Searching For Adoptive Parents For My Unborn Child, How Do I Go About It Please?

I received this short message and the expectant mom  wanted me to advise on how to go about getting adoptive parents in Nigeria but I honestly do not know the process so I replied that it would be posted on the blog.. Please who can help her out?

...Good day Aunty Eya, I am a
fan of your blog,I'm 28 yrs old and 8 months pregnant. Searching for adoptive parents for my unborn child. I don't know how to go about it.


  1. sheamapo10/09/2014

    Why this desperate search for adoptive parents?
    28 years old she claimed! Hmm!
    I reserve my comments.

  2. Anonymous10/10/2014

    She should keep her baby. This one may be the only she will ever have... But if she insists, a motherless babies home will be ideal. The irony of life, some women desperately want to be alive to raise their babies but they dont make it. This one wants to give away a child she is yet to behold. God first o

  3. Anonymous10/10/2014

    Geeeeeezzzz. human beings can castigate.. Is it not better for her to put the baby up for adoption than to abort or abandon by the wayside .

  4. Anonymous10/10/2014

    For goodness sake don't be judgemental,do u know the full story y she wants to give up her baby? Do you know if she can take care of it? Putting the baby up for adoption maybe the best thing that happens to it. So till you know the full story don't judge

  5. Anonymous10/10/2014

    y does she want to put d child up for adoption? There is a childless couple i knw dt is lookin for a child to adopt but will she com bak for d child?

  6. Anonymous10/10/2014

    Check at motherless babies homes. Are you convinced you won't come for that baby later? i don't know if nigeria has developed that much.where do you stay?
    If you can poster, please anonymously tell us why you want to give the baby away. be open dear, am ready to help.

  7. Anonymous10/11/2014

    God can bless a childless couple with that baby, God gave it to her for a purpose. I know times are hard but God does not forsake whoever dat truly seeks Him. Some pple here say givin it away is better dan aborting it, just like being a beggar is better dan being a thief, ryt? Those two are not d only option she has, she has an option to keep it. Unless her reason is like she has a disease or smth. No baby is by mistake o, av seen some babies born dat way grow up to be a blessing to their mum. Those that are concerned can give her some financial help if dat is d problem and not say somebody is being judgemental. Me am willing to help her in any little way if she can keep this God's blessing

  8. Anonymous10/11/2014

    We don't know the reason why she decided to do this so its being judgmental,she is 8 months gone so she must have had time to think thru,am not saying its right or wrong but we should know the other person side before making some statements. Yes abt giving right now am in no position to do so my baby is due in 3weeks and no money to buy anything,am not asking for pity or anything but I understand where she is coming from

  9. Anonymous10/11/2014


  10. Anty Eya did u remove my commen?

  11. Anonymous10/12/2014

    Good lord, the woman asked for how to go about placing a child up for adoption, answer that question or shut up. Some of you know every damn thing and I bet if the spotlight was to turn on your lives we would all see the glaring cracks in foundation of your lives and wreck all around. Let the woman be! Some of you have you children by your side and your homes are a bloody mess, and the poor kids are being raised in utter dysfunction by dullards.

    @ poster, I would suggest you contact your Ministry of Health, or an adoption agency, they should both be able to direct you to legitimate places where the prospective parents are thoroughly checked out and investigated, if you try to do this privately you could place the child in a terrible situation unknowingly; unless you personally know an infertile couple who are good people. Keep your head up!

    1. Anonymous10/12/2014

      Thank God u understand and are not judging her

  12. @Able Mom, if your comment is not here then it didn't publish or must have gone to spam. I'll check now. If it's not published before evening then it's not there please you can publish again. So sorry.

  13. @Able Mom, if your comment is not here then it didn't publish or must have gone to spam. I'll check now. If it's not published before evening then it's not there please you can publish again. So sorry.


    ...Thank you all for your response, my unborn child and I are in good health conditions, am not a fan of abortions that at the initial stage of my pregnancy I felt everything would be fine before nine months but things just kept going from bad to worse and worst and now am eight months pregnant. I am convinced that my baby will be better off in more capable hands than mine, in as much as it pains me, that seems to be the only way for him to live. Thanks.

  15. *...that's why at the initial stagepregnancy...

  16. sheamapo10/13/2014

    Poster tell us more about your situation. Why do you think you need a more capable hand? Is this your first pregnancy? Why do you think you need to seek help in advance? Disclose all you are yet to put down here, I am sure you will get sincere advice on how to get help for your unborn baby.

