Hot Dog Burger By My Creative Daughter

Hot dog burger
 Hot dog burger? Yes. Burger meat in a hot dog bun. I don't know if there is any food like that o. I call it the name it's maker called. Holiday is here with a full house, drama and the girls creating their 'any how' recipes to show me they too can cook.

This morning, the four girls were told that there were only 3 burger buns left in the refrigerator, they agreed to share those among the four of them. How they wanted to do it, I didn't know. The Four burget meats were roasted.

Fortunately and unfortunately for the first three, their youngest sister opted out that she wasn't interested in burgers, would rather eat over night eba. The three happily relaxed and said since they didn't have to share, eating shouln't be at the same time. Two young ladies went to the kitchen and made theirs. I had instructed that OYO was the word, "every man to his own, remember to wash after you". so, no one called me.

The last girl who opted out later saw her two sisters munching, silently regretted her earlier decision and also silently entered the kitchen and made the last burger for herself. Come and see confusion. I could not setlle the matter cos the cry from her cheated sister was too much while she continued to bite and chew and justify her action claiming that "it was left uncovered as if no one wanted it".

My poor crying girl felt so cheated by her baby sis who initially said she wasn't interested. She wiped her tears, enterd the kitchen to fix another breakfast for herself. Next is we see her coming out with this yummiliciousness on a plate.

Says she entered the kitchen, saw the hot dog bread and thought of how to still enjoy her burger in a different way.

  1. The hot dog bread is cut in half
  2. The round burger meat is cut in three and placed along the hot dog bread same way it is done on a burger bun but this time in an elongated form. She added all the ingredints she would have added to her burger and here it is, food is ready. I called it genius. She still got same great taste except that this shape is not round.

    When she dropped this on the table with an apple beside, I was impressed and begged to take pics and share with you guys. She then said she'll call it hot dog burger. *She is one of the the very domestic two among the girls. The lil one that ate her breakfast is domestic too.
  3. Kudos to her!

Hot dog burger by Margaret Mary my girl
Yummy hot dog burgers. We can see all her ingredients, I don't think I need to list them out.
Margaret Mary's hot dog burger
 She later made some chinchin, funny dough nuts and sausage rolls which I'll find time to share.
making her plantain chips. She just loves to cook just like mummy.


  1. Anonymous8/02/2014

    Goodmorning wc, av been posted to plateau state for my nysc orientation camp, hubby insists I go wit our 1yr daughter or I leave his house,, he said his reason is dat seeing d baby they will redeploy me back to lagos, can't I achieve dat wit my marriage cert?? Don't wanna expose my baby to danger, Wat do I do wc and aunty Eya?

    1. My dear sister u don't even hv any problem,according to NYSC rules u hv to submit ur marriage certificate to ur school for u to be posted where ur hubby lives and if u didn't cos u want to go and enjoy ur self another place living ur family behind na u sabi,but if u did not know while in school then u can be redeployed but u have to stay there for the camping period.

    2. Did you submit your marriage cert?

    3. Some men can give ultimatum sha. Your marriage certificate and wedding ring is enough. That's what I used for my redeployment. Even from the gate they usually ask you to signify you're married or a nursing mother

  2. Anonymous8/02/2014

    I like the new back ground colour, very nice.

  3. tushmum8/02/2014

    Wow...Aunty Eya,u no get problem again oo,ur girls are really taking after you in the kitchen.God bless them for u

  4. Anonymous8/02/2014

    Couldn't submit it in school cos I was sick then, planning to do dat in camp Wen I get there but he still insist I go wit baby

    1. He feels you will go to camp and start frolicking with guys that's why he's insisting.The redeployment is not the main issue for him. It's a pity he's not even interested in his child's welfare.

    2. We women self,so mrs C what did u expect the husband to do,to let the woman who is suppose to take care of the baby to live and live the child under who's care,the husband? Oh come off it, u really think what u Stated was his main issue? Pooster,my advice to u is to ask ur mother or mother-in-law to take care of ur baby if ur hubby approves it but I belive he will accept it if his mother is still alife and healthy to take care of a baby but if is no possible it will be in ur own interest to take ur baby along with u cos it is not possible for a man Who is working to take care of a baby even for a day let alone 3wks haba and u will feel happy and comfortable where ever u are? Hmm Daris God oh. Even NYSC makes it so easy and belives that NYSC can not but assunder in a marriage. Be wise when thinking don't be selfish.

    3. Biko Able mum, my opinion is my opinion and yours is yours. A friend of mine gave birth like 2 months before camp and she left her baby with her husband along with her 1st child who was barely 2yrs old. Yes it was difficult but they survived it. I agree that she should leave the child with her parents or in-laws till she gets back but for you to tell her to take a 1yr old girl on that long journey from Lagos to Plateau,you sef should check it. So what if the man is working? Don't women work and also take care of kids even if their husband is not around? If caring for the child is his problem why can't he bring a solution other than telling her she either takes the baby along or she leaves his house? In my opinion, he is the one being selfish. He can take the child to a crèche and pick her up after work.Or get a relative to come and babysit,not insist she takes the baby or leaves the house. That's taking it too far

  5. During my time in camp in Niger state. Lots of women came with their babies and they were allowed to go home after completing their registration and redeployment processes.

    1. Is true mrs c that everybody has his or her own rightful opinion,I'm very sorry for including ur name in my opinion,biko gbaharam(pls forgive moi) @ Kemi,is true that some women were allowed to go home on completion of registration but will be reporting to camp in some occations which is not possible for the pooster.

    2. Thank you darling @Able mum. *big hug*

  6. Anonymous8/03/2014

    My hubby is nt even in d country, av invited my mum over to come stay wit d baby but he still insists dat both my mum and baby shld go wit me to camp

    1. Anonymous8/04/2014

      He is not in the country, but i'm sure he knows that the country is not safe not to talk of Plateau! Nne biko, plead with him, beg him, let him understand that the journey is far, u know ways of getting to his heart, so do it. Commit it to God in prayers to touch his heart. Have a heart to heart talk with him and i'm very sure that he will have a change of heart.

  7. Love your daughter's hot dog burger! It looks so yummy and nice too...will definitely try to make it. Big ups to her, she's taking after her mummy.


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