Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eya Pancake Rolls, Nigerian

Nigerian pancake rolls with a tasty difference

Three Nigerian pancake rolls, steaming hot, fresh from the fire.
 The first time I made pancakes with my old fry pan, I didn't know it can be improved upon. Then one day I tried  pancake rolls without sausages and named them vegetable pancake rolls, It felt like those were the best anyone can come up with.But, I was wrong, after mine, came Omalicha pancake rolls, quickly followed by Dinma reloaded pancake rolls and then pancake rolls and vegetable fillings by Ib, then again

Ebola Guideline, Share This Information Please

This is to remind everyone that by following the guideline from the center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

• The suspected reservoirs for Ebola are fruit bats.
• Transmission to humans is thought to originate from infected bats or primates that have become infected by bats.
• Undercooked infected bat and primate (bush) meat transmits the virus to humans.
• Human to human transmission is only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely and gravely ill from the Ebola virus or their body fluids.

• Transmission among humans is almost exclusively among caregiver family members or health care workers tending to the very ill.
• The virus is easily killed by contact with soap, bleach,
sunlight, or drying. A washing machine will kill the virus in clothing saturated with infected body fluids.
• A person can incubate the virus without symptoms for 2-21 days, the average being 5-8 days before becoming ill. THEY ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS until they are acutely ill.

• Only when ill does the viral load express itself first in the blood and then in other bodily fluids (to include vomit, feces, urine, breast milk, semen and sweat).
• If you are walking around you are not infectious to others.
• There are

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jollof Rice And Beans With Carrots

Nigerian jollof rice with beans, carrots

A serving of jollof rice and beans.
 Nigerian jollof rice and beans is very filling. It fills you up so much so that you just keep drinking water the whole day without feeling hungry. It is very easy to cook and less expensive too. Every day is not christmas, this was cooked with only beef stock and crayfish, no meat or fish. The chicken and fish in the pics were just brought from the fridge, heated and added to garnish for serving. There is palm oil rice and beans too on the blog. You can also add beans when cooking Ghana's version of Jollof rice posted here by Celise. What I do not know and haven't tried is if beans can be added to Nigerian fried rice and coconut rice


Monday, July 28, 2014

Between ETISALAT And MTN Network, Sigh

MTN was my first browsing Network, initially it was fun, then it became slow, then, downloading and uploading images began to take like forever. I don't know if other bloggers experience that too but there is a kind of banging headache I get when Network is very slow.

When I need to download many images but can't because the first is taking too long, I know it can neither be my phone nor laptop, neither is it the borrowed Ipad, it definitely is the Network's fault.

I eventually got tired of MTN slow network and ported to ETISALAT.  Oh mehn, ETISALAT was fun. Before you say jack, multiple files download is complete. I enjoyed downloading recipes and other images, blogging became more fun. Blog reader's recipes and images started getting published as soon as they arrive:)

A lot

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Naija French Toast With Eggs, Milk

Toasting my naija french toast.

Nigerian  French toast came in when I thought about fixing a quick breaskfast and School Lunchbox all at once. Adults enjoyed theirb toastedb whole wheat bread while the kids lunchboxes were packed with theirs. It saves time. Dee also posted her method of french toast on the blog. There is also Naija club sandwich by Zinny.

PROCEDURE for our Nigerian french toast:

  1. Break eggs into a saucer and whisk
  2. Pour some milk and a little sugar to taste
  3. Dip

Any Tips For My Preterm Baby?

Hello WC. Good day to you all. I wish you all the best in life. I really hope my concerns would be put up for discussion. 

I am a first time mom to a preterm 2 weeks old baby. My baby came at 35 weeks. 
My concerns are that I am not lactating well, so, I have been using formula. 


What Can I Do About Hubby's Stinginess And That Lady?

pls I have a challenge below. publish on ur blog. pls hide my identity, thnks.
I have been married for a year now.
tried talking about my trust for him. i told him outrightly that he does/shows things that makes me doubt him and then i told him to EARN my trust for him. How do I trust him again? 
1. I dont trust my husband at all. 2. A particular lady friend of his
has been an issue btw d both of us in the past. I stumbled on messages from her to him/him to her. I asked and he said there's nothing, just raising hopes and flirting. i ignored all that. Last week, I used his phone to send a message and I stumbled into a msg from that same girl sending her account number. One of the things that attracted my husband to me is that I never disturbed him regularly for money. I was independent. 

