Thursday, August 28, 2014

Do I Go Or Not? Please Advise

Anonymous4:08 PM
Eya, pls will appreciate if you can make this a post.

I have been married for 8yrs with a daughter. I have
 had problems getting pregnant cos hubby's sperm count is low.

Hubby wants me and our daughter to relocate to

How Do I Relate With Him To Ensure Peace, Harmony?

 Dear Aunty Eya,
Thankyou very much for what your blog is doing. I cant wait to get married and having a colourful and tasteful kitchen from all the recipes. The advice on your blog is always matured, practical and effective. Also the kitchen recipes are so economical. Just saw a fresh pepper sauce and i am like wow.

 Cos i have been wondering how i will manage fresh pepper when i get married because i live fresh pepper and as my job is very demanding, i wont be able be going to the market always.My bookmarks are filled with alot of your pages.

Sorry for that long gist now the issue at hand. I am Igala lady dating

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To Grill Delicious Finger Licking Chicken Wings

Grilled chicken wings still in the heat begging to be served.
 I tried not to publish this because there is a post on grilled chicken, fish already making waves but the taste won't let me hoard. So I'm sharing.
Fresh Red Pepper
Seasoning cubes
Grand oil
If you have all these at home, then your grilled chicken is ready. Without a grill pan, one can still do with

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Irish Potato Porridge

A serving of potato porridge
 Will return to rearrange pictures and write
recipe later in the day please...

How to cook potato porridge

  • Add potatoes to salted boiling water
  • Add ingredients, cover and bring to boil again
  • Cook with the

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hospital List For Delivery In Nigeria

Helloo Aunty Eya and WC, I discovered this blog on Google while searching for recipes of Nigerian soups and have since become a follower. I need a little help. I am a first time mom in my third trimester. My hospital is a private one maybe that's why I haven't been given a must have delivery list for pregnant mothers.

I asked my midwife and Doctor, they all teel mke the same thing, to come along with my personal effects and items I will need without listing them out. I'm planning to

How To Cook Frozen Unripe Plantain

Frozen plantain in a pot of water
 We eat lots of unripe plantain in my family, though I love the fairly ripe ones, can't eat much cos of the sugar content. To eat plantain in a more nutritious healthy way, we make plantain porridge or boil and eat with beans porridge or egg sauce. Those mature unripe plantains do not last for even a week before they turn ripe and this happens so fast that you either end up cooking plantain daily or look for who to give them to.

Once I tried preserving by freezing and it worked. Since then, no more wastage and I think this is good for diabetic and those who eat lots of plantain. Freezing changes the plantain skin colour but doesn't affect inside and the taste remains the same.

How To Preserve

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nigerian Uziza Okro soup

A plate of okro soup to be served with Soft yellow microwaved garri.

 This okro soup is actually the third or fourth on the blog but they are all cooked differently. Chubby Ella posted Okro soup cooked without meat . There is a post on okro soup with ewedu leaves cooked diffently from the Yoruba ewedu soup. The okro with ewedu post has detailed step by step cooking pictures. I never liked okro until I started cooking it myself.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Six month Old Lacks Head Control

Please could you post my question in your blog so anyone that's had a similar experience can comment.
My daughter is currently six months old and she can't hold her head yet. our pediatrician directed us to a physiotherapist but the exercises we have been doing haven't changed things much. she's rolling over and meeting all her other mile stones except the head control which she can't hold for more than five seconds and when she does it tilts to the side though she can

Genotype Notwithstanding, A Break Up Not An Option For Us

Good morning Mrs Eya, I read some stories on ur blog. Pls I need your help my fiancee and I are both AS, our wedding is scheduled for November this year. I read about the CVS test on your blog, pls can you enlighten more about the test cos we are both interested as a break up is not an option for us here. Thanks for your help and we are eagerly awaiting your reply.


Hi, your wedding is scheduled for November, meaning you still have a chance but you say a break up is not an option? Honestly, I think it's better to break up now than live in pain and fear. What happens when...

