First Time Mum: Has Anyone Been In This Situation?

 I must say that I have learnt a lot from wives connection blog though I never knew a day would come when I'll have to write in for help...

Am a first time mum,had my baby ten days ago and I had a little tear which the doctor said didn't need to be stitched,its painful like crazy and am so scared even after d normal everyday hot water massage

Initially I couldn't

walk well and sit on hard surface, but now I can even though  I still feel pain,pls has anyone been in dis situation....what do I use or apply on d area?will it affect my sex life?how long will it take to heal up?

Anty eya pls dis is urgent,can't think of anything else

God bless u.......amen


  1. Anonymous9/14/2014

    How about sitz bath
    hot water, add salt and detol and allow the steam to hit your vagina.


  2. It won't affect ur sex life infact it will even improve ur sex life,I'm a living witness,just make sure u abide by what the doc told u. Sit on a wooden chair,be doing kegel exercise and don't have sex yet,goodluck

  3. I had the exact or even worse with my first delivery. Mine was an episiotomy plus a 3rd degree tear. I was stitched up in theatre and discharged the next day. On getting home it hurt like hell, I couldnt laugh, cough or sneeze coz I felt excruciating pain.
    The midwife had a look below on getting home n found all d stitches had opened up, she rang d hospital 4 advice and they informed her it cannot b re stitched however it will heal with no problems. Within 2-3 weeks I had completely healed but I did d salt/dettol water steam (do not seat in please). I was advised to keep d area dry at all times, when I went to wee to use water not tissue and pat dry with towel. Kegels also helped. It was tough as having to look after a baby was all new to me, then to look after myself and also being in pain just made me really tearful. Use pain killers to ease the pain please. After about 1 month to six weeks u will b back to ur old self below. DO LOTS OF KEGELS EVERYDAY, they are important.

  4. Anonymous9/15/2014

    I'm still asking o, who can give me the Abacha and Fio Fio receipe the enugu way

    1. It's like you know my exact craving. Boil d fio fio preferably in pressure cooker cos it takes forever to get done. Or if you are going to use put add potash(akanwu) pound onion and pepper. Soak the abacha. When d fio fio is done. Drain d water then add red oil to a pot, steambfor about 2 min add ur pounded pepper and extra diced onion, I can pound ur fio fio a bit so it can be a bit mashed. Then add fio fio and abacha and salt. Stir fry with low heat. Leave for about 5_10 min......I intentionally said pound d pepper nd onion cos blending might involve water . Except u can blend them dry. Bon apetite!!

    2. Anonymous9/16/2014

      you can also fry dry whole peppers nd add to it with tiny fingerling dry fish and weewee. If u like variety .lol chigo u try.

  5. Anonymous9/15/2014

    it will heal but the sensation is not fun. see if you can find a good cooling pad to wear for now

  6. Anonymous9/15/2014

    Dear poster that's normal continue using lukewarm water with dettol and it will heal

  7. Anonymous9/15/2014

    i dnt knw hw 2 put dis 4 pple to help me, my bf rape me n now he want me 2 marry him he has bn beggin me wht should i do

    1. Anonymous9/17/2014

      Do u like d fact dt he raped u? If u do dn marry him cos he wld so rape u, once a rape always a rape! My dear run away, cos God's will for u is nt to marry a rapist! Shikina!

    2. Anonymous9/29/2014

      It hurts me when women do not place great value on themselves. I do not judge you but if only you know how precious God sees you,you will know better than to demean yourself. He has committed a sin against you which he probably justified by thinking he owns you. What if hw now owns you through marriage, what happens then. Beating on top of the rape? Wake up. Also marriage itself is very challenging and sometimes you don't even want to be intimate with your husband due to one reason or another, what happens then?another rape?
      Have you been brainwashed to think you can't get someone else. Biko,reject his proposal except if he repent massively evidenced by pastor and his family begging you plus tangible evidence that it will never happen again come rain or shine.

  8. Anonymous9/18/2014

    Anon 8:12 PM seriously you were raped and you are still asking that question.

    Ok oh, it is well with you.

  9. Anonymous9/19/2014

    Thanks chigo and anon!

  10. Anonymous9/29/2014

    For the next 2 months, don't joke with your painkillers. Use the one prescribed at the hospital. Do kegel exercises(check Google), avoid intercourse, sit on salted dettol water. When you want to use the toilet for the big one, take a warm compress and place it on your private part while you do the deed; this helps greatly especially when you have harmerroids. Change your pads often so you don't have to sit on dry pads,drink lots of water. Biko, get someone to give you hot water massage, all the best.

  11. Anonymous11/06/2014

    Good day Aunty Eya, I had my first baby in the month of August and I noticed an opening at the back of her head though not as big as the one in front and i was told its MBAWA ISI that's what the Ibo's I have used agbo but it's not closing up as expected pls what else can I do?



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