  17. Anonymous10/13/2014

    Well, all hope isnt lost. She may end up wanting to keep him d moment she set her eyes on him. I pray God does d best for you, and for safe delivery. Do not let d worries of what will happen tomoro deprive u of d joy of being alive today. Am sorry if I dont sound d way u like, but my sister gave her son up for adoption wen she was 17, she is married now, God still blessed her with children but she keeps telln me she wished somebody stopped her from giving her baby away. Am not tryn to get u uncomfortable plz... nobody here really knows how things are 4 u. Only God knows how u hurt right now, if adoption is His plan for ur bby, ask Him to guide u to good adoptive parents, so dat any suggestions u get may be answers from God. As Aunty Eya says, all d advice we give here are our opinion, always seek professional help, and in this case I recommend Jesus.

  18. You said things went from bad to worse? Are u havn issues in marriage? Is it financial problem? Is dat d only condition ur parents gave u? Will d baby remind u of unpleasant event like u were raped? I am concerned abt d underlying problem so we can be sure dat putting d baby up for adoption will solve d problem. My sisters, dis life is filled with uncertainties, nobody is sure of anything. We are not sure d adoptive parents will end up being better parents dan she would av been.

  19. Anonymous10/13/2014

    poster, if you don't have confidence in us enough to open up then why bring your matter here? no one is asking for your name or surname but the least you can do is whole heartedly let us in. We want to help but as humans, no one wants to be scammed. why can't you tell your story, how it happened and maybe something about the father of the baby too. stop treating us like kids please. you don't know if your helper will find you here. What if you are offered some money and baby items, will that change your mind or something like school is involved. stop holding back I beg you.

  20. Anonymous10/13/2014

    ok bloggers,ds is my story,am an undergraduate,single and am 26 not 28,when i told my parents abt my pregnancy they disownd me and sent me out of our lagos home,the father of d child insisted i abort the child,gave me some money and walked out of d r\shp..i decided to relocate to ilorin coz of the stigma,i rentd a room and i have bin surviving under harsh conditions prayng and hoping till now(8mts+).i no longer go to school,am very heavy,disorientd and have absolutly nothng to cater 4 my unborn baby...thats y am seriously searchng 4 adoptive parents,i dnt want any payments 4rm d adoptive parents,and its going to b a closd adoption am nt comin back 4 d child.pls!! am runnin out of time

  21. Your baby will arrive any moment, he is due. If you are offered basic baby items, will you keep him? A man needs his father, are you registered for antenatal?
    I am worried about you and the baby and also very confused. You need help ASAP. In Africa, these things are not really common and I feel like you will surely look for your baby in future when things get better. I don't know how or where to help cos there are so many questions in my head. The man responsible, what does he do? Is he a student?What will you tell your parents afterwards?

  22. I don't know if there are adoption agencies in Nigeria, in Ilorin. What if labour starts now. You waited too long to cry out and that makes me feel like you honestly want to keep this baby. Your major problem might not even be adoptive parents. I am worried for the baby who not pop out even right now as I type.

  23. Anonymous10/14/2014

    ooh God of mercy. Pele ooh poster. life is so full of uncertainties huh. OK God I wish I could help.

  24. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Aunt Eya,tnx a lot 4 ur concern,my parents wants nothing to do with the baby or me,so i think they dnt deserv 2 knw my baby's wherabts,as for d father of the child he is a youth corp member now and has severed al contacts wth me,,initially i was going 4 my antenatal bt lately (d past 2mnths)i havnt gone so its just me and my unborn baby alone,if am given basic baby items i am willing to keep him wth me forever,am nt lazy afta delivery i wud get a job(any kind) and work,i just need some sign of hope cos right nw i have none and absolutely nothing to offer my baby when he arrives,POSTER

  25. Anonymous10/14/2014

    pls poster,how do I contact u.

  26. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Pls Poster! Me n my family wish to adopt ur baby.. Pls contact me thru dis email:

  27. If you are not registered in a Government hospital, please look for one before you give birth.

  28. Anonymous10/15/2014

    U are igbo. No wonder u were disowned. Our igbo parents no dey play wt ime mkpuke. Are u in Lagos. I cwn help u our wt baby items.pls reply

  29. Dear Poster and Aunty Eya,
    I am really moved by the story of the young girl and if she doesn't mind, my family could adopt him. Do send me a mail if interested. It's so sad that a young lady cannot take care of her baby and it's very credible that she's decided to give him to a good family.

  30. Anonymous10/16/2014

    You are actually 28 years old
    You are not too young to keep your child.
    When you birth that baby, you will be proud of him or her.

    Anonymous of life.

  31. Anonymous10/16/2014

    God bless you all for your kind response and advice am indeed very grateful.tnx.POSTER

  32. I am really sorry abt wat u are goin through right now may God be with you. I would really love to adopt your baby as I av tried adoption & I was told
    it has been cancelled indefinitely in lagos.


  33. Hi i am leanie 16 year old and 6 month pregnant, i am looking for adoptive family for my unborn baby. email me for mor info


  34. Hi i am leanie 16 year old and 6 month pregnant, i am looking for adoptive family for my unborn baby. email me for mor info


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