Love alone is not enough when it concerns sickle cell kids. I know there is nothing God cannot do for you and that's why he allowed Science to discover these things, so, a stitch in time can save nine. The stress from kids who are say frequently sick  and all is enough to shake the very foundations of any marriage. The love you confess for your fiance, is it enough to take you through the storms? This is an avoidable storm by God's grace. It is stress waiting to happen except God intervenes and gives you all AA kids or you decide not to have children. The test you mentioned, is it the one where a sickle cell unborn baby is aborted before delivery date. I like to ask this question ... How many can/will you abort?

When you say a break up is not an option, is she pregnant?

If you truly love your fiance, if she is not pregnant, why not set her free from this thing waiting to happen? The test, is done abroad, is your wife-to-be going to have all her babies abroad? The decision rests on you two. 

My advise is that you both sit down and look at it again. Are you sure this love will see you through just incase?

Dear poster,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unripe Banana Meal For My Baby

A serving of soft unripe banana meal for babies
Babies love unripe banana pudding. While crackingn our heads on what to start with when introducing them to solid food, THIS is one of the best. Cooked with enough crayfish. Ikokore babana is cooked just like wives connection step by step ekpang or the normal water yam ikokore. It can be served adults too and I love it.

This meal can be prepared for the whole family with other sources of protein but when cooking for these little ones, crayfish alone is just ok. Cooked without pepper for now.

Ingredients For Unripe banana meal:

  • Unripe banana, you need

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ingredients For My Made In Nigeria Beef Burger And Hot Dog

A simple burger being prepared without cheese cos the eater does not like cheese
 Like I promised earlier today to post ingredients for my Naija Burgers and very delicious Super Hot dog. Not really mine cos I don't eat but the kids love them and make by themselves. Was preparing to post this evening without pictures when I saw one of the girls struggling in the kitchen to make one for herself. I had to get the camera.
For how to make this beef burger, there is nothing much, it's just getting the veggies ready, your beef, chicken, lamb, ham or whatever meat you want to use grilled, your bun warmed to soften.

Ingredients for My Burger

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Make Nigerian Pepper Sauce For Storing

Nigerian pepper sauce packed in plastic containers for storing in the refrigerator.
 Nigerian pepper sauce is very easy to make and can keep for months. Before now, I tried to store fresh pepper by freezing, wrapping in newspaper, wrapping in leaves and all but nothing worked because after a few days, the perishable pepper begins to rot, even if kept in the fridge, and, if you love to cook with fresh pepper then you have to be shopping every week. Ever since I tried the pepper sauce recipe and it worked, I haven't tried any other method of preserving fresh pepper and this is so economical. Buying in baskets is cheaper, can only be enjoyed if you know how to successfully preserve the pepper. Drying is also good but then it's no longer fresh pepper.

After I published the step by step post on grilled fish and chicken, with pictures of my grilled chicken sauce, I started to receive a lot of mails asking how to make that pepper sauce. Then decided to take pics yesterday while making another cause the last one kept for over a month. Here are the pics. The pepper had already been pounded before I remembered my kitchen camera, so, I'll just list the ingredients with the cooking pics.

Ingredients for Pepper Sauce:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nigerian Baby Names For Twin Baby

Hello ladies and gentlemen of wives connection. I am one of you, an anonymous reader who has been following this blog for over a year but never been able to comment successfully. I write you this mail with so much joy in my heart. We got married in 2009 and waited this long for my fruit of the womb. It's been five solid years and at a point I was giving up because friends and inlaws were beginning to make life a living hell.

After three years of enduring childlessness, I suggested adoption but my husband won't take it. He doesn't think it's possible to love another man's child like your own.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Updated: Dear Pregnant Mom, Your Mail Vanished

I wanted to post with a phone very early this morning. Copied and do not know what my finger touched next thing, the mail disappeared. I must have unconsciously touched a button or something. I spent the whole morning looking for this mail cos from the tone I guess you are a first time mom (inexperienced), who wants to do what is right for you and  baby but mom won't let you and now you seem confused.

