How To Grill Delicious Finger Licking Chicken Wings

Grilled chicken wings still in the heat begging to be served.
 I tried not to publish this because there is a post on grilled chicken, fish already making waves but the taste won't let me hoard. So I'm sharing.
Fresh Red Pepper
Seasoning cubes
Grand oil
If you have all these at home, then your grilled chicken is ready. Without a grill pan, one can still do with
Grilling in a fry pan. The taste can get you addicted to grilled chicken wings. Be careful with the heat. cooks better in low to medium heat.

This time I blended cos the first post was with manually pounded ingredients. The result is the same unlike the egg plant sauce that turned black after blending. For these ones, both blending and pounding give the same result.
Blended garlic, ginger, Seasoning Cubes and onion with some oil added AFTER blending

Garlic ginger sauce being rubbed into the chicken wings with my yummy pepper sauce

Tried to grill withn the nkitchen barbecue but it disappointed so my yummies are being transfered to a grill pan for further action

Well seasoned chicken wings enjoying the heat

More sauce is brushed on the wings as they begin to cook

Brown side is flipped but refuses to just lie there and cook properly. The heat affects these and there's no way I can make them lie flat so I'm here thinking of how to cook both sides brown when one side has comfortably put knees and head down with a raised stomach:)

Grill pan is covered to see if that will help cook and brown both sides, that doesn't help so the solution is to get a cleaver and do the cutting on the joints, lol

Searching for a cleaver to cut off the stiff joints and force relaxation
Successful cutting through the joints as the tiny pieces all lie comfortably and grill to delizio

These wings were so rushed that I couldn't serve with anything so I just put this bun and vegetables to snap 5 star pictures. I still ate this as my dinner anyway. The bun was buttered before eating o. Did I enjoy this dinner? YES!but not my kind of dinner.

Well grilled chicken wings

Pieces of grilled wings have started to disappear

The garlic, ginger and onion sauce looks like this without oil. The taste and smell is not garlicky at all. Has anyone tried it?
I posted Irish potato porridge yesterday without a written recipe. Will complete that today please.


  1. Wow, Aunty Eya, thanks for the grilled chicken . I tried it and now hubby wants me to make them daily. He cannot get enough and I love the taste. No more suya outings. Thanks. Osheeee

    1. Wow Becky, Thanks for the feedback

  2. PriscoBest8/27/2014

    So yummy will try it this weekend.

  3. Rebecca8/27/2014

    Eya nice work. Pls how much can I get grill pan?

    1. Thanks Rebecca . What size?

    2. Rebecca8/31/2014

      Medium size

    3. Rebecca9/04/2014

      Eya answer me naaaaa

    4. I did answer you Becky. What size?

    5. Rebecca9/07/2014

      Just like urs. How much?

  4. Modupe8/28/2014

    Job well done anty Eya. Buh didn't read about the chicken being marinated before grilling. I doubt if those seasoning will penetrate well.

    1. Thanks Modupe. Surprisingly they did penetrate very well. Even the tender bones were penetrated

  5. Hmmmmmmm! Looking at those pictures already got me salivating, I will try it out this weekend, because I love chickens a lot

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  6. Hehehe anty Eya it's nt fair ohh and u didn't invite me to come and eat this chicken , Haba dia is God ohhhh

    1. Hehehe, this was before you joined us o.
      Welcome to Abuja! !@

  7. I don't think oil should be added to this recipe.... Poultry already has its own fats n oils that will come out during the grilling process..

    Marinating particularly helps if you are using other cuts of commercial frozen chicken....

    Again my two cents!

  8. Anonymous11/19/2014

    I dnt understnd, the garlic and ginger did you fry it? And u didn't add salt?

  9. No I didn't fry. I added oil just like that. After adding much seasoning ncubes and checking, the taste was just right that's why I didn't add salt. I think Nigerian seasoning cubes are already very salty.

  10. Anonymous12/03/2014

    Aunty Eya, pls was d grill pan placed on a burner or where?


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