Christmas Food Made Easy! Any Idea?

Merry Christmas In Advance As We Look for The Best Naija Christmas food, Is it Rice Or Swallow?
Hurrah! Christmas is just around the corner again! 
Christmas is unarguably the largest celebration in Nigeria, it is not only celebrated by Christians but by everyone in the country. Perhaps the main reason for the general acceptance is its timing, just six days before the year ends, what other time would you rather chill out and celebrate? I think we all agree that one of the reasons everyone loves Christmas celebration is the fact that New Year celebration is another remarkable festival enjoyed by everyone irrespective of religious beliefs, so while Christmas means so much for Christians, it also serves as an appetizer before the main meal (New Year) to non-Christians.

There have been several questions pointing to what Christmas means to Nigerians. If your guess is as good as mine, you would agree that there is something about Christmas that resonates with everyone’s soul in this part of the world. So as a proper Naija bred, I would say that Christmas is a season for jollification, sharing (yes, we love giving & receiving gifts!) and above all, it’s a time to eat special meals together with friends and relatives. I kinda love Christmas for all the food part…  did I hear you say the special Christmas rice? Rice is prepared in
different forms and is always delicious but if you ask me, I would say that Christmas is a time to try something more special and different, I mean something we hardly eat every other day, like Egg Plant Sauce with crunchy snails and boiled yamFish fillet vegetable sauce with pastaNigerian Coconut macaroni with Grilled Fish and Vegetables or some special Nigerian local soups with pounded yam to go: Feel free to compile your own list of what to eat for Christmas in the comments section below.

My point is that it’s a time to put “life as usual” aside and have some fun, cook something very special, skip dinner at home and go to special restaurants some days or do a barbeque with friends at home and possibly order pizza online through hellofood. Believe me, inviting friends over for some days adds more colour to the season.

 I watched an American movie titled Grown ups and I do think that Christmas celebration in some major cities in Nigeria is taking that shape nowadays; a time when friends from secondary schools reunite to remember the good old days and laugh so hard. Wives cooking and sharing gist in the kitchen while the guys are watching football and fighting over who would win, ChelseaArsenal or Manchester United; and an evening concluded with barbeque in the garden while the kids are staged for dancing competition. This might sound like a dream but it takes just little to give your family & friends a Christmas experience to remember all year long.

Maybe we can dedicate a post for sending out Christmas greetings in our native Nigerian languages such as “barka dä Kirsimati’, ‘E ku odun’, ‘E keresimesi’, ‘Iselogbe’, etc.
 Enjoying Christmas at the villa, with one Nigerian Christmas food plus cutting the christmas cake, who cares?
Have Fun Celebrating!


  1. Anonymous11/28/2014

    Thanx for this Eya! Reminds me of my last year's Xmas in Lag. Couldn't travel to my villa because of my job but made good use of it in Lag. I'm looking forward to the special Xmas greetings in our native languages... Iselogbe!!!

  2. Anonymous11/28/2014

    Abeg who know the meaning of black friday?

    1. Anonymous12/02/2014

      Black Friday is the Last Friday in the month of November every year(the day after Thanksgiving ). Observed here in America. You buy things very cheap in stores and online.

  3. Christmas around the corner, can't wait to have fun.

  4. Chyqueen11/28/2014

    Anon 10:54 , black friday means the day u shop at the cheapest rate. its done overseas not here in nija.

  5. Anonymous11/28/2014

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    1. Interesting. I am going to try this. How long does it take to see results?

    2. Really? For all ages and sizes? ?
      Ok, I'll post later. Thanks.

    3. Anonymous11/30/2014

      Yes o am very much interested. How long before I see results?
      Am sitting on a bucket as we speak hehehehe

    4. Anonymous11/30/2014

      Result depends on the hours you sit and if you get your bucket size correctly. If done well, you will feel some slight pain under the butt and you should begin seeing difference in a week and massive difference as you continue.
      Aunty Eya, I guess everyone can try as long as you get your bucket size.

    5. www.spillithere.com11/30/2014

      wow! are you for real?

  6. Aunt Eya! I have also watched the movie "Grown ups 1&2" and the film is super interesting and very funny.

    I love Christmas, my favourite time of the year, its a tradition for me to travel to ikorodu my birth town, and my childhood town where I grew up and spent almost 20yrs. Its really fun going there, I am always looking forward to it, because all my childhood friends and secondary friends and classmates all come together and we have lots of fun. We visit different sites we used to visit while we were still kids and we do a lot of dancing and playing, drinking, eating and catching fun. And the ladies always make it very special if you know what I mean. Lol.
    Most of us were mass/alter server, so we go to visit the present day servers and share our experience with them and we also do some silly things we used to do as kids. Lol
    Can't wait for Christmas to come.

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  7. Anonymous11/30/2014

    Aunty Eya,
    I have been longing to prepare roasted turkey for Christmas just haven't found the perfect recipe yet .


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