From the little I can remember, your mother wants you to dump the car and use public transport cos according to her driving is not good for the baby. She has stopped you from bending to sweep and suggests that your husband helps out but you feel he has been doing great since you got pregnant and now it seems he is over stretched and you don't know how to help out.From your mum's rules, all you need to do now is just rest so as not to stress the baby.

You are worried cos you can't stay in a dirty environment and now you are not expected to bend down and sweep. I know there are other questions you asked but can't remember clearly now.
Please Aunty mom, if you still have the mail, resend to enable me publish or update here.

In the meantime, we have a post already that addresses some of your questions like
should a pregnant woman bend to sweep the floor and I know that a lot of pregnant women sweep even up to their EDD, I remember Ace talking about women in the village who farm, bend to cut grass until some even go to farm at 9 months but we all know sha that bodies are different. I don't think even Doctors and midwives discourage bending to sweep but your body might be different from other preggers. For me o, I sweep but not with the short broom, there are some brooms that enable sweep and even pack while standing. There's

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Husband IsTaking A Second Wife, What Can I Do?

Hi Madam Eya and Wc, please help me with. My head is confused this morning. Family members are even making things worse. My husband of  20 years is taking another wife and my aged parents are OK with it. I married him at 19. After secondary school, every other Education I got was while married to him. He was very supportive during my schooling days studying Economics and making babies. He stood by me all those years paying my school fees and the children' without complaining. 
so am not yet forty, am still a young woman who tries her best to look good and take care of her family.

We are from different tribes and it has not been easy. His family kicked against our marriage in the beginning but when we continued, they began to accept me and things have been fine all these years. I have two girls for him and he has always loved his family. 

Recently, my husband's trips to his village have trippled. He spends practically every holiday at home using the excuse of checking up on the project at his home town. Even weekends are not left out, whenever there is a long weekend, he travels for one reason or the other.
I have a few friends from his village so I trust that what am hearing is true. He and his family are secretly planning to marry a very young girl without my knowledge. According to the source that informed me, the lady will not come to stay with us here in Lagos, she'll either move in with his aged parents or he'll get a place for her.

His ways have been

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ebola Cure: Where Are African Scientists, Miracle, Faith Healers?

Thinking about the cure for the much dreaded Ebola disease, I am worried about Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and all other West African countries. What happens if no cure is found till the end of the year? How many lives would have been lost by December 2014? How many children would have become orphans, women become widows and whole families and villages and even towns wiped out?

Are we going to just sit there and wait for American Scientists to do all the reserach and discoveries and then send these vaccine/medications on a platter of gold. Are Africans doing something apart from the figures we see on TV being released by the Government? Our Scientists, are they spending sleepless nights in the Laboratories doing research and sincerely trying to find a cure or just wearing the lab coat and waiting?

We have so many Faith healers and Miracle workers in Africa, people all over the world travel down to Africa, Nigeria especially, to get healing from different kinds of "orthodox medicine defying ailments"  We watch these things on Television daily, we see live miracles I suppose. We hear and read healing testimonies every sunday in our different places of worship. I am a believer, a follower, a very practical and realistic African woman, a disciple still learning from the masters and also expecting so much more.

If Jesus were physically here today, with what is happening in the world right now, his compassionate heart will make him do something to bring help. He went to the Camp of the lepers then, helped a man who couldn't get himself up when the Pool of Bethesda is stirred. He layed hands on people with infectious diseases and healed them. He ministered to the quarantined and very sick, brought help and healing. Doing all to the glory of the Almighty. If Jesus were still moving around preaching to people, he would have ministered to the physical needs of Ebola victims (HEALING).