I never saw it as a big deal but I felt at the same time that every man should be sensitive to his woman's needs. As we got married, I still never bothered him all d time for money but d few times I ask, I was being dribbled, stories up and down.

I sometimes get jobs for him and encourage him and not even at least "thank you/dash you money" from him..lolz..if u women know what i mean. I eventually told him that he shld be try and be sensitive to my needs. 

I don't have to chase

Insecurity In Nigeria, Who Is To Blame?

Hey guys, let's take some time out 2 deliberate on d issues of insecurity or (insurgency) in our dear country as it has now become a daily occurrence. Today, it is news of a bomb blast. Yesterday, it was a suicide bombing, tomorrow it may be an assassination and the day after, mass murder. 

Every day in Nigeria, the news seems to get from bad to worse, as the security situation deteriorates further and further. Whenever there’s a problem there’s always the cause but the case becomes a bigger problem when the cause is not just one or two but an accumulation of national problems. What are the remote and immediate causes of insecurity in Nigerian and how can the situation be resolved? Bad leadership, corruption, illiteracy and many more.

Nigerians have called for improved intelligence gathering, the aligning of military and political solutions, the need to de-radicalize the affected areas as well as to invest in research that will give more insight into the different aspects of Boko Haram, including its ideology, leadership structure, profile of members, internal organization, sources of funding and weapons and links to diaspora. The inability of the security agencies to address the country's security challenges during these inauspicious periods raised yet another critical question on the preparedness of Nigeria to attain desired political, social and economic heights in the year 2020.

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the House of Representatives to grant approval to his government to borrow an external loan of $1bn(about N165bn). Jonathan said

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nigerian Coconut Macaroni With Grilled Fish, Vegetables

Nigerian coconut macaroni served with fish and vegetables.
Nigerian coconut macaroni served smoking hot. Why do I feel like I posted this coconut macaroni before? Any way, no time to go checking archives now but if later I find it in any old folder, this will be taken down, but, for now let's cook our coconut macaroni.

I labelled this Nigerian coconut macaroni cos it's cooked same way we cooked coconut rice with beef except that macaroni cooked in just ten minutes and this was cooked with just crayfish and

My Husband Is Lying To Me At This Early Stage Of Our Marriage

Hello Eya,

I'm a married woman and have been married for about 9months now. There's this particular girl that came to me all in the name of friendship so that my hubby could assist her get roles in a movie.

 I have been assisting her get roles in movies produced by my husband after much pleading with him. All of a sudden she started misbehaving and the last one she did was gossip, I'm not a fan of female friends cos I hate their wahala, so, to put a stop to it, I told my husband I don't wanna see her in his jobs again and I don't want someone that will break my home. 

To avoid problems, he deleted her frm his bbm. Since then I have been asking if she called him to

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Fiance Arrested For Molesting A Fifrteen Year Old, I Need Quick Advice

Hello  ma and Wc
I dont know if this is a proper medium for this but i have to get it out.

As I speak to you my boyfriend or should i say fiance is at the station because he had sex with a 15 year old girl.  He claims  it was a one time thing but the girl in question said they have been doing it.

 Peeps from his church are

Can You Really Change Someone?

We have all heard these things. Some of us are even currently dating men that we believe we will change. We are right now loving men that we believe “if I show him how strong my love is, if I just give him enough love, if I can just keep his eyes on the bright future we could have, he will stop being afraid, he will give up his single lifestyle, he will change." 

The news that your perfect man doesn’t ever want to get married or have children? The fact that he has a monster coke

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm In Love With And Loved By A Divorcee, CONFUSED

I am a silent reader who has been visiting your blog for 2years now. And it has been an eye opener to married life even before venturing. 

Even scared of getting married because of so many bad and failed marriages but God will see me through.

Am dating this man, a divorcee with 3 kids for close to 2 years now and I have fallen completely in love with him regardless of his complicated life and I believe he is in love too. Whenever we are together I feel so happy and different (the feeling is natural). We rarely argue or quarrel.  Now he is very serious about settling down with me but am not certain this is what I want. Am scared and afraid. I have turned down his proposal about marriage before but he never gives up.

