My Life, My Story, What Can I Do Please?

Good evening, Pls,I need
serious advice from blog visitors on how my life can change and not be
stagnant!                                   I am a lady of almost
35yrs.I graduated almost ten yrs ago from geology dept and proceeded
to have a PGD. Several times,I wld b called for an interview but one
thing will always come up and I won't be given the job. Even if
someone tries to help me,it won't just work out @all. About three
times now,if we are two candidates that goes for interview,the other
 person is always preferred to me.

 Even the schools I applied to,I
wasn't called also!!! I don't have any man in my life,as in,no guy has
ever toasted me oooo except people like okada men,meat sellers and the
likes.I dress well,am size 6(so pple won't say maybe I don't makeup or
too fat) I dreamt two times that there's mark of irritation on me.
People advised I go to MFM,which av done,av done dry
 fasting,gone to mountains,gone to see pastors and what they all said
that surprises me is that am a glorious child and someone is covering
my glory! I observe that there's always disappointment @d point of my
breakthrough. My parents see nothing wrong with me,though I still stay
 with them,dey r both retired but even if they have the money dey are
not ready to part with it to help me with business. Some people said I
should ask my parents questions which I did but nothing came out of

I have
 everything humanly possible but nothing has ever worked out. I am
very depressed and don't  know where have got it wrong in my life. I
don't date married men even if they disturb me or tempt me with money
and have never slept with anybody in my life. Am just tired of praying
and fasting.I need advice on how my life can change before this year
runs out. Life has been very harsh on me,twice I was supposed to
travel out to continue with my masters in Netherlands cos I was part
of the brilliant students during my PGD,but it also never worked out!
Twice also I have accepted to do the job of SSCE holders(dats d kind
of job dat works out oooo)but I live far and transportation is over
15000naira and the employers still want to pay me 15000naira!! What a
life! This happened just three weeks ago and I backed out. 

I don't
have money for business or to study further and my parents don't care
about my life. All my mother says is that am jealous of my siblings
achievement anytime I say something to correct them to the extent that
the last born (am the first born and only female)is very rude to
me.He's working with a good company and he has packed out having
graduated recently. In short,am the only one at home while the younger
ones have packed out! I will be the most happiest being in my life if
things can change before this year runs out.Pls,I need advice from
blog visitors. Thanks and
awiating your comments.


  1. Anonymous10/13/2014

    Jesus have mercy on ur daughter

  2. Anonymous10/13/2014

    ooh dear so sorry about your situation. keep on praying harder.God never disappoints , He do His things at the right time.

  3. Anonymous10/13/2014

    Aunty Eya why ur blog come resemble Linda blog now?

  4. Anonymous10/13/2014

    Ehen and Aunty Eya u con look fine and fresh. E don tay wey i visit ur blog oh..

  5. Anonymous10/13/2014

    Yes o, I like your new dp. Naturally beautiful woman. My advise to d poster is just cleaving to God. Wasnt it here dat a lady told us how God gave her a job as she was cleaning their church? The same God can do it for all His children

  6. Anonymous10/13/2014

    I just re-read ur story again.It is well! God will help u,continue to pray becos all power belongs to God. I see a break thru from u soonest in Jesus Name!Amen

  7. Anonymous10/13/2014

    My dear sister, it is well pls don't give up, keep praying, fasting and keep believing GOD. God will wipe away your tears and put smiles on your face. it is not easy to wait on the Lord, but pls wait on God, HE'LL surely see you thru. you can pray with these Bible scripture
    Psalms 40:14, and also pray that any body that is sitting on your success, breakthrough etc. that God should uproot the person and destroy them and their plans. it is well.

  8. Anonymous10/13/2014

    go get an IT certificate and start working in IT. it's hard to get a job with your geology that you studied. also this rude brother, you can go to him, humble yourself and ask for some money to start a business. or put together a reasonable business proposal that would take no more than 200k naira to start. Post it here and we will do our best to help. this wrist band biz Dee has been talking about here, why not find out how much to start it and do it. See instead of going to Mfm to pray, go there with your proposal for providing them with wristband for the next event or share your flyers to advertise your new business.

