This Conversation Has Lasted 5 Days, Can You Please Help With Advise?

Beebe sent a blank mail to me with a title "Can I talk to you?"

Eya: Hi Beebe, it's only your name showing. No mail included.

Beebe: Can I talk to you ma?

Eya: Yes you can. ALL EARS

Beebe: Am in serious trouble and all I can think of is to run away cos I don't even understand myself. My life is complicated dnt even know where 2 start from cos am screwed and...sad

Eya: How is it complicated, are you sick, homeless or what?

Beebe: Don't just know where to start from am not sick or homeless....where do I start name is (real name witheld by Eya) ,yoruba,20yrs old guess am ruinned now, went to yct{yabatech dint know what happened, I dint further and was collecting my school fees and other stuff, later went for pre degree @aaua{adekunle ajasin)  on getting there, I don't know what happened, didn't pay my School fees though it was given tome. I did the post UTME, did not pass though I didn't have interest in going 2 skull have always wanted 2 be a fashion designer. can't tell my parents all dis cos they are only interested in school and choosing a lyf that I dont want. Now dat I am ruined dont know what 2 do or who 2 talk 2.

Can't tell my parents anytin my dad wld mke my life miserable am down dnt know what 2 do am finished my mum has been the one sponsoring I and my siblings through skull and everytin just feel useless cos when my mum would get 2 knw the truth dont just know. Guess I already spoilt tins Living a fake lyf.

Eya: Yes dear, you were living a lie. They will expect you to graduate and that is when you'd be exposed. Can I post for advise cos this is really overwhelming.

Beebe:My dad wld soon get to knw and I cnt jst face it jst feel lyk comittimg sucide.Please could you hide my identity.Thank you ma

Eya: Yes, your parents will
surely get to know and feel disappointed in you but that's not the end of life. They won't shoot you. You are not interested in Schooling like you say, I think you should go confess now before they find out on their own. I'll hide your identity and I know you have failed your parents and yourself but I also read some where that you can start a new career even at 40 so it's not late. This thing is like decayed fish, you can no longer hide it so maybe you confess to your mum first in front of her very close friend or relative before deciding together on how to approach your dad or do what they advise.

Beebe: Ok ma guess dats what I wld do bt it wount be eazy cos my parents have this mentality dat 1 must be educated wat will I do to convince dem?  


  1. Anonymous9/15/2014

    poster you are not a good girl. if u dnt want to go to school, collecting and spending fees is nt the solution. see what brazillian hair can cause. confess immediately.

  2. Anonymous9/15/2014

    Chai!!! My dear pls talk to ur mum first.

  3. Please what did she do with the fees? She needs to be ready to pay back and set herself up.

  4. Anonymous9/16/2014

    call a good aunty or uncle of yours that you are close to and is also close to your parents. tell them what you have done. stay in their house while they go and talk to your parents. because if you're there when your parents get the news, ile a ga ju e lo. (ie the floor will be higher than you)

  5. Hello everyone.

    Something similar happened to someone I know. she was in Lag. she did Diploma like 3times or so. she didn't pass but kept collecting money from home(that's what I heard) eventually she couldn't continue with the lie. She came out clean. not only did her aunty send her back to school, she assisted her all through (private uni things).
    My advice:-
    no 1) though it might be hard but go to your parents and open up. maybe to your mum first as she is the one paying your tuition. let her decide how u will tell ur dad.

    no 2) be ready to bear whatever it is they will do to you. c my dear, they are your parents and THEY WONT KILL YOU. they will be disappointed no doubt but that's better than u killing urself biko ( hell is real and that burning furnace is no beans). so ITS A NO NO TO SUICIDE Biko.

    no 3) see let's be realistic......wanting to be a fashion designer shouldn't stop you from going to school. The way this country is going ehn, if u are not educated no show ooo. I know there are exceptions but at the sametime the few exceptions I'm sure have one certificate or the other to there name.
    try get an education even if you won't work with it eventually. when u eventually start your fashion stuff, ur education will give you an upper edge.


    NB:- pls where is Alloy?

    1. Thanks, poster please go with Ayo's advice.
      Not trying to blame you ooh, but pls what were you doing with the fees eeh? Knowing your mums effort...
      The Deed has been done, you can stary all over again. E-hugs to U

  6. I forgot to add, as good as calling an aunty or uncle sounds u should be careful. if you have to let it be someone WELL TRUSTED cos ur parents might not want to wash their dirty linens in public.
    Speak to your siblings first and let them advice you and like I said earlier, ASK GOD FOR WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.
    Wish you the very best and Oluwa is ur muscle as you come clean. Fake life living would get you nowhere darling so PLS do d needful.

  7. Anonymous9/16/2014

    go n marry.

  8. Anonymous9/16/2014

    I am living proof dat u can survive if u come clean. In 2003 i had a fake admission at Absu i didnt knw until 2005 but i had a gud friend who is my hubby 2day dat helped me talk 2 my mum den my mum took d issue 2 my dad. He didnt say a word buh i knew he

  9. In a Dilemma9/17/2014

    Ma pls help mi post this one and hide my Identity, I love this blog so much. Ma am in school my Uncle,Parents and frnds helping me in school thinks am study Microbiology but I studied Edu Administration and planning am a graduate Now yet nobody knows about it am going for Service Nov. What do I do am confuse.

  10. Anonymous9/17/2014

    Pls can someone tell me how to remove broken toothpick from my molar teeth, its hurting me badly,any useful tips

    1. Use a strip of dental floss to drag it out.

    2. Use a strip of dental floss to drag it out.

    3. Anonymous9/19/2014

      Thanks a lot, but where can I get it to buy

  11. First of all.. Where did u kept all the money u've been collecting from ur mum all this while..

    Furthermore.. Be courageous to work up to ur mum n tell her the truth, because if u dnt now, u will be exposed soonest.. And if u are exposed u will do wat u shouldnt hav done.. Follow Ayo's advice also.. #Anonymoust 2 to my post.. I dnt understand ur English @ all.. Did i hear u say u are a graduate? #SMH

  12. Anonymous9/18/2014

    Wicked,thotless child. I'm not being judgemental but I'm so angry. U have done ur deed now ure looking for advice? Seriously? And not just once u kept on collecting money and eating it and ur conscience didn't prick u. The only reason why ure afraid is because of ur parents reaction,not what u did. I don't have any advice for u. Let those that have advice, advise u.

  13. Anonymous9/22/2014

    Your are not a wicked thoughtless child. Please disregard that post. I applaud you for seeking guidance. Though they always mean well sometimes set expeditions that are not in alignment with you we are. Confess to them. They love you. Everyone makes mistakes. Let he without sin cast the first stone. All the best to you.


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