Genotype SS And AA Can I Date Him?

Good evening Aunty Eya,i'm in mid-twenties and I have not been lucky with relationships even despite my love and sacrifice! Had my last breakup since may and I'm yet to go into another relationship...

but early september,i met with this guy and we've been good friends,i like him and he likes me too...just last month,he asked that we date....The clause here now is that he is SS and I am AA...please I need your advice on whether to go ahead and date him or not...

I'm really
much in love with him and I know he loves and fond of me too...‎thanks much..

REPLY: Hi Jummy, don't worry about Luck, God will do it for you ok? SS and AA is good. I'll leave it as a comment for you on the blog to hear what others have to say ok?

Good afternoon Aunty Eya...I got ur reply via my mail but I'm yet to see my post on ur wall as u promised..thank much for ur advice!

Reply: I left it as a comment on the latest post then as promised. Ok, I'll post now.


  1. Anonymous11/20/2014

    AA and SS are good. AA is the only option an SS have. But you need to be sure if he really loves you not just because of you Genotype? and do you love him enough to bear the crisis he may be having? If yes, you dont have a problem but all your children will be AS and you need to groom them not to marry an AS when they grow up. So you should tell them to find out about the other persons Genotype before geting serious with the person( i mean your kids when they grow up and are ready for relationships)

  2. Anonymous11/20/2014

    No problem with your kids genotype-they will all be AS. But what about the fact that you may end up being a young widow?

  3. Anonymous11/20/2014

    @ Ano 4:37 are u GoD? When did u register urslf as the taxcollector of live? Haven't u seen SS living better and stronger than many AA? GOD is the owner of life and death. Haven't u seen AA who died early. My dear urs is 2 encourage and not 2 discriminate or give death mandate! If he is giving u the exact kind of luv, nuture, care u deserve pls follow him and leave all 2 God. Haven't u seen a person d doctors told dat he is going 2 died and it end up 2 b d reverse

    1. Anonymous11/21/2014

      what she said is reality. it's a harsh reality but it is reality anyway. the chances of dying reduce but there is still an outside chance. i know that people their are SS that passed that age and still died from the disease. it is a risk so she needs to know that while making that decision. she can still marry him but let's not act as if nothing to be concerned about.

    2. Anonymous11/25/2014

      Yes Anon 3:43 is very correct. We Nigerians like to sugarcoat things a lot. It's the absolute truth. The poster should weigh all her options, advantages as well as disadvantages in marrying am ss. She should also make sure the guy wants her for love and not just because she's his only option. Can she handle his crises when he has them because he will have them. Apply wisdom in all things so u won't come here crying if u had known. Good luck

  4. PORTABLE11/21/2014

    @Anon 4:37,how dare u talk lyk dat? Are u God? I have male siblings dat are SS and are ova 30yrs by God's grace.If u see dem work,u won't eva believe dey r SS unless u r told. I pray God gives dem a caring wife. So my dear poster,carry on,nothing do u,wit prayers,u can surmount mountains.Wishin u d best

    1. Anonymous11/21/2014

      Hook a sister up pls

  5. Anonymous11/22/2014

    There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the possibility that a person with SS might die young. Nobody is God but the truth is that the odds of death before age 45 is quite high. Anyway poster, if you love him, pray about it and marry him. Also, be sure that you can truly care for him during his trying times please.

  6. Rosalyn11/25/2014

    My husbands best friend who was ss died last year at the age of 36. He married a year before he died and left his young wife a widow and a 3 month old baby. He was a nice man but he's gone. So my sister, weigh ur option. He won't live long. That's the truth.


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