Easy Pan Grilled Fish Dinner

Pan grilled fish with rice and vegetables
 While posting Omalicha serendipity dinner, the plate of served food got me craving. That evening, I tried to fix one for myself with only ingredients at home. I told myself that "if it turns out not tasting good, I'll just keep it to myself" Initially, there was no plan to share this here but the taste won't let me forget. It turned out much more delicious than I'd expected, dinner that was meant to be for me alone became general dinner, more forks and spoons appeared to take from my one serving and we so rushed it. Would have posted this the following day sef but slow connection wahala.

Would have loved to add shrimps but the cost of those seafood in Abuja can be annoying some times.

Ingredients I Used:

Washed croaker fish rubbed with garlic ginger sauce and pepper sauce beginning to
grill in a pan

Pan is covered to trap in heat and cook fish well

 Fish flipped with two spatula, one at the tail and the other at the head. Fish head is flipped too and pressed down

 Yeah, haven't dumped my old fry pan, cabbage, onion and seasoning sautee while fish cooks

 In place of tomato paste I tried ketchup to see how it turns out 

 This is all the quantity of ketchup added, not much at all. Cooked fish was taken out before adding this ketchup

 Adding half a glass of water to make sauce for my boiled rice. After adding water, I tasted, checked and added some salt

 Flipping vegetables with a spatula to avoid crushing the cooked fish head

Dinner is served

 Delicious Nutritious dinner. I'm a good copier and think it's very close to the serendipity dinner.
This tasty meal was quite fast and easy to make.


  1. Lol @ "good copier"
    I need to try this.

  2. I am so motivated t try this aswell. Weekend it is.
    Aunty Eya, visit your girls blog and show some love na #covers face


  3. Anonymous10/09/2014

    Linda Ikeji's blog shut down

  4. Wow Aunty Eya dis is so sumptious. Am a first timer here o. Been a silent reader since last year sha. Glad to join d wc family.

  5. Anonymous10/11/2014

    Hello Ma, please what leaves can we use for dressing food here like how oyibo use parsley leaves? Or is there a local name for parsley leaves here? Thanks

  6. @ Anon,parsley, coriander and all others are sold here na. They are labelled so you don't need to look for local names.

  7. Anonymous10/12/2014

    I guess they are available in shoprite them them be that....not market market lool. Thank you so much for replying.

  8. ♡omalicious♡10/13/2014

    Food of life. This is d real serendipity jare.

  9. Anonymous11/19/2014

    How did u do d garlic nd ginger sauce I dnt understand


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