The death toll is rising according to The World Health Organisation (WHO) "Ebola vaccine should be ready for public use by 2015" What now happens in Africa in the next 4 months before 2015?
“Since this is an emergency, we can put emergency procedures in place... so that we can have a vaccine available by 2015,” Jean-Marie Okwo Bele, the head of immunisation and vaccines at the WHO, told French radio broadcaster RFI.

I am thinking; is Ebola too strong for Faith Healing? seriously. Are

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Delicious Tomato Stew With Baked Beans

Nigerian tomato stew with baked beans.
 This baked beans tomato stew is the fastest and easiest delicious tomato stew we can make. It doesn't need any tomato cooking expertise to get delicious because the fish and baked beans in tomato sauce automatically gives your stew a very good aroma and taste.
There was no need for step by step pics because the method is same as that of Nigerian emergency stew except that here I used baked beans in tomato sauce.
We already have a pot on how to cook very red tomato stew.

I don't want to call this emergency stew but it really comes in handy when you cannot go out to get fresh stuff. The stew is very good with bread, boiled yam, plantain, pasta and even swallow. If your tomato stew always tastes sour, then visit wives connection secret to delicious tomato stew

Your worst cooking blunder  Have

Friday, August 08, 2014

Dear Fellow Nigerian, Salt CANNOT Prevent Ebola, CAN Destroy You

Last night, no, at 3am this morning, I heard hubby on phone scolding some people who had called to inform him about the salted warm water bath happening around the country. He was very angry, cut the call and continued venting to himself that "panic will kill some Nigerians even before Ebola itself" After a few minutes, my phone rang but I couldn't hear the caller and was angry asking "who calls at 3am, is it an emergency or what? My phone rang again and I quickly switched off and went to bed.

First thing this morning, my driver knocked and rushed in to inform us that he had a salted warm water bath at 3am and couldn't call us cos it was too early to disturb, that's why he is knocking early so that we add salt to our morning bath water before going out. I was shocked 'You mean you added table salt to your bath water?" he answered "yes" with a naive smile. Well, I took his message in and told oga and even askied if he can go back to the bathroom for a second bath to enable me salt the water. He looked at me and said what? "Eya, yes, he calls me Eya, any problem with that?:) We tried doing the 'my love, sweetheart, honey" calling but I burst into laughter every time he calls a sweeter name other than my name and I am so stuck to calling the way I started before we got married.  After marriage, changing to a sweeter name didn't stick abeg. No name sweet pass Eya. The girls think "old school is worryinggg us"
So, back to Ebola matter, he says "Eya, you mean you too can be deceived about this thing, which Doctor told them sodium chloride can prevent Ebola? Well, my eyes immediately cleared and I went back to tell the driver not to believe these stories that too much salt intake is actually bad for our health. He then informed me further that in his neighbourhood, table salt is out of stock, there is no shop with salt, even the supermarkets and market women have run out of table salt because as early as 3 am, Nigerian men and women were knocking on doors asking to buy large quantities of table salt.

Health Effects Of Salt:

