Bucket Bum Lift, Curvy Hips, Hour-Glass-Shape For Ladies

This comment has been on the blog since last week and I wanted to try and confirm before posting but time. We can all try and come back to share how it went. Success on growing and tightening your butt. 
Read it Below:

Good day Aunty Eya. Please help me make this a topic so my sisters on here can benefit from my discovery. I was the same person that made it known sometimes ago that Instagram is on BlackBerry, that is by the way.

What I brought today is Super and i'm sure anyone who gives it a trial would ever be grateful. It's nothing but a Butt lift, Curvy hips and firm butt. It cost nothing but dedication and a Bucket, It is called Bucket I laughed when my South African friend told me about it but I was grateful I did not ignore it because even blind men are commenting on my curve. some even went as far as saying she has started wearing Bum Bum but na lie o, na my bum bum gan gan I dey carry about.

To cut the whole story short, let's get to how its done. Get a bucket which is your butt size, your butt size in the sense that the bum bum would go into the bucket nd stay there tightly, while the hips and the laps settles on the bucket. Sit there as long as you can, while cooking, washing, gisting, instead of sitting on chair, make it an habit to sit on your bucket as often as you can and as longer as you can and smile at your curve in a matter of weeks.
It also helps the back this way don't relax like a tired woman while sitting, sit upright and chest out abit. with that the butt would be lifted, the bum bum would be firm cos it has tightly sitted in the bucket, the back would stretch and the hips would come out too.

You will feel

some pain around where the hip is sitted on the bucket because its just a bucket and not some sofa, its cool, Rit would go over time and it means you are doing it right.
People around you will laugh at you when you start because its awkward sitting on but they would praise and admire you when they start seeing result. 

Please get the appropriate bucket, it should not be small because the butt won't go inside comfortably and it should not be big because the butt and the hips would all go in but get the one that would accomodate the bum bum alone while the hip is spread at the top. I practically broke a bucket the first day but I did not give up and I am glad I never gave up.

Please Mummies, Aunties and friends don't mind my grammar ooo, na try I dey try.
I would be monitoring this post in case anyone has a question, That would be all for now my people. Carry go!

Result depends on the hours you sit and if you get your bucket size correctly. If done well, you will feel some slight pain under the butt and you should begin seeing difference in a week and massive difference as you continue. Aunty Eya, I guess everyone can try as long as you get your bucket size


  1. I think people will believe this more if there was photographic evidence..u know the before and after type..thanks..

  2. Anonymous12/01/2014

    Poster, is it possible you show us a pic of even your back view alone so we know you are serious?

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  4. Anonymous12/01/2014

    Good day Eya,pls I wld love to know if taking pap or drinking garri could b fattening for an adult. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous12/01/2014

    offcourse drinking garri and pap especially garri is very fattening, its raw carbohydrate

  6. Anonymous12/01/2014

    I am sorry I cannot send a pic. I am surprise anyone could think this could be a If I want to catch cruise, not with something like this.
    I have learnt so much from this site and I just felt I could contribute something my little way.
    If this post doesn't go down well with you or if you feel its some waste of time to you, please check the next post but for people that wish to try, It works.


  7. seriously this post actually got me laughing. Lol

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  8. @ Alabekee, your comment was accidentally removed. I'm so sorry. If you can, please retype. Very very sorry.

  9. Anonymous12/02/2014

    Can i add sugar and milk to the garri?I want to add flesh

    1. Take multivitamins that induce hunger. Increase your carb intake. Yes add sugar and enough milk.

  10. Biko show us how to sit on the bucket abeg me no understand the explanation

  11. Anonymous12/03/2014

    Hi Eya,I was d poster that asked if pap n garri is fattening n not d other person askin if milk can b added. I was a size 10 n now size 12 going to 14 n its so scary. I want t know what I can take to watch my weight. Thanks

    1. Oh, I see. I think lifestyle changes dear. Regular exercise and dieting should work the magic. Hubby just lost 10kg with just regular exercise and dieting and even though baby is just eight months I had to start too cos I now weigh 87kg and it's not funny. I'll find time to share pics of my first day at the gym this week and to continue updating let's see how it goes. Pap and garri will make you gain like magic cos they are both the same ten and ten pence (carbohydrate).

  12. Anonymous12/03/2014

    @ eya, pls cn I gv my 6wks baby abidec? I want her to add serious weight.
    Meanwhile wts d average kg for a 6wks baby @ dia 6wks imunization. Plssss reply

    1. Congrats new mum. There's no average weight for your 6week old baby. Your baby will grow as long as he/she is well fed. I believe you are breast feeding your baby so please feed as and when she wants to. There is a chart that they should use to measure Her length n weight and if she is under weight you will be informed at her 6 weeks check. I kno you want her to look chubby but she will in her own right time. Please do not give her abidec, let her grow naturally as she is still in the early stage of growing.

  13. Desire Inner Wears12/04/2014

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  14. Anonymous12/12/2014

    Hmmmmmm! As if the person that asked about the pap and gsrri was in my mind. I had my baby six months ago and Becos my family is known to produce small breast milk, I started taking pap the very day I had my baby Menh! Three months after delivery I was still weighing the same thing i weighed the day I had my baby. Btw I was doing exclusive feeding oo! Before long, my heart started pumping three times faster than normal, my BP went from normal 110/70 to 150/130. Nobody told me I stopped. #Healthiswealth

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