Mother-In-law Has Placed Me On Diet Soon After Giving Birth, That Ok?

Good day aunty Eya and fellow blog readers.Am an ardent reader of wives connection blog I prefer to remain anonymous.

Pls I need your advice am a first time mom,i had my baby few weeks ago,Hubby & I still live with his mum & siblings.Immediately after the birth of my child my mother inlaw placed me on a no carb diet she feels she's helping me because according to her hubby is still young and doesn't like chubby ladies and may fall out of love with me if I ever get fat.

For now I eat strictly fruits,peppersoup with 5 spoons of brown rice,unripe plantain and beans.Pls moms in the house i'd like know if this can affect my little one in any way as I plan to breastfeed her exclusively.

And also I
need to know does exclusive breastfeeding make babies healthier?should I introduce her to formula feeding while I'm placed on diet?should I disobey my mother inlaw and eat well to make my baby healthier as hubby feels indifferent about the whole thing.
I need your advice urgently help a sister.


  1. Anonymous11/14/2014

    the way your email sounds, it seems you're hoping we say that you shouldn't be on a diet :)
    as long as you're getting all your essential nutrients, your baby is not in any danger. if you on the other hand, feel like you need more food, then go ahead and eat more of the healthy stuff. there are carbs in plantains too. you don't have to eat starchy foods to be healthy

  2. Anonymous11/15/2014

    Your mother in law loves you o.
    Aren't you a lucky one.....

  3. Chai, I just typed a long response and then suddenly page is DEAD, reload. She is doing you well but quantity too matters, if you are not full after eating, your chest won't feel heavy and baby will be restless as a result of not getting enough. Our bodies are not the same, you might need more than two scoops to boost milk production. Eat well now, later you can shed the weight.

  4. Precious11/15/2014

    exclusive breast feeding till 6 months is the best for children. i did it for my first baby and he is very healthy and chubby, but is not quite easy,but you have to make up your mind on what you want. for the eating aspect i think you should not diet for now cos your baby needs so much breast milk. remember if you don't eat well and your baby sucks so much you may feel dizzy at times. however you can tell MIL that after breastfeeding stops you will start weight watch

  5. I think your MIL means well. All the same eat well. What's this taking 5 spoons of brown rice? Please eat when you are hungry but watch your carbs.

    Incorporate wheat bread (not white bread) into your diet as well. It's fibre, which is very good for bowels, weight control and can be taken as snack.

    Take water 1 hour after eating. This allows your stomach to digest the meal undisturbed as water dilutes the digestive juice thus inhibiting the stomach from doing its work effectively. If you want to take water as you eat, just take a sip. This is very good for shedding belly weight.

    Also, your body will determine if you need to eat or not. Some women eat a lot during breastfeeding while some don't.

    Exclusive breastfeeding is highly recommended by doctors as the milk builds up the baby's system. Mother's milk is the best for infant babies as it contains antibodies and nutrients to keep babies active and in top form. If your baby is the type that eats a lot, you may give her formula to supplement but ensure she takes more of breast milk.

    Even if you put on weight, your hussy should lovingly motivate you to shed it and not pressurise you.

    Lastly, try to google the kind of exercises you can do to help keep in shape.

    Happy breastfeeding!

  6. Anonymous11/16/2014

    Ur Lucky ur mother in law cares,am due and she acts like she doesn't know,am the one that does all the house work,cleaning,cooking everything yet she reports me to her son at every instance,u can actually see the hatred on her face

    1. This is not nice at all. Why can't some MIL just be nice?

  7. Nawa,starvin u wl nt be good 4 u n baby,pls eat healthy 4 now,dnt tel ur mother in law anytin,so dt she won't say dt u re arguin wt her but seriously ur hubby shld say sometin abt ds,.i tried dietin wen I had my 2nd child,it affected d baby cos it was too early,i had 2 stop immediately

  8. Anonymous11/16/2014

    I wish am u. so lucky.
    the diet is not bad atall. your body still gets all the nutrients it needs.

  9. Oh how nice! And breastfeeding will help u loose d weight even faster. Ensure to drink pleeenty of water as dis will aid d flow of milk. But if u begin to feel dizzy. Pls eat Oo°˚˚˚°! U need to stay strong for your baby. Good luck wiv d weight loss.

  10. Anonymous11/19/2014

    please stick to the diet but eat it well and add formula milk for the baby cuz that your diet can not feed that baby well


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