The Family Threatens To Kill Me, If I Come Back Again For My Child, Please Help

Pls ma save me from this wahala o!
 I had a child with this illitrate guy who claim he is a pastor 15yrs ago. he denied the paternity so i decided to go see his father since they all knew and i dnt have a job and my family d
that could help said i have to take him to court to decide how he would take care of me but I refused since he is a man of God thinking we could settle it through church. 

when i got there his father claimed his son has married a church sister and havd travelled to south africa for church work but that i can drop the baby (2yrs then) and write her date of birth.

 In 2004 i went back when i got a job, to have my child back but the father refused me only for the family to give my
child to the pastor's elder brother to adopt as his!
since then that family threatend to kill me if i dare come back for my child who has been roaming the streets of kano trying to sponsor herself in school and feeding herself.

 I have a very good job now, can someone link me up with an outfit that  can help me take back the custody of my child please? The father said she is not his, but the grandfather and uncle  have held this girl in bondage. pls help me.


  1. Anonymous11/17/2014

    How can you ever leave the child you carried in your womb to people that rejected you? Even if you get the child back, will she ever forgive you for abandoning her for years? The thing tire me o!

    1. Please don't blame her. She did what she had to do as that was her last and only option of keeping her girl in safe hands not knowing it would turn out to be quite the opposite. I'm sure she regrets her decision every single day. The issue at hand is how to get the girl back to one in one piece.

  2. Anonymous11/17/2014

    my kid sister who is now 32 years got pregnant at age 15 had a son and could not stay a week away from her son knowing fully well that my mum loves the baby even more than our last born then who is about the same age with the baby . wen she enrolled for GCE in another state , she refused going without her son and wen the little baby calls her anty then she will say call me mummy . after her secondary sch she left with her baby to the father of the baby who was in another state without a job every one condemned her for trying to suffer a baby who will be more comfortable with my parent but she said not without my boy . today she is a unilag graduate with two other son making 3boys working with a bank and the boy just got admission in U.I now studying medicine wen they are together u will ask if he is her brother. What I am trying to say in essence is that with kid kind of luv she has for her son she could not leave him for my parents not to talk of a stranger. no pain no gain as far as u could survive without a job , ur dota would have been able to now u don't k the kind of upbringing she has would it not have been better she stayed with u ? well may God help u and see u tru in Jesus name .

    1. Anonymous11/17/2014

      My thoughts exactly. The girl's upbringing definitely can't be the same as if you had brought her up yourself. God'll teach you the way to go.

  3. This is a serious matter, but I will not advise you to leave your child for them. Pray to God for wisdom to handle this situation.

  4. My sister you did not behaved well. You can visit Dr. Odumakin, in Lagos.

  5. Anonymous11/18/2014

    Go and kidnap your daughter abeg. And beg that child to forgive you.

  6. Anonymous11/18/2014

    You will have to use stealth to get the child back. No more going to anybody direct. Speak with an NGO who specifically deals with women's issues. Get a good family lawyer to see what rights you have. You may have to send word to her and take her stealthily out of there and hopefully where you live is quite far from where she is. She is of an age where she can decide who she wants to live with and a judge will listen to her.

    I do not know why the child had to be given over to the man's family? Why did you not leave her in the care of your own family? They likely do not want the girl to return to you because she is a slave in that house, if you take her how will they get their free labour. If she is walking the streets begging it is obvious that she is not under good care.

    Please be very sure of one thing, mam. Your child and you are strangers, do not think you are going to pick her up and you all will just live happily ever after. You must be prepared to weather the rocky roads as she will blame you for leaving her with people who are not even your own for so long, never coming to visit her and abandoning her, and worse if her life was hell in there care as it seem. If you are taking this child please ensure you both get counseling and take baby steps in building a relationship together. Please do not stop trying to get your child and you should report any threat to your life to the authorities so that it is on file should anything happen to you.

  7. how can you drop a two year old baby girl with people you dont even know. haba that is wickedness now. pls beg your daughter to forgive you and try to build the bond that should have been there, i just pray she has not been molested by the so called grand dad and uncle.

  8. Anonymous11/18/2014

    we will blame you for abandoning her but please dont let that weigh you down in trying to get your child back her future need to be retracted if possible again. Just get help and be prepare to spend money, with lawyer and NGO

  9. Anonymous11/18/2014

    Didn't y'all condemning her read where she said she had no job nd no family?????
    Pls seek the services of a lawyer or u can sneak nd speak to d girl e.g u can go to her school it won't be easy, be ready for rejection but persevere. Very soon she will go to uni or turn 18 nd she can choose to come stay u during hols


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