UNFILTERED... By Fisayo Talabi

She sighed as she shut the door. Rolake had just left. Her best friend had come complaining about her husband and how broke he was, and had questioned why she even married him in the first place. The bruise on Adaora’s arm made her wince in pain, as she glided it against the wall, by mistake. She’d been wearing a long sleeved top to hide the bruises. She rolled up the sleeves. It was still sore and her light skin was now patched and discolored.
They’d had a fight. It wasn’t news, especially to their neighbours who were always forced to listen to the echoes of constant screams and yells. Last night’s had been different though. Perhaps Victor had started hearing it too. The neigbours had started to gossip about them. In fact, the woman who lived in the opposite flat had actually approached her and had asked if everything was alright between her and Victor. Adaora knew that the woman only wanted somegist from the source, so she had smiled and ignored her. She had to do something about it before the news developed wings and reached the ears of social media.
Last night, Victor had turned on the volume of the sound system, probably so that the neigbours wouldn’t hear them as they yelled at each other, vocally and physically. What happened was that Adaora had just returned to the house from an event where she’d been asked to speak to young women. Before then, she had to attend an interview with a radio station, and also she had to go for a photo shoot for her yet-to-be-released motivational book. Getting home, happy and eager to tell her FiancĂ© about how her day had been, and to probably get a massage and some TLC to ease her nerves, opened up another episode. The cold silence in the flat crept right underneath her skin. She could already feel the tension before Victor even said anything. The look he’d given her as she dropped her purse on the brown carved table beside the door did all the speaking. The music coming from the speakers was loud. She was about telling him to reduce the volume when his words launched at her.
“Why were you not picking up your phone when I called you?” He said, each word flogged by the harshness of his tone.
She frowned, thinking of what to say. She reached for the purse on the table to get her phone but he beat her to it, literally. He’d already thrown the TV remote control at her and it had landed on her shoulder.

“Victor, you have started again! What

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Anyone Knows Natural Tips For My Jaundiced Infant?

Hi Aunty EYa
Pls help post as it's urgent.
I just birthed a beautiful baby boy but has jaundice.  We've been in and out of hospital. Pls what natural remedy can I do to cure it..
Was told about unripe pawpaw soaked but Wat quantity is he to take nd if I need to take too. More suggestions r welcome pls.

Eya: Ok, the pawpaw water my neighbor gave her jaundiced baby, there were no measurements o. She
gave a few baby spoons each time she felt baby was thirsty kind of and it cleared within days but I have never tried it. I wanted to after we left the hospital with my baby but all the paw paw trees we found then had no single fruits, I guess that was not a paw paw season. We searched, asked people to help but none could find any unripe paw paw so I just continued to take him outside every morning until it finally cleared. 
Those coloured eyes lingered for over a month cos the sun wasn't coming out early and by the time it comes, it's already too hot for a baby's skin and then even when we see it and rush out, clouds cover the rays but since the Doctors said the bilirubin level has drastically reduced, I just waited and trusted God until the eyes finally cleared after like close to two months which was too long for any mother.

Eya: I'll

Import Goods From Alibaba Without Stress: LECTURE 4

How to Buy Goods from Alibaba.com:
By Timi Johnson (Dee)

Hello everyone, Today’s Lecture will be on buying from Alibaba.com. Enjoy the lectures.
Alibaba.com is an online marketplace designed specifically as a trading platform for small businesses, allowing businesses to sell products and services to others both internationally and locally. This article will guide you through the process of buying products on Alibaba.com.
Alibaba.com is bigger market compared to Aliexpress.com, Alibaba.com is where manufacturers of various product displayed on Aliexpress.com are found. For example Aunty Funmi hair that is being sold for $200 (N34,000) on Aliexpress.com can be bought at a cheaper rate of $150 (N25,500) using N170 to 1$ so you get to save N8,500 buying from Alibaba.com.

STEPS To Successful Shopping: (No matter what product you are looking for just follow these simple steps)

1. Visit the Alibaba.com sign in page and log in using the email and password associated with your account. (Like i said Alibaba.com is a bigger market of Aliexpress.com so you can use same address you used in registering on Aliexpress.com to login and access Alibaba.com)
2. Search for a product. There are a multiple methods of searching for products, some of which may suit your needs better than others.
You can search for products using keywords by entering words or phrases into the products search bar from the Alibaba.com homepage. Simply select the “Products” tab, enter your search term in the search bar, select your country using the drop-down menu and click the “Search” button • You can also search by products using the categories along the left-hand side of the homepage. Hover a category and click a sub-category to browse products.

3. Find a product from your search results and click the “Contact Supplier” button to continue with the process.
4. Fill

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Emergency Nigerian Jollof Rice

Just added my chicken stock to the pot of fried onion, fresh pepper, tomatoes, seasoning and sardines
I call this emergency jollof rice cause it was cooked in a hurry with only ingredients I could lay myn hands on at the time. Every kitchen has an emergency corner for items that we know are not perishable and do not need Naija electricity to survive. These come in handy when we need to rush a quick meal at an odd time.