He is a very handsome, humble, caring, hardworking, very rich, romantic, very domesticated, funny, intelligent and a religious man who respects me and treats me like a queen. One of my problems are, he labelled his ex wife evil, wicked,not a good cook and she hated his family etc.

He told me he tried teaching her how to cook but she didn't learn. Of course the story is one sided and he said he has never laid his hands on her ever (domestic violence).

At the moment, the wife is tormenting him with the kids and its weighing him down. I haven't met any of his cute children at all.

A friend's friend told me he was constantly cheating on his ex wife with this particular girl. Even to the

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Fiance Has A Good Heart But I Am Not Proud Of His Looks

Good day aunty Eya, I am 24 years old about to go for my Nysc....I gave a boyfriend who I am not proud of his looks at all...I can't even put up his picture as my dp without getting laughed at because I'm quite beautiful and he is not good looking....

He has a very good heart though....It was my friend who encouraged me to date him about 3 yrs ago...even though I did not like him...He was the one all over me..I don't know if I should go ahead to marry him because

Should I Insist On Getting A Househelp?

Hi Aunty Eya and my lovely WC readers,pls I want to know you peoples opinion on this matter,I'm a mother of two expecting the third,my hubby says no house help, but one of his brothers lives with us, he's in his early 20's and he does help out but there are some chores I don't like him to do for me, like bathing my girls.

I really need a house help(female),  but, he says he doesn't want peoples wahala, that any time our kids are on holiday we will travell to his people, who honestly I can say do take good care of us too. and honestly I love going to his people cos they love me and my kids very much as if I'm their child.


Condoms In My Wife's Handbag, Should I Believe Her Story?

Good evening WC. I'm just trying to bring out my wife's ringing phone from her bag and here is a pack of condoms before my eyes.she says they are for when she is not safe but I'd be a fool to believe that crap.I know things are a bit hard of late but I still try my best to provide for her and our daughter. I work

Pregnancy Is Past Expected Delivery Date, Can I Escape Being Induced? I Need Help Please Mothers

Good evening everyone,  Pls this is a personal question which I need advice to urgently. Pls help post on the blog, I also  need your very own advice ma. It's 6days past 39weeks in my pregnancy and labour is not forth coming ,this is my first pregnancy. 

The doctor told me they will have to induce me in the hospital if after 40 weeks and labour do not happens( heard it is very very painful). My questions are: 
during my 37th week I crossed a busy road  with running a little, I then felt a gush of water from my vagina soaking my pant and a bit of discomfort in my  lower abdomen.

 I remember getting

He saw me Through School, Has A Child, I'm Very Happy Around Him, Confusion In My Head

Hi aunty Eya and everyone.
      I am a regular reader of the blog .I am 25 years old and I have been dating my boyfriend for the past 5 years .things hasn't been the way we wanted but God has been faithful.we finished nysc 2013 and he hasn't gotten a job. I am managing a little job in lagos now.

one faithful evening when I was waiting for a bus in a bus stop I met a guy and ever since then we have been going out together and I think I have feelings for him cos am always happy when am with him.I don't want to leave my boyfriend because of this new guy cos my boyfriend has been there for me.

He saw me through school and

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Testimony By Dee

I was 16 years old in 2006 when I wrote my first Jamb and I scored 300 but didn’t gain admission into the university because my English was withheld in my Waec Result. The next year 2007 the English was released and this time I scored 270 in Jamb and I got admission to study Economics at the Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State Nigeria.

I spent all my four years in the university yet attended church only 3 times (God has forgiven me), Fast forward to 2011, I graduated with a second class lower (2:2), same year I started doing business (buying and selling of female and male items) and November 2011 I went for National Youth Service Corp and rounded up November 2012.

After my NYSC I prayed to God that I don’t want to be Jobless, that I needed a Job before it is November 2013 which will be exactly a year after NYSC. December 2012 I left Port Harcourt where my parents reside and travelled to my state  of origin to stay with my Elder sister for a while because I was so depressed and always lugubrious due to a failed relationship etc.

