Ingredients For My Made In Nigeria Beef Burger And Hot Dog

A simple burger being prepared without cheese cos the eater does not like cheese
 Like I promised earlier today to post ingredients for my Naija Burgers and very delicious Super Hot dog. Not really mine cos I don't eat but the kids love them and make by themselves. Was preparing to post this evening without pictures when I saw one of the girls struggling in the kitchen to make one for herself. I had to get the camera.
For how to make this beef burger, there is nothing much, it's just getting the veggies ready, your beef, chicken, lamb, ham or whatever meat you want to use grilled, your bun warmed to soften.

Ingredients for My Burger

  • Burger bun
  • burger beef, chicken, lamb or...
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Cheese
  • Onion
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cream

A simple burger, balanced and nutritious
Naija burger in action.
Yes, calories in mayonnaise and cream. Well, the kids are still growing and they burn them fast.
Enjoy yourself while I cook delicious groundnut afang soup with some yummy  crunchy snails and  catfish pepper soup for dessert! Yeah dessert:)

My Made in Nigeria beef burger

A cooked hot dog garnished with mustard.
For my hot dog, the ingredients are a bun, mustard, ketchup, sausage; chicken franks or frankfurt and a bread knife.
Enjoy and save big!


  1. Anonymous8/20/2014

    Nice one ma.

  2. Anonymous8/20/2014

    Aunty Eya love d burger. The feed bk of wat d court says about d divorce. I hope u all remember my story about my boo maltreating me cus of his girl friend, i said he took d case to his village in anambra for divorce ..That he has pregnated someone that came from a rich home, he also said he said he cant marry me again cus i am not his level dat i came from a poor family. The guy i suffered with for years divorced me cus of a lady that came from a wealthy family. And God really blessed us too when i was with him.Hope u all remember. Now d court has giving him wat he want and d court asked him to give me just 300k excluding my properties.And my belongings are still in his house. I really stood by this guy. God sees my heart. Very sad

    1. Hei ya,its a pity. Just try and appeal to him or his new wife to allow you collect your property from his house. I know it's difficult but if you do it by force you may lose more in the process. It's not easy but don't give up hope, joy will surely come for you in the morning like the bible says

  3. Anonymous8/20/2014

    Nice snack bt ll kip d creams
    @ anon,pls tak heart & move on wit ur lyf as its nt d end;b prayerful & av smtin @ hand 2 do so dat it ll tak ur mind off tins,dnt let bad blod flow in u let ur mind b clear 2wds hm & d Lord ll do wat is right 4 u,its well.

  4. This is lovely

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