You can cook with the step by step pics from my green jollof rice or cook like this recipe. You can also make the stew with sardine, tomatoes and other ingredients to add when rice is cooked. Please don't say unhealthy or whatever cos it's not every time you sef can rush to the market to all your ingredients, sometimes we manage with what is available. For any yummy Lady Anon that is planning to tell us this is unhealthy cos I cooked with canned foods, abeg o, after telling us, kuku tell us that you have never drank soaked garri with only sugar or salt on a hot afternoon or that you have never eaten roasted plantain or never chewed boiled yam with only fresh pepper and palm oil; are those ones nutritious ni? If we do not learn to sometimes improvise and manage, what happens when condition changes cause no condition is permanent o.

 Ok now, let me deviate small, think of people in war torn areas of the world, do you think that when they manage to see canned sardine and tomatoes, they'll have the strength to condemn and ask for fresh food?

Aside from emergency cooking, sometimes, it's

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Nigerian Tomato Egusi/Melon Stew, Soup

Nigerian egusi Stew, Soup With tomatoes
This is for the mailer that asked if you can add tomato to egusi stew. I like the taste of tomato in egusi soup or stew. I remember Lizzy posted Efo elegusi on the blog, she added tomatoes to her egusi soup.  Chubby Ella's multi purpose egusi soup also has tomatoes in it

There are many methods of cooking this tomato in egusi stew and here is how I make mine.

If you have ever eaten boiled rice, yam or plantain with egusi stew, then you'll feel me here. I add a little tomato paste to my egusi stew but forgot to add here, lolz. Adding some tomato makes it really go well with rice and gives the melon stew very bright colour. Even when tomatoes is added, it can still be served with pounded yam made in a food processor or maually or even serevd with any other swallow like eba, semo, amala, elubo, starch etc.

This pics were taken when I was still pregnant and sorry I didn't have the patience to really take all the step by step pics, I kind of rushed them but you can still follow with any of the many egusi soup recipe on the blog. 

When the lumpy egusi draw soup was posted, I made the melon lumps by pounding with a little warm water. This method is very fast, you only have to mix the ground melon and fry in hot oil stirring until it's well fried and the lumps are formed before emptying into the boiling pot of stock.

How to cook egusi soup with egusi balls (lumps)

  • By pounding the ground egusi with some warm water, salt, chopped onion and fresh red pepper. Once the mortar becomes oily with the pounded stuff, then its ready to go into the pot of soup. Cut tiny lumps and drop in your boiling pot of soup, cover and allow to boil for at least 5 minutes before gently stirring.
  • Mix ground melon with water, some Salt, pour into a pot of hot oil and fry till lumps are formed. Empty the fried lumpy melon into the pot of soup and continue cooking.
METHOD 3 and my least favourite. 
  • Mix ground egusi with a little water, continue to mash and mould or pound until it forms like a dough, with your fingers, mould little lumps and keep in the freezer for a few minutes until they get cold and kind of non sticky. When lumps begin to feel different from when you just put them in the freezer, bring

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Kidney Transplant, Yomade Needs Help

Yomade needs a kidney transplant
 Aunty Eya, good evening ma...
My name is Modesireoluwa. A very good friend of mine needs kidney transplant as soon as possible and we need to raise 8.5million naira for the operation. I would really appreciate it if you could help post her details on your blog so the good people of wives connection and help in whatever way they can and also help with prayers.

Her name is Yomade Balogun. This is the post we've been circulating amongst friends.

Good day to you, this is a cry for help for a Nigerian youth, her name is Balogun Yomade Yewande , an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University (Sociology&Anthropology) with matric number soc/2005/036 and chattered in personnel management with registration number CIPM/Student/no 35398. She is someone I know personally.

