He Loves Me, I Love His Friend; Domestic Violence Plus More Mails

‎Poster 1.  Hello Aunty Eya,compliment of the season, my name in my early 20s,working with a federal govt parastatal,I met this wonderful colleague of mine January this year and we became pretty close(all this time I was single) he had a girlfriend but she was a christian and he is a Muslim. 

People started seeing the chemistry between us but I never saw it,some of our colleagues will even tell us we are going to eventually get married, all I knew was I cared so much about him. Fast forward to 6mnths later,my colleague's friend saw my pic on his phone and insisted he wanted to meet me, I met him and before I knew what was happening we started dating . 

Two months into the relationship,i discovered his friend wasn't the kind of man I wanted,but I kept quiet about it,i wanted to handle it my way until my friend/colleague couldn't hide his feelings anymore and he told me he loved me,he had alwais loved me, I blamed him for keeping quiet and he reminded me of the day he asked me if I could date him and my reply was NO, because I thought he was joking that day.

Now my friend/colleague is single,he is in love with me but am with his friend even though I want to leave his friend and nothing has really happened between me and his friend,i have told him we can't be together but we can't hide what we feel.for each other. Am confused I don't know the next step to take.

Poster 2.  Aunty Eya good morning, aw is ur family? Pls can you
help post dis in ur blog and pls hide my ID, av a frd who is six mnths pregnant wit her third child but d husband always beat her but dis last beating 2days ago was terrible and very bad, she really wants to make him pay dis time, pls can anybody help us wit d contact of a barrister, NGO or any organisation dat in interested in women violence. Pls pardon any error, nt in a very good state of mind.

Poster 3.  hello madam Eya, how is work and the family. i guess all is well.
i followed the lectures on d customized wristband by dee n am facing
some challenges, i dont know how i can get linked up with dee. i
contacted some suppliers who manufactures the wristband and i found
out that, i had to pay for sample or mold fee and the prises are too
outrageous. i wanted to make a 100 piece to start with, n i dont have
an idea of what d cost would be per one to my client.
i would be glad if dee could help out. thanks ma.

Poster 4.  Ok gudeveng aunty Eya.I askd u previously what a pregnant woman should
be eating to reduce my baby.I have just enterd the 7th month today.i did not
add weight but my baby did,according to my doctor, from the last scan i
did that the baby is bigger than the month shown on the scan. What can I do?

Poster 5. Difference between a food processor and blender
Hi, please I would like to know the difference between a food processor or blender or maybe u know a particular brand and model of blender that blends or grind pepper very smooth without d seeds and also if a food processor can also do such. Thanks  I will be eagerly anticipating your reply.


  1. Poster 1, you need to make up your mind about what you want before settling with any of these men.

  2. Hello everyone, I also need help but do not know how to post this on the blog. I saw on Linda Ikeji's and this poster asked a question that's bothering me too because Dad debied my pregnancy and made mum go through hell. I only got to know him not long ago and now he wants to walk me down the Isle but I am not ready for that closeness, can't another relation walk a bride down the Isle to meet her bridegroom?

    I am about to make a very important decision and I would like to have your candid opinion on it. Its regarding my forthcoming wedding and me wanting to do my father the honor of walking me down the aisle or giving my hand out in marriage. We have had a very distant Father-Daughter relationship due to the kind of torture he put my mother through while me and my brother were young and how the maltreatment affected my mother so much she developed hypertension and died when I was 14 and my brother 9.

    From the much I know through my observations then and my findings now, my parents fell apart after my mum had an affair with the Chairman of my father's company while he was imprisoned over a fraud case he was involved in. He was the Chief Accountant of his multinational company and himself and other top executives used his office to steal money that ran into millions of dollars. He was arrested and locked up in prison. In a very confused state and with all hopes dashed, my mother was advised to go meet with his office Chairman who is one of these old dirty men that sleep with everything in skirt. She was pressured to sleep with him as the only way to get her husband out of the mess he was in as my father stood the chance of spending a long time in jail. To save the idiot called my father, my mother succumbed to his pressures and slept with him. Within hours, my father was released but however lost his job. My mum decided to keep this as a secret she probably would die with but eventually, word got to my Father and he felt betrayed. In one of their quarrels, my mum told my dad she did it just to save him and get him back home as he was diabetic and could die in prison leaving her with two young children.
    My father decided she was a miss fit for him and threw her out of his home and made us never see her again. He relocated us from Nigeria, burnt all her documents because according to him, he paid for her education. He got married again and then my brother and I faced the usual step mother torture. We never got to see our mother until she died in 2003 from hypertension and we were out of tradition allowed to go for her funeral. All these years I have kept my cool because I really needed to complete my education and now that I am done and have gotten a job, I want to shut him permanently out of my life. A man that irrational cannot be close to me nor my family. Irony is that he is not remorseful after all these years. Still hauls all manner of insults on my late mother.
    I feel like not giving him that opportunity to walk me down the aisle and cutting him off my life would teach him a great lesson. Is my action going to be in order or am I been too irrational? Please I need your candid advice

    1. Sorry for all u went through. U father needn't be the man to walk u down the aisle. Ur brother or uncles can do that. U need to be able to lookn at ur wedding pictures in years to come and be happy.

  3. hi Mary,

    I could imagine how u feel... but since mumsy has gone to rest already. Have u tried discussing with other of your older uncles or people he respects?

  4. Anonymous12/22/2014

    Mary, ur dad is mean. Just allow him work you down the aisle cuz ur hubby may not like the idea of another man working you down the aisle. how can he burn ur mum documents just because he saw her thru school, that is mean, and he might do same to you if you refuse him to work you down the aisle.

  5. Anonymous12/31/2014

    You should not take your father offense to heart for too long, do not deny him his right of walking you down the aisle, leave it to God and always remember him in your prayers.
    please people, visit my blog

  6. Happy new year WC family. Happy new year aunty Eya.

  7. Aunty Eya, just an observation on this post: I really think it's not very practical to lump so many stories under one posts. This will make it difficult to give advice to a particular person. Everyone might end up addressing one issue. Secondly, the post In the comment section by a BV on letting her father walk her down the aisle should come as a separate post. It shouldn't have been allowed under the comment section coz we are still struggling to address the posts. Ok Bye!

    1. Anonymous1/03/2015

      Time might just be the factor but you made a reasonable point.

      That woman that gets beaten should get out fast! It's a new year, do it for your child or children's sake!

      For fashion and makeup tips come visit it's fun!

    2. Anonymous1/04/2015

      Hi Eya,

      You might need to get someone to administer this blog for you because you obviously do not have the time. You can forward emails to this person and have them upload as single posts. That can't be so hard and I even volunteer to help! The way it is now is making it super difficult to read. I see the posts and just close the blog. My 2 cents

  8. Hello Eya. Happy new year. What's happening na? Haven't heard from you. Hope lafiya? I miss this blog o

  9. So sorry Mary for what u have gone through,I will just advice u follow ur hearth cos it is easy said than done.

  10. Please visit for more news.

  11. Happy New Year o, so sorry about recent updates. I'll make it up please.


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