Break Over, Ready For Marriage, No play boys Please

Hello Aunty Eya,

First I'd start by saying I'm one of those who never ever thought I would do this, but here I am I guess. 
I've had a few unsuccessful relationships in the past and for a long time, (2 years) to be precise I decided to put a sock on relationships for a number of reasons. First, I felt there were far more important priorities at the time; getting a job,righting my wrongs with God, taking care of a few responsibilities. Secondly, from the feedback I got from my past relationships, I realised there was need for some self development, and it just didn't seem appropriate to jump into relationships while trying to be a better person. Anyway fast forward to last year when I thought I'd get back to dating. I've met lots of men and I end up getting disappointed after few dates. They either want to get in between ur legs, are married or in very serious relationships or they just have no idea what they want. 

And so I thought I'd take a deep breath and give this a try. So, im 2‎7,Christian,dark skinned, slim,5"8 I think,proudly Anambraian, live in Lagos and working class. People who meet me at first say I come across as stern and snobbish but those who get close would say I'm fun and down to earth. I'd like to meet a guy, preferably older than me, ready for a serious relationship leading to marriage. He has to have lots of love to give and must have patience as a virtue, being Ibo would definitely help. Must have a job or a viable source of income. Must be kind and gentlemanly. (oh dear, I'm I asking for too much *covers face*)! I'd stop there. 

Won't give out my phone number but my email is, that's also my Blog ID. Please no married men,no play boys, no guys in relationships. Just very single. Thank you.
 Stella. *Keeping my fingers crossed*‎


  1. Anonymous2/09/2015

    No you are not asking for too much but you forgot to add God fearing ;)

    1. Not adding God fearing was deliberate as lots of people seem to use that as a criteria. Even if I requested God fearing, i'd still get messages from those who do not fit the man needs to tell me he has the fear of God. Fortunately that's one of the few virtues that cannot be hidden.

  2. Rolemodel2/10/2015

    It's so annoying how autocorrect makes you look like you cnt type simmple English. Pls disregard all the mis-expression, it's my phone feeling smart.. wish I can edit the first reply. I'm sorry to all who's reading it. It wasn't intentional.

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  3. Anonymous2/11/2015

    are u me? @ poster

  4. I'm the Poster. Thanks Aunty Eya for posting this. Will keep my fingers crossed.
    In other news, do you hear from Ahdaisy,kinna miss her input atimes.

  5. Wishing you luck girl. Pls visit

  6. God will grant ur heart desires.

  7. Anonymous2/16/2015

    Sometimes waiting for a life partner can b like forever. I had d same issue. A lot of wrong people came. Married men and guys who just wanted to get in between legs but I stood my ground and said NO to premarital sex. I waited patiently on God and he answered me in a big way. Finally got married last year at the age of 36 but today I am happy I waited that long. It wasn't easy I must say but God has given me reasons to appreciate the waiting because my hubby is GOD SENT by ALL MEANS. I just cant explain but I am really on top of the world I must say. I will advise you to keep praying and don't give in to sex before marriage the right person will come and u will be happy u. May God answer u quickly amen.

  8. May God grant you your wishes.

  9. Anonymous5/22/2015

    can anyone still contact you or are u fixed now?


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