flames and maybe, that too is what is saving this gas that has run from December and we are entering March with it by God's grace.

 I haven't bought oil since we got this cookware, it's awesome. My pots and pans have all been packed and kept in the store room, these ones are doing everything in my kitchen.

I am quite optimistic that posting this today is going to spur me to bring out my kitchen camera from the cupboard. I don't like the outcome of this phone camera.

I can write about these cookware from now till tomorrow. will try my possible best to start sharing my new recipes with us. As soon as I click on Share, I'll go keep that camera outside and see how we go from there. I'll make it up to us by God's special grace, You guys have been really patient with me, and wonderful too.




  2. Wow! Trully a wonder pot. How much?
    Can we say wellcome back now?

  3. ok.everything just sounded magical to me. frying witout oil, cooking soup without oil, how wld i cook egusi soup without oil? aunty pls do quickquick and come n share diz wonders o. im waiting.

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  4. Anonymous2/27/2015

    Hi Eya pls send me the links to food time table

  5. Iv heard of these 1.2 million naira pots. Lol

    1. Laura, that's a smaller set. the one containing these two pots that Aunty Eya posted here is about three million. My Aunty just got this exact set here in Lagos. I shall get there some day cos health is wealth.

    2. Jayne amen o. I must get there one day.

  6. Woooooooow! nice one.

  7. 1.2million / 3million cookware...!?...for real? can't wait to hear all the details about it.


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