December 23rd, 2012 on a Sunday I said to

He Is Insisting I Keep This Pregnancy

Before I narrate my plight please I want reasonable responses and no insults.thanks.
I am a 26 year old lady, I met this guy in 2010 in my final year and we dated for 18 mths then I got pregnant for him toward the end of my nysc. it was really tough cos my then he was just bout going for his nysc. we did a hushed introduction 2 months before i gave birth and i was shuffling between my parents house and his mums house. cos i was spending a lot of time with my family outside lagos with the baby , issues started coming up with him and his mom so i had to move to his mums house in lagos. cause of the baby nd no one to really help out it wasnt easy getting a job.Last year the issues with his mum was plenty so we had to move outside of lagos to stay on our own.
Now the problem is everytime i bring up the issue of marriage he is always saying he isnt ready cos he hasnt got a job yet,i dont av one too buh i do makeup and learning beads.i am so frustrated and i told him see if a job isnt coming learn smtin too, the look on his face was pure hatred as if i sed smtin bad. my kid is 2year plus now nd i just found out am pregnant again. i want to get married before having another baby but hea insisting i keep d baby nd its not like we are

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mixed Vegetables With Cous Cous By Lizzy Obaze

Ingredients for mixed vegetable with cous cous
 I followed this recipe on WC called jamaican sauce with white rice by Patsy. My sauce has a slight difference to it and I've given it a different name as there was so much hassle about the name she gave her beautiful meal. 

I have used extra virgin olive oil, tim plum tomatoe, red and white onion, spring onions, garlic, ginger, coriander leave, cabbage, red and green pepper, hot peppers, sweetcorn, peas, carrots, king prawns and beef.

I fried the beef and prawns andset aside. I also blended the tin tomatoes and hot peppers, cooked with bsy leaves and set aside. 
In a fresh pot I heat some oil, add the sliced onion and garlic, added ginger and chopped carrots then I added the cooked tomatoe sauce. After 3 minutes i added some water as the sauce was too thick. Then i added the chopped cabbage,  kidney beans and sweetcorn. I seasoned with knor cubes, dried thyme and all purpose seasoning then I added the fried beef and prawn. I Added a

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Too Scared To Tell Him My Admission Is Fake

Am 22yrs old in a relationship for 4yrs now I got admission at the age of 17 in my 19yrs I find out my Admission was fake my boy frnd was still behind me and I got another admission in that same school now yr3 I discover is also fake and am already engaged to him now am scared of telling him.

 I told

Marriage Plans With A Divorcee, Am I Being Too Cautious?

Hi, im a silent follower of this blog, I have an issue that I will like to share with the more Christian and mature members of this blog. 
I am currently in a relationship with a man who treats me very well,  and tells me how much he loves me all the time, iv even met his family and we have been dating for over a month. 

 Now he is a divorcee , with no kids, however I don't think I am in love with him. I keep obsessing over whether or not he really loves me cos of the effort he puts into making us work. But the presence of an ex wife,  with whom he does business, and numerous ladies , who keep calling him,  just makes me very cautious. 

I went to

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi Telemundo Fans, Can We Share?

 hi my fellow telemundo fans,  in line with the just concluded
telenovela forbidden passions I would like us to say what we learnt
and discuss on it generally. 

 I really dont like it when the make it
seem like its jobless house wives that watch the channel.  okay lemme

1. never underestimate the consequence of unfaithfulness.
 (Bianca committing

In My Mid-Thirties, Educated, No Relationship, No Career, Nothing, Thinking Of Ending It All

Good day,aunty Eya.Pls,hide my identity.its going to be long,pls bear with me.
I don't no where to start from but I'll start from when I graduated from the university in 2006,so after my NYSC in 2007,I started job hunting! I couldn't get any so I went to OAU to do a course in GIS,I finished 2008.I went evrywhere in search of job to no avail.

I had interview with Leadway Assurance,Oando,Schlumberger but I wld nt b called for the job.Even the schools I applied to,I was not called.i had a dream that a mark is on me that I shld go 2MFM for deliverance,I don't no y d church was mentioned to me in the dream(dat was since 2012),I went for 3days fasting(no food,no water).A senator even wrote a letter for me for job all to no avail.

I went to see

Church Auditorium For My Wedding, For A Fee o

Dear Mrs Eya,

Good morning! I stumbled upon your blog this morning.

