He Suspects His Wife Sends Money Home Which Is Not True, Please Help My Sister

Good day! I would like to be anonymous. I earlier posted my story on this blog which attracted meaningful advices from you and blog visitors.  This time I need your advice and that of blog visitors for my younger sister. She has been married for 2 years with a baby boy .

 Now the problem is her husband; the man is a business man and he is doing very well financially. After their wedding he made sure my sister stopped using her bank account , he in fact doesn't want her to be going to the bank for anything whatsoever.  He goes about telling people that God disappointed him by giving my sister to him as wife.

 My sister is currently doing her nysc and he told her to withdraw all her monthly allowance and give to him that he would add money to it and buy a new set of seat for their sitting room. My sister did that for the sake of peace. 

 Every now and then it is always money this money that. He suspects that she sends his money to her family which is not true,  cos our parents are not lacking. He said my sister does not give him change whenever he gives her money to buy food stuff and all that. 

 Just 3 days ago he beat the
hell out of her over a mere suspicion that she took money from their shop when he was not around. She has been on admission in the hospital up till now. Whenever his younger sister is around it is always war. He has properties which he doesn't want my sister to be aware of.  He used his brother as next of kin in all his banks . In fact a lot of things are just wrong. 

My sister is suffering because even with the money she is sad. What can she do? Please advice her  and am hoping she will see this because she reads this blog daily


  1. Anonymous10/27/2014

    Such a shame. Ejiro

    1. this is such a sad thing to read,but will advice she leave because abuse is involved,no man should ever make a woman feel less,please visit my blog and help a lot of people in need of advise http://lisaokojie.blogspot.com/

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  2. Anonymous10/27/2014

    Was this an arranged marriage, or she saw the man's money and accomplishment and just ran in with closed eyes? It is hard for me to believe she courted him and did not know his money was the first love of his life, and his sole reason for living. A man who loves and worships his money is not a man who needs a wife. His money will bring him greater joy than any woman can, his money is the law under which he lives, not God or the law of the land. This woman is paying a hefty price for choosing the wrong man to marry.

    I am not sure what advise can be given except your sister ask for a divorce and take her child and go. If the beatings have started they will not stop, her life should be your family's greatest concern, so talk to her and let her know you will receive her and encourage her to leave.

  3. How did your sis and her hubby meet? Is it that she got pregnant and had to marry him and he feels he was kind of "forced to marry someone out of choice". She married him and will have to try different techniques to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. This man must really hate her for nominating his brother as a next of kin when he has a wife and son. There is more to this story.

    For him to beat her up until she was hospitalised is not a good sign at all. I hope this will not cost her life.

    TO ALL WOMEN: NEVER let a man or anyone stop you from earning money (always save for d rainy day). Anything can happen (God forbid)- the man dies n u and your kids are left wit nothing, he can loose his job and all sorts.

  4. This is mind boggling! How did she end up with such a man? Let's start from there first. What's the foundation of their coming together as husband & wife?

    At this juncture, I suggest a family meeting should be called and the man warned never to touch your sister again. What's your family doing sef? If you people don't talk now, it's her dead body that will be sent home (I say GOD FORBID!).

    I hope he's not been controlled spiritually? How a man can love money like this is something else!

    1. Anonymous10/28/2014

      Warning? It doesn't work. Dey warned my ex husband in a family meeting. He pretended for 2 months, continued later. Abuse rarely changes. If dey like warn from now till next year. Her solution is divorce if not he will drain d life from her

    2. Anonymous10/30/2014

      Anon 8:28 hope you are divorced too o?

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  6. Anonymous10/28/2014

    Just as was told by anonymous, it doesn't stop! Why stay on to experience HELL on earth whn u can hav better peace as a single mom? Why do women always tink it's all about marriage or notin else? We often times seek advice or solution to problems dat we already hav solutions to ,my dear ur sister knows better, no amount of advice or warning frm family or friends wld save her not till she's ready to save herself.

  7. Anonymous10/28/2014

    Your sister should separate from her husband for a while, its obvious it is a loveless marriage, let her work on her self esteem and start doing something to earn her own money. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured.

  8. Ha! What's all this sef? Dear poster you people had better take your sister from that abusive environment. He takes her allowance from her. Doesn't want her to own an account. He beats her. Abegooo

  9. Anonymous10/28/2014

    Slavery of the highedt order. crying.............Please take her away from there forcefully if she does not want to leave

  10. When I first read this yesterday, my hands were so heavy to type. They needed the man's face for a mind - resetting slap.
    Many people here get better sense and ask the right questions like How did they meet.
    Some kain stories dey make me vex. And I attribute some of this things to some of our ladies not being able to work on themselves, build real confidence and be empowered. Some mistakes can be avoided but when the mess is facing you, don't wait to be a grave material before you can heed your right senses.
    Let her separate from the man ASAP even if na garri she see soak, it's better than eating party jollof rice with an incarnate.
    She has played the good wife enough, it's time for her to find her sanity.
    I haf vex now

  11. Let me add that as much as it's good to have something doing, when a beast denies you from earning money even if you get pushed out or decides to save your life for your kid (s) you can always rise to the top. The question is How industrious and willing are you?

  12. Anonymous10/28/2014

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous10/28/2014

      I feel like raining fire on your fingers now.
      Jobless mofo

  13. Please take her away from there without wasting any more time. Pls visit www.alabekee.blogspot.com

  14. Anonymous10/29/2014

    And she is still there because? Love MBA. Money No way. Companionship zero. Beating yes. Intimidation yeah. And she is still there. Oriegwu. This one does not require divorce. Just run to your parents one day without prior warning. And stay there. Mtsheeew. Its one child. You can survive. To hell with that man. You do have a son for him after all. He will regret all of this.

    Don't sit put and think he will change. The only thing that can inspire some change is your absence. If at all.

  15. Anonymous10/31/2014

    Na wa oooo


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