Single Nigerian Lady In Search Of A Yoruba Guy

Good day madam , I am an ardent reader of your blog, Almighty God will bless you for the wonderful job you are doing on your blog. please I need your help to find a serious guy, I am very sincere. 

I am a single lady of 26years, still searching and I want a God fearing and caring guy who will take me for who I am, and treat me nice, i leave in lagos, I will like to meet up with a Yoruba guy for a serious relationship,  i
don't mind a distance or close relationship, all I want is a serious guy, Madam I beg you in the name of God please post my email, I can be reached via


  1. God will grant you your heart desire. Pls visit

  2. Just trust in God, don't be in a hurry and the Almighty will grant you your heart's desire, Amen.

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  3. Anonymous1/27/2015

    Were is this story? Can't view

    1. Lwkmd... God bless u o

    2. Lol... cant see the story also

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  4. U'll get ur heart desires.

  5. Aunt Eya, the story isn't visible. Pls do something.

  6. Anonymous2/02/2015

    Lolz,may you find your heart desire .

  7. Anonymous2/02/2015

    Lolz,may you find your heart desire .

  8. rolemodel2/10/2015

    Bikko, why are ladies taking to blogs for relationship adverts? Abeg love who you are first, your man will love you for you are. Enjoy being single. its not a crime jor. Pour yourself into a cause. Live. Learn. Grow. Aspire. Achive. Success has many friends. Your prayer should be more of divine positioning and connection, then dnt just pray, be active. And the rest will take shape. Most importantly, intimacy with God is the ultimate.. Your future is in God's hand, but your life is in your OWN hands, make the best use of it and life will reward you as at when due.

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