    1. I like this advice.
      Lemme also add here, no pastor can understand your struggle as you do.
      Prayer is good but prayer without knowledge is total waste of time.
      Firstly take to STUDYing your Bible. Not just reading away but reading to know/understand who you are in Christ and His promises for you.
      e.g Eph 2:10. Check this out especially the down part
      When you've armed yourself with the Word you pray better and if you can speak in tongues, you can never go wrong in praying rightly.
      Take Ms Dee's testimony and commit yourself deeply to God's work. When you work in His vineyard faithfully, He will likewise yours.
      God is not a respecter of man nor age nor position.
      With faith you shall break the yoke of the enemy over your life.
      One last thing:Never give God an ultimatum, He is not your houseboy

  9. Dear you have 2 start speaking positive words 2 ur life. 4get about what ur challenges are now. And praise God in the midst of ur storm. You don't need 2run 2 churches, trust the work of christ on the cross 2 destroy whateva the wicked one has done. Go thru the bible and hold unto promises that speak 2 ur situation. Look around and pick up any teaching job no matter how small the pay is. Cos God will lift you up 4rm there. About a man he will definately find you. Finally dear nothing is wrong with you. You are loved

  10. Tanks all for ur wonderful advice and for telling me 2kip prayin,ur words lifted my spirit.I have also studied d bible verses given and even opened d doerstv for more knowledge of d word and its very inspiring. I pray dat we will all av testimonies to share in our lives and by d grace of God,I know I'll come back here to share my testimonies by God's grace.Thanks once again,am deeply humbled. POSTER

  11. Anonymous10/14/2014

    My dear,one thing I have to say,is for you to be always positive,think positively,sew a seed into ur life and pray,believe and what every u ask will come true,God is here,u need to have faith

  12. Anonymous10/14/2014

    My dear,one thing I have to say,is for you to be always positive,think positively,sew a seed into ur life and pray,believe and what every u ask will come true,God is here,u need to have faith

  13. Anonymous10/14/2014


  14. Anonymous10/14/2014


  15. Anonymous10/14/2014

    My dear,one thing I have to say,is for you to be always positive,think positively,sew a seed into ur life and pray,believe and what every u ask will come true,God is here,u need to have faith

  16. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Dear poster, please log on to He/She is an internet prayer coach who always advise christians to learn how to pray for themselves. If you can afford it register for his prayer academy and see results for yourself. Please stop running around looking for pastors to pray for you. Testimonies on that site will make your faith stronger and even if you don't have money for the academy just subscribe as he always send free prayer bullets. download the passion of christ its an ebook written by elishgoodman, its free of charge. I will suggest you also read the following newsletter by him: the g5 report, the 3 best days to pray and you will understand how you ought to pray and most especially targeted prayers. Don't get discouraged by the ongoings around you. Please and Please make the Bible your daily food. You will send Eya your testimony soonest. God bless you.

  17. ♡omalicious♡10/14/2014

    You can start a biz with 50k. I'm very serious. Send a mail to ask aunty Eya for verification this isn't a joke.

  18. ♡omalicious♡10/14/2014

    You can start a biz with 50k. I'm very serious. Send a mail to ask aunty Eya for verification this isn't a joke.

  19. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Poster, I'm vry sure u hd sent in a mesage smtym early dis month if I'm nt mistaken and ppl gave advices.
    Biko change location, beta stil go look for a small skl ard u to teach, rent a room and stay on ur own. Nobody is bewitching ur life, u nid to change ur mindset. If no work, go learn a trade(tailor, hairdreSsing, bead makin) etc.
    10yrs is a long tym to remain jobless. U cn ask ur siblings to loan u cash to open a kiosk. Jst do something don't stay on one spot pls. Look for volunteer job, jst get smting doing pls

    1. Dear poster... I must say ur story is very touching. Please donnot give up on God bcos he has not and will never giveup on u... Be strong be of good courage, its only for a while

  20. Anonymous10/14/2014

    To add to what I earlier wrote, In the words of elishagoodman " I you have a stubborn problem your number 1job is prayer, (2) prayer (3) prayer" "If you have not prayed your way to breakthrough you have not prayed enough" . There is nothing like too much prayer. I will still repeat please and please stop running around looking for pastors to pray for you or give you prophecies.