We are planning a wedding for next year but need a church venue. Do you
know of any church in Lagos that allows non-members to

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Husband In A Rampage Mode, I'm So Confused, What Can I Do Now?

I have been married since 1981. I always refused my husband sex, last year he became tired of waiting, he had found out about some affairs, and he decided he supported me for 31 years , He was owed, its not that I did not want sex. I love sex. Its just as the last year has proved. He does not feel he owes anyone any thing in his life. He was forced to be the better man by me refusing keeping him in line. But the last 14 years he has hurt nine men very badly because he refuses to give up any more rights. 

5 in the last year, two on Saturday. He has become controlling, if its in his house it is his business, I was always taught if you are told even in your own house you are not invited or its none of your business you stepped out for a few hours. Saturday His father invited me to breakfast to talk about what has been happening with my husband. 

Two of his fathers friend forced him away with two unloaded weapons and I went with them. My husband tracked us down where we were eating and he did not show any mercy when he waded into us with his cane. I am living with my father and mother in law right now, The police said we needed to let my husband cool off but there was not an arrest made because two fire arms were uses as a threat, It did not matter they had no bullets. My mother in law says I am to

Friday, July 04, 2014

Different Views On Tithe Payment Destroying Our Relationship, Please Help Me

Good evening A-Eya..I'm in my late 20's and also a regular reader of your blog...I have this thing going on in my relationship and I don't know whether to wait for him to come back or I should just move on...I'm in a relationship with dis guy,he is in his mid-thirties,we were friends for 2years b4 I accepted to date him 4months back,we are so much into eachother and I know he loves me so much..He has even ask that I marry him,even wanting to come introduce himself ,his parent to my own parent by december.

We've actually been talking about different doctrinal believes of churches around the world and he has been of the opinion,that tithe paying is a wrong interpretation of churches today,like tithes

Peppered Chicken/Piri Piri Chicken By Miss N

Chicken piri piri ready for serving
This chicken piri piri looks and tasted so good. The sauce is yummy. I can serve this sauce with white rice. Tastes good and hot, good especially for those who don't like tomato stew.
Remember Miss N? She shared your most favourable Broccoli Salad recipe, enjoy it with this

Pictorials, Nigerian Moi Moi Wrapped In Broad Leaves

cooked moi moi in broad leaves
Dear Diary,
this cooked moi moi was supposed to wait in the archives a little longer, but, I promised Amaka

Make Shawarma At Home, In A Sandwich Toaster

Shawarma treat

Shawarma has come to stay in Nigeria. It is so loved by
both children and Adults. I remember my girls in Boarding telling us that when we come on "The School's visiting day,"  "Shawarma" must be part of the menu. Their friends won't take rice or soft drinks, but, can't resist shawarma. I am too local a Naija breed, may be, that's why I am not  a fan. Sorry.

shredded chicken and shredded beef

folded naan bread
This Shawarma was made Courtesy Lahmow's Recipe. When I posted on Lunch Box Ideas For Busy Parents, I asked for Shawarma ideas, I wanted to be able to make my shawarma with the ingredients I like, and leave out the ones I do not like. 
On the comment section, Lahmow explained how she makes her shawarma at home.  I got these ingredients, tried my best and decided to post it here so that kind  corrections can pour in. I plan on another "shawarma making journey"
However, that

Nigerian Pancake Rolls, Sausages By Omalicha

Biting into a very tasty special pancake roll
 Good evening madam eya,and the wonderful visitors of WC blog. I'm presenting my pancake rolls recipe. i made this on a cool Friday evening when me and my family decided we wanted to eat something different,we went through older posts and I copied this from a previous pancake post by IB. It tickled

Tortilla Wraps And Chicken By Judith O

Vegetable Wraps For Shawarma Lovers

 Tortilla Wraps
I got up to make breakfast today and then thought, "why not just take pictures of this and send to WC?".
And that was how this post was made.
This is my first food post, I hope the ladies in the house try it out.

Tortilla wraps and chicken and vegetable filling for sharwama lovers.