Yomade has Chronic kidney disease presently undergoing dialysis at Gbagada General Hospital and Clinix health care , under the supervision of Dr Busari with hospital no 210770. Her Nephrologist advised that a kidney transplant should be done as soon as possible.

She has had 7

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Grilled Fish, Grilled chicken In Pan, In Barbecue

Grilled chicken cooking in a grill pan
Lovers of yahooza chicken suya will love this cos I don't know how but the taste is exact same thing. I think the ingredients brought out
that taste. Both the chicken and fish were grilled without marinating and the taste? HEAVENLY. If you have the time, do marinate for at least an hour so the fish or chicken absorbs all the ingredients.
Remember to

Hot Dog Burger By My Creative Daughter

Hot dog burger
 Hot dog burger? Yes. Burger meat in a hot dog bun. I don't know if there is any food like that o. I call it the name it's maker called. Holiday is here with a full house, drama and the girls creating their 'any how' recipes to show me they too can cook.

This morning, the four girls were told that there were only 3 burger buns left in the refrigerator, they agreed to share those among the four of them. How they wanted to do it, I didn't know. The Four burget meats were roasted.

Fortunately and unfortunately for the first three, their youngest sister opted out that she wasn't interested in burgers, would rather eat over night eba. The three happily relaxed and said since they didn't have to share, eating shouln't be at the same time. Two young ladies went to the kitchen and made theirs. I had instructed that OYO was the word, "every man to his own, remember to wash after you". so, no one called me.

The last girl who opted out later saw her two sisters munching, silently regretted her earlier decision and also silently entered the kitchen and made the last burger for herself. Come and see confusion. I could not setlle the matter cos the cry from her cheated sister was too much while she continued to bite and chew and justify her action claiming that "it was left uncovered as if no one wanted it".

My poor crying girl felt so cheated by her baby sis who initially said she wasn't interested. She wiped her tears, enterd the kitchen to fix another breakfast for herself. Next is we see her coming out with this yummiliciousness on a plate.

Says she entered the kitchen, saw the hot dog bread and thought of how to still enjoy her burger in a different way.

  1. The

Friday, August 01, 2014

Happy August!

This August, true happiness is what I wish all wives connection blog readers.  

In everything we do, there is one thing in common, one thing we all want in life, happiness. When we strife to grow in our careers, get the finest things of life, have our dream vacation, marry the best man or most beautiful woman on earth, one thing we want to derive from all these is pleasure; happiness.

When you work so hard and strife to be the best, in trying to be the best, you seek happiness. 
Happiness is not living in the best neighbourhood because some people in the best neighbourhoods cannot even remember when last their smile came from the heart. 

What is happiness to you? 
The things that make me truly happy might not be what gives you happiness. You think bearing children is happiness, there are miserable Fathers and mothers of children.

You think fame is happiness? there are very famous yet so depressed unhappy people. You think riches and wealth is happiness? There are probably more unhappy wealthy people around the world than rich happy people. 

You think getting an Education is happiness? there are many educated angry, sad people. If your dream is to become the most successful artiste, there are also those we envy as most successful who still in search of true happiness. 

This month, whatever true happiness means to you, may you find In Jesus Name. Nothing in this life can give the happiness that is found in truly knowing God as an individual, having a relationship with him. walking with him and feeling him there with you and in you.

What are your wishes this August? yes, YOU
My wishes are:

How To Preserve Nigerian Pear (Ube), Retain Freshness

Roasting preserved pear  while heating some yahooza for my dinner.
 Nigerian pear can't last long especially in this rainy season where they start getting soft once water wets them. Some can survive a few days but bot upto a week. We rush pear in my house cos of this. 

This ones came in late, I was too tired that night to go roast pear and they looked like the next morning won't meet them alive so, I hurriedly washed and packed in a ziploc bag and dumped in the freezer. They were forgotten and remembered one week after. They came in handy when