  21. Anonymous10/14/2014

    It is well with your soul. Please ask God to show you the secret of your life and solution to your problem the Holy Spirit will reveal all hidden things. Do this an seek him earnestly, feed on the word, chew it as the entrance of the word gives light. He said we should call on him and he will show us great and might things that we know not of. Also look for a living church where you will get fed with the word constantly. Deliverance is preached. I recommend Dunamis International Gospel Centre where the devil is a bastard and no matter how battered or scattered your life is God will rearrange it.Remain blessed

  22. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Unfortunately I am not on Nigerian soil, so I have no clue on how to tell you to proceed. One person left some practical advise on a wristband business, another said to study IT, both are excellent advice.

    Be honest with yourself, are you jealous in anyway about your siblings success? Any emotion of jealousy will block your own blessing from coming through. We are all humans,and we are all prone to negative emotions, if you are in any way, great or small, jealous at your siblings or mates you must push it out of you. Do not allow any negativity into you, be very conscious of your thoughts.

    If you don't have money to get anything started then you have to get work to bring in that money. Do you not have any relatives in a more prosperous area where you can relocate and seek work? Sometimes moving away changes the energy and open up new opportunities.

    The problem that you have is your lack of work experience. You are not a new graduate, and the area you have studied almost requires an advance degree to get a really good job. Chances are employers look at your lack of work experience as a negative, that means you have to sell yourself better in interviews and use your likeability as an asset. Have you done any workshop on setting up your cv in a modern way, and work on your interview skills? Even taking an administrative role in a company that is in some way connected to geology will get your foot into the door. Do not worry about getting a position in your field, even if it is reception take it, because once your foot is in the door you will then have the opportunity to apply for a better position.

    Hold on to God my dear, because it is only God who can make things change in the twinkling of an eye. Job faced worse that you have and never let go, so please do not. Fast and pray, pray without ceasing. Ask your parents to pray for you. Speak to them as you have spoken to us and let them know that you find your situation depressing and you need their continual prayers so that you can be uplifted. Ask you good friends to keep you in their prayers,and anybody you know who truly loves you, ask them to keep praying for you. Even my surgeon told me on a visit to pray for him, so do not ever feel proud to ask others to pray. As a woman, my heart aches for your pain, so I intend on saying some prayers for you, as I am sure many other readers will do the same.

    Finally, forgot about your brother and your gripe about his respect. He really does not have to respect you, he gets to choose who he respect. Further, he is his own man and has gone about his life, chances are you are the last person on his mind, as he is likely looking for a girlfriend. You have far way more important things to worry about than a disrespectful brother.

  23. Anonymous10/15/2014

    If you av friends or relatives that you can live with outside your immediate environment, I will advice you to move. My friend and I were having this same issues, no job, no relationship and we were both above 30. But after we both relocated, our stories change she makes snacks and does event decoration(which someone thought her for free in our new place) while I went into supply of sea food and other stuff. She is married to a brother she met in our new church and I am getting married to his best friend Dec 30th. Our lives changed for good in less than 3yrs. So, sister prayer fully change your environment!

  24. Smtin is wrong smwhr,u r nt doing smtin ryt,pls wen u pray back up ur prayers wth d word,it reminds GOD

  25. Anonymous10/16/2014

    Pray with the word. That is find bible passages that promises what you want and keep saying it to God in prayer
    Work for God. He is not a debtor, as a result of working for Him all that concerns you will be perfected.
    Praise God all the time. Do maranthon praise, the devil cannot stand the joyful person and God dwells in the praise of His children.
    God has revealed secrets to you, pray for solution to your problems.
    A change in environment will help you too. Learn a skill and stop complaining to people.
    I pray you return with testimonies

  26. Anonymous10/25/2014

    I advice you to change your location to avoid depression. Get a school or some thing to earn income. Keep on praying n trusting God n He surprise u. I was once in ur shoe, also a Geologist with Masters degree. I relocated, I got my self a room n was teaching in private school n trusting God. God took away my grief n am happily married with a beautiful daughter, my husband is doing wonderfully well at his place of work. God will wipe your tears too. Attend a living church n see God moves.

  27. Anonymous10/26/2014

    I will also advise dt u change ur location either to a friend or a relative's place and dis can be d beginning of ur breakthrough cos i wonder why ur parents are less concerned

  28. Anonymous11/09/2014

    Poster, please go to SCOAN. I personally know someone like you who had exactly the same problem and God used the man of God to deliver her and today she is married with a daughter. Don't mind what people say about the Man of God, see for yourself and let the spirit of God in you hello you to discern if it is true or not.

  29. Anonymous5/19/2015

    it is well


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