Quick Cook Jollof Pasta With Beans, Corned Beef


A beautiful serving of jollof pasta looking as delicious as it tastes.
 This my signature pasta, please don'tb get bored. I'm trying to like other shapes but this still tastes and feels better for me. I never enjoyed the ones with a hollow middle. This dish was so rushed that I think I shocked myself. Everyone that ate, asked for extra. We have cooked pasta a lot of times in the past but this, I mean, this particular pot turned out tasty beyond expectation. It cooked in 8 minutes but I allowed one more minute before turning off the heat.



  • Pasta 2 packs
  • soya oil
  • pepper sauce
  • Seasoning cubes (4 chicken cubes)
  • Salt
  • Corned beef
  • baked beans
  • Kidney beans
  • Tomato paste (1 small can)
  • Jollof rice seasoning (1table spoon or as much as you like). The jollof sipce has some seasoning in there so be careful with quantity
  • Water


This picture was taken after I had fried the onion, 2 cubes seasoning and pepper. Here I added water (no stock at home), a little thyme before remembering the camera.

The pot covered and allowed to boil before pouring in the two packs of macaroni. That's the baked beans, jollof rice spice, corned beef and kidney beans, the little tomato paste has already been fried with onions.

The pasta is stirred, remaining two seasoning cubes added, checked for salt before covering the lid

It cooks in less than 10 minutes and ready for the extra additions

Baked beans is added here

Red Kidney beans is added. Would have loved to sparingly add some greens here but there was none at home. A lil green peas would have been ok, but not that over cooked type o.

Stir the pot gently

Add corned beef. It's better to add the corned beef along with the beans to avoid over stirring the cooked pasta

Enjoy hot delicious pasta with a glass of luke-warm water

Yummy jollof macaroni like never before, lolz

Another serving of delicious quick cook macaroni

Enjoy pasta served hot. One long throat child asked for more corned beef in her plate reason I added this uncooked portion.

If you know what baked beans does to jollof whether pasta or Jollof rice, you'd stock your kitchen with more baked beans in tomato sauce. I prefer Heinz (Not an ad pls) If you can get raw ingredients (beans) and boil yourself, better and healthier. Here I did emergency cooking, lol.
Cook, enjoy,
spend less time in the kitchen.


  1. Aunt Eya the great! If u knw how much I've learned to formulate food eh! I tnk u for this blog. Pls kindly visit my blog and pls drop ur comments.

  2. Looks really YUM!!!

  3. Thanks Cyndy, I will do that.
    @Dobby, thanks sis.

  4. Anonymous9/11/2014

    Yummy yummy yum. Its gonna make me fat. Pls visit www.thenowandasforum.blogspot.com

  5. teekay9/11/2014

    looks delish.....i'll try it on one of my cheat days.

  6. Oh how I love this meal. Dinner it is.

  7. Anonymous9/11/2014

    Am salivating oh.i want small.lool

  8. Lindodo9/11/2014

    Anon 10:27, make you fat? sure you eat this everyday in your house.

  9. Can't wait to make this for dinner . Thank you ma

  10. greedy goat9/16/2014

    the pasta you have used is called fusili, not macaroni.

  11. Anonymous11/16/2014

    sorry I still be fresher as a guy

    please when cooking with those beans, green pea, corn etc. do you add them with the liquid or sieve the liquid out and add the vegetables. or sieve and wash with water before serving


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