Today's National Newspaper Headlines, July 4, 2014

**Nigerian Punch

-Chibok girls: Gordon Brown wants UK troops in Nigeria
-Confab endorses creation of Ijebu, Aba, 17 other states …supports
rotation of presidency among zones
-Okonjo-Iweala: We didn’t communicate well on Chibok girls
-Jonathan’s incompetence affecting Nigeria –Balarabe Musa
-Patients groan as doctors’ strike bites harder
-‘Ailing Akintola is getting better’
-Impeachment: Court dismisses Nyako’s application
-Diezani, NNPC stall hearing of jet scandal suit
-Fashola gives automatic employment to 200 graduates
-Oshiomhole cancels teachers’ competency test
-APC slams Jonathan over re-election campaign
-Igbeke replaces late Akunyili
-Senator wades into Mobil, Akwa Ibom youths crisis
-IG meets senior officers over rising insecurity
-Reps protests stall FCT’s N271.1bn budget
-Don’t blame Messi if Argentina fail – Maradona
-Charly Boy’s bold appearance at father’s funeral

**Nigerian Vanguard

-New FG's vehicle credit scheme ready in 4 months
-DOCTORS' STRIKE: We're dying, patients cry out
-#BringBackOurGirls: Govt open to all possibilities, including
negotiation - Okonjo-Iweala
-Engage Boko Haram, Gowon, Oritsejafor charge Muslim leaders
-Confab okays

Thursday, July 03, 2014

How to make Nigerian Pizza with Mayo and Garri

Hot Pizza right from my oven
My first and second attempts at pizza making were strictly by Moji's pizza posted on the blog. The kids can't get enough of this third attempt and the score according to them is 98%. I believe them cos kids cannot lie, these are even very blunt kids who do not know yet how to bend and paint to impress the listener.

What makes this attempt the best I ask myself. Well, I did some things differently, these added garri is what gives it the name Nigerian pizza. I used soya oil in place of olive oil.
Holiday has started and there is no escape from cooking and baking what kids love. This morning, lunch boxes were packed late cos I slept late. When I looked at the time, it wasn't encouraging and what are they really going to do in school when exams are over. How to get them just keep me company at home, I promised to make pizza, unknown to me, the corn flour was thrown away while spring cleaning the kitchen.

I had already chopped and mixed all the ingredints before realizing there is no corn flour, we eat garri so I don't have semo at home. Time for improvisation o. Garri and semo; are they not brother and sister?

I mixed everything just like the recipe from scratch, another thing I did differently here is adding


Go grab the newspaper for details o...

Nigerian Punch Newspaper

-State creation divides delegates
-Senate confirms Shekarau, Adeyeye others, as ministers
-Chibok girls: Security agents move key suspect to Abuja
-Nigeria’s break-up less likely, says Soyinka
-Strike: FG, doctors’ talks deadlocked
-Religious leaders urge cooperation with security operatives
-We’ll overcome security challenge before 2015 – Omeri
-Apo killings: Court halts N135m payment to victims
-Reps seek camps for six million displaced persons
-Committee recommends ‘modified’ presidential system
-Dikko for burial Friday
-Edo lawmakers impeach Deputy Speaker
-FG okays N5.6bn dam for Plateau
Protesters besiege NHRC public hearing on 2015 election
-FG seeks N112bn to tackle malaria
-We can be best-ever Eagles —Ambrose
-Eagles lack quality bench players —Ex-defender
-Murray crashes out of Wimbledon
I feared Swiss defeat –Messi

Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper

-Boko Haram makes break-up less likely, says Soyinka
-New auto policy won’t increase cost of vehicles — FG
-Fani-Kayode's return to his vomit, repudiate everything he said he
stood for - APC
-Man docked over kidnap of neighbour’s daughter
-Babayaro: Keshi is confused
-Nothing ‘ll make me change my mind to coach Eagles again – Keshi
-Foreign coaches scramble for Super Eagles job
-Fani-Kayode’s return to his vomit,

Daily Nigerian Newspaper Headlines By Eesah

Eesah suggested yesterday that it's good we make things easy for early morning blog readers. Some of us check on blog updates before even eating breakfast, He suggests daily updates from Newspaper headlines to enable us decide which to pick on our way6 to work. I loved the suggestion and quickly checked.

