Low Cost Nigerian Tomato Stew

 I made a low cost lunch and decided to share with my online family that you dont always need large amounts of money in order to cook a sumptous meal.

rice/beans with tin-tomato stew(i would lay all emphasis on the stew)

ingredients for the stew.

tasty tom tomato paste (2 sachets)
garlic clove
ground crayfish
knorr chicken
canola oil


-wash fish and place the cleaned fish inside a pot, spice it up with salt, pepper, seasoning, little thyme.
-bring it to a boil but do not overcook the fish. separate the boiled fish from its stock.
-in a clean pan, fry the fish in oil. i prefer canola oil because it has omega 3 in it.
-in a clean bowls, slice your onions, garlic(used two pieces), pepper(you can manual blender because i want the pepper coarse)
-in a clean bowl, put the thick tomato paste,add the previously sliced onions into the paste and add water to this ensure its not too watery and too thick( sorry i couldnt take the picture)
-in your pot, add your oil, allow to heat up, then add the pepper. stir for a short while, then add the not too thick tomato and onion paste and stir.
-ensure the mixture doesnt burn by stirring at intervals and tasting to ensure the sour taste of the paste isnt evident.
-when the tomato paste is fried, add benny chicken spice and thyme and garlic.
-after a short while, add the fish stock and stir, add salt and if need be, add knorr seasoning, stir and cover the pot to cook.
-check to ensure it isnt burning and after a while, add the blended crayfish, stir and add your fried fish.
-3 to 5 minutes later, lunch is served.
-please try it and give us feedback.

as for the low cost, this is my analysis.

tasty tom tomato paste (2 sachets)       -N80
atarodo                                 -N50
garlic clove                            -N20
onions                                  -N50
ground crayfish                         -N50
knorr chicken                           -N20
fish(half kilo)                         -N250
thyme                                   -N20
salt                                            -N20
canola oil(Available in your kitchen)
TOTAL                                   -N560

was served with white rice and beans. it could be served with spaghetti, yam, anything... (p.s i have been trying to upload the pictures, but the network has decided to disappoint of all days sorry)


Nutritious pot of stew with fish

Boiling pot of stew before adding the fish

Fish for low cost stew


  1. When Chyy sends the pics, I'll upload please. I understand her cos Network these days eh?

  2. Anonymous10/14/2014

    aunty tasty tom is 30 naira in my place. abuja they chop una money ooh. meanwhile pls Gino sachet and tasty tom which one better past for stew? thanks

  3. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Tastytom is better for this stew because it has less acidic taste than gino

  4. Anonymous10/14/2014

    tasty tom all the way less acidic taste, cook ontime.

  5. Abeg any tomato past is ok for me. My own Na make I chop beleful.

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  6. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Lol@ alloy. For most men, anything goes

  7. Alloy my hubby category member.
    So far I made the food, hubby must chop and give plenty appreciation.
    Hunger no be man friend at all.

    Nice one sis. Never tried crayfish in recent times

  8. Lol. @anonymous 3:53pm and Debbie, Na true oooo! Men no get time, no time for wasting time, so long as the food has taste, in my school days, sometimes the food will be half done and we're already devouring it while still on fire. Sometimes the ingredient will not be complete and the food is good to go.

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  9. You have done really well. I add crayfish to my stew once in a year, d taste doesnt flatter me.

  10. PinkYberRy10/15/2014

    This is nice!! I don't really like crayfish stew, prefer it in jollof!!

  11. PinkYberRy10/15/2014

    This is nice!! I don't really like crayfish stew, prefer it in jollof!!


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