Fashion Designer? Workers Needed Urgently

Hello good people of wives connection,
Good morning and happy new week
Please I have a problem, I recently just opened a fashion house but I have been having problems with tailors . It's like they all have a generational curse (sorry to say this) . I pay well but none of them ever stays more than a month. My friends in the business are also complaining about the same thing saying tailors are never serious or responsible .

I have thrown my problems to this blog about three times in the past and I always got solutions here. So please if there's any one out there who knows a very good tailor that would be ready to sit down and work please help me with their contacts. If you need mine please just comment below and I would drop it for you .
I have invested so much in this business and I can't afford to be looking and my machine chairs empty with no serious worker on them.

Please help . Today is monday and nobody is at work, Monday that is to be taken seriously . I have 6 workers and
only one is present right now 12pm? Abeg, biko, ejo, Helppppppppppppppp a sister not to regret going into this business ! 

Please my women of wives connection , I live in Lagos , I can even provide accommodation for tailors . Please help my business !
Thanks sisters! God bless us all and may we not be stoned by frustration !


  1. OK, posting now. From experience and what I see happening in recent times, I won't advise anyone to invest in any of these kinds of businesses like hair dressing Salons, sewing, fashion designing, and a host of other businesses if you the owner do not have the knowledge and skills needed to render that service.

    I have a small supermarket I always visit cos of proximity and I notice that the sales attendants don't last long, it's like at every visit I meet new faces and sometimes I feel sorry for whoever is the owner of this supermarket cos the attitude of these sales boys and girls suck. They never encourage any customer to return. They answer to enquiries with frowning faces. They are not welcoming, reluctant to look for change and very slow when packing sold items.

    I keep wondering why they are like that, but, when the shop owner is around, they are cheerful and different. In recent times, It's like no one is ready to help another grow and succeed. Younger people are too eager to become the 'oga' or 'madam' incharge even without the basic skills and requirements. I wish you also learnt a little of what you are investing in so that people don't frustrate you. Come to think of it, even if you know the job, there's no way you can do everything all by yourself.

    Another big challenge is eye service by staff, when you are not there, very little or nothing is done. You must supervise with your last drop of blood to get staff to do the job they are paid for which shouldn't be. Most people now want to get paid for services not rendered, only interested in getting that allowance at month end but not in earning it with a satisfactory performance.

    Dear poster, may God help you find committed tailors cos it's almost like an epidermic with employees. You are ready to pay, while staff don't care that they are inept and incompetent. Again, maybe you only threaten without firing. If job is not satisfactorily done, FIRE, rather than let the tailors pull down your business.
    I shouldn't forget you the business owner in this matter; How you treat your staff matters a lot. Do you talk to them like they are less human? Do you address them with respect? How is your reward system? The ones who try to work hard, is there any form of encouragement? Sorry to ask but,Do you treat your staff like slaves? Do you pay them promptly or when you like? Do you give them what they can't find elsewhere? Do you turn them into domestic servants rather than let them focus on what they are employed to do? Please try to find out what you need to do differently when you get new tailors. It's well.
    Tailors abeg, make una apply and help this new business grow.

  2. Anonymous9/08/2014

    I believe the madams should make the tailors feel like they have a part in the business. if you pay their salary and then collect all the money made, they don't have to try hard. there are two things to think about. one, are you in a good location? they may be running away because there is no business. try to find more work to keep them occupied. 2) give them a share of what they make. pay salary and maybe give them 5 or 7% of each sale. if the business does well, they do well.

  3. Anonymous9/08/2014

    i need this job, jst that am not in lagos and i just finished learning. I beliv i can still help.

    1. Anonymous9/09/2014

      What state are you in? Please drop your contact. Thanks

  4. Anonymous9/09/2014

    I would have recommended my tailor,but she's a boss too with 3 other girls under her tutelage....I pray you get some serious ones soon...


  5. Eya it is two ways o! Some madams and ogas are terrible while some employees kwanu are wicked. My sales girl said she needed a dvd in the shop amongst other things to make her comfortable. I provided all even though hubby was skeptical about it. I said let her have them so that she wont b sleeping in the shop. I give her money always aside her salary which i pay as at when due. I take and treat her like my daughter. I cant even count all i've given to her mother and siblings. What do i get in return, this girl steals my wares. I took stock last week and told her to pay for the missing amount . She brought some last weekend, but till this night she didnt bring the balance, i couldnt continue to b a fool so i deducted it from her salary. Tired of bn taken for a ride. If she continues this, i'll just drop her. No time for nonsense jare!

  6. Most young people of today especially in Lagos are not prepared to work. All they want is to be paid salary and allowed to steal from you. It's too bad. In the east you may be lucky but in Lagos, they all want to live like wizkid and so not knowing that they have to put in the work

  7. Anonymous9/10/2014

    I have a tailor who wont made applying for she is new in town and jobless. I can connect her to u if u are interested and wc part are u residing.

  8. Anonymous9/10/2014

    Lets have your Email address to enable applicant send their information to you.

  9. Anonymous9/10/2014

    i stay in imo state, owerri to be precised.

  10. My advise is for you to source for tailors from Ghana, Benin, Mali etc. There you would get better experienced tailors who are ready to work, better since you have accommodation.

  11. Anonymous12/03/2014

    Goodday ma, my name is David, am a fashion designer I can handle men wears very well and have little idea on women wears, here is my number: 08098478794 or 08071717992, hoping to here from u, ma. Tnk u

  12. Hello ma'am, i live in lag and also make good clothes. You can contact me on bbm:5600B2E5

  13. Anonymous10/10/2016

    Good day madam,my name is Cindy. I just came across this post today and am wud like to know if you are still interested in finding a tailor. Am a fashion designer and I make both male and female wears and am currently searching for a good place to work and I need accomodation also. Contact me on 07019675877

  14. Anonymous7/23/2017

    Good morning everyone, I actually just stumbled upon this,and I am also going through such similar bad experience as a fashion entrepreneur. I also have a fashion house which I started sometimes last year, I've also got experience on the job but can't do it all alone. Presently I'm in need of headers and tailors from Mali or Benin or Senegal but don't have their contact. I would appreciate any help, this is my contact 08180667665 also there is accommodation. Thanks

  15. I also meed good tailors from Senegal or Mali for female outfits, in Lagos. I have accommodation.


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