It starts today, he actually sent these before 8am. 
Sitting down

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dee Deserves Feedback From Your Online Shopping Experience Please

Re: Strictly For Job Seekers And Employers 

Hello Aunty Eya, i just read your post on Job seekers, and honestly i must say i appreciate d heart u have to help Job seekers. 
But my advice for us all is if u cant find a job create a job. Start a businessBuild a source of income

I have been helping in my little way to teach us all how import items from China to Nigeria, resell and make gud profit but im yet to hear anyone say i have successfully imported this or that. At least Aunty Eya tried importing even of it didnt go well but at least she tried. 

I have a friend who made 75k in 3days selling imported wristwatches. There are lots of business to venture in all u need to do is stop looking and start seeing. 

I started by importing human hair, profit was gud but debt was too much, i prayed, decided to stop looking and i  started seeing. 

I am willing to

unveil a new lucrative business to you that i am currently

Husbands, Stop Doing These Things, Post By Eesah

Ok guys, we've talked about what women should stop doing to their husbands.... and even more
 Now to balance it since lots of husbands visit this blog as well.. What are those things husbands need to stop doing that hurt their darling wives....Wives this would interest u too..
Sometimes men need encouragement in their quest to step up and be the men God has called them to be. Sometimes they need information, and sometimes they need training. Sometimes they need a mentor, someone who will show them how to be godly men, how to love their wives.
Here are ONLY 40 ideas. Of course, not all of these items apply to all men. But perhaps something here will hit home for you.

1. Stop acting like the battle is won in pursuing and getting to know your wife. Have fun together, just like you used to do before you walked down the aisle.
2. If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, stop treating her like her work during the day is somehow less strenuous or less important than yours.
3. Stop coming home from work and plopping in front of the television for the night, leaving your wife to bear the responsibility for everything else going on in the home.
4. Stop working so much. Find a healthy balance between work and family. Your wife would rather have you than a big house, nice car, etc.
5. Stop acting like you’re listening when you’re really watching TV.
6. Stop allowing the spiritual leadership of the family to default to your wife.
7. Stop being passive when

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Warning: Way To Avoid Being Raped/Gang Rape

A woman was taken by 5 men, who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her at a Bus stand! Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeat rapes along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood. ... Rohypnol, date rape drug is an essentially small sterilization pill. The drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape AND sterilize their victims. All they have to do is drop it into the girl's drink. The girl can't remember a thing the next morning, of all that had taken place the night before. Rohypnol,which dissolves in drinks just as easily, is such that the victim doesn't conceive from the rape and the rapist needn't worry about having a paternity test identifying him months later.

The Drug's effects ARE NOT TEMPORARY - they are mostly PERMANENT. Any female that takes it might NEVER BE ABLE TO CONCEIVE. The weasels can get this drug from anyone who is in the

Strictly For Job Seekers And Employers; Free Posting

When I saw this mail this morning, I thought to myselfb that there may be some one right now planning to send a mail about their location and qualification for publication on the blog. I know a mail like tghis was posted last week. Let any one that needs employment or in need of specific kinds of employees advertise here for free now cos I don't want to offend us when I begin to ignore individual mails seeking for emplyment.
Poster, please permit me to post your mail here and give other readers the opportunity to sell their market too: Who knows someone might just be the answer to all your fasting and prayers...

Good day madam Eya,may God bless you for the good job you are doing.I
am a reader of your blog and I really apprieciate you and all WC
women,please i am a single mother of one (girl)left my husband after
1year of marriage due to domestic abuse now living with my mum in our
family house.I am

Happy New Month To You!

Image courtesy: Linda Ikeji Blog

This second half of 2014 shall bring us joy and peace individually and as a country, Amen. May we truly enjoy our days and not continue to nurse thoughts of checking out,  Yes!may this second half give us all reasons to say thank God for life and thank God for peace in Nigeria and the world (It's possible).
FEAR! the fear of explosions, the fear of leaving the house, the fear of parked vehicles that prevents us from parking where we should , the fear of crowded and fun places that has made weekends and holidays boring and indoors, the fear of markets that has restricted us to buying everything including pepper and salt, ordinary pepper o at supermarkets, the fear of untimely and bomb blasted death  that has made us more prayerful with "prayer of fear" the fear of driving, the fear of going to church on Sunday *sigh* the fear of death, May it not be our portion this July and the remaining half of this year.
Every depression and bad news of