Happy August!

This August, true happiness is what I wish all wives connection blog readers.  

In everything we do, there is one thing in common, one thing we all want in life, happiness. When we strife to grow in our careers, get the finest things of life, have our dream vacation, marry the best man or most beautiful woman on earth, one thing we want to derive from all these is pleasure; happiness.

When you work so hard and strife to be the best, in trying to be the best, you seek happiness. 
Happiness is not living in the best neighbourhood because some people in the best neighbourhoods cannot even remember when last their smile came from the heart. 

What is happiness to you? 
The things that make me truly happy might not be what gives you happiness. You think bearing children is happiness, there are miserable Fathers and mothers of children.

You think fame is happiness? there are very famous yet so depressed unhappy people. You think riches and wealth is happiness? There are probably more unhappy wealthy people around the world than rich happy people. 

You think getting an Education is happiness? there are many educated angry, sad people. If your dream is to become the most successful artiste, there are also those we envy as most successful who still in search of true happiness. 

This month, whatever true happiness means to you, may you find In Jesus Name. Nothing in this life can give the happiness that is found in truly knowing God as an individual, having a relationship with him. walking with him and feeling him there with you and in you.

What are your wishes this August? yes, YOU
My wishes are:

  •  more time to sleep and feel rested.
  • For peace in Nigeria
  • An end to bomb blast
  • Ebola be conquered and eradicated
  • Chibok girls return home to families
  • More cooking time
  • Fortune or fame? fortune
  • Time to regularly update wives connection.
  • Babies for readers still waiting
  • Husbands and wives for single readers
  • Jobs for readers still searching

May you find that thing that carries your happiness if it's a thing, may you discover that path wherein lies your happiness.
 May you meet that person that will sooooo make you happy. May you get pregnant for that child that will make you truly happy.
 May you find your happiness and smile not only with the teeth but right from your heart.

In This month of August, may you find the kind of happiness that sees you smiling and laughing even behind closed doors.
From my heart, I wish you complete happiness. May you be truly, honestly and totally happy. May your days be filled with bottom belle laughter.
Happy New Month!


  1. Anonymous8/02/2014

    thank u sweet Eya. I found God since last year and I have been truly happy in life. even as sometimes I fail,wish for more something I know ,God is with me always,that gives me some inner peace that no amount of wealth,fame can buy. I am a first time mum waiting for induction on Monday .still praying and hoping to go into labour naturally,help me with prayer every one for safe delivery. Happy new Month all.

    1. I wish you safe delivery dear, you'll have it even if it comes by induction. Induction hastens the process of delivery, some women opt for it to avoid prolonged labour. I think I was induced when I had my first but I didn't know it then.

      Labour lasted from morning till by evening the nurse got up from her seat and said "madam I want to help you deliver this baby now" I didn't understand then that the injection she gave was the help. All I know is that afer that injection, contractions increased and I gave birth at once.

      The smart elderly mid-wife didn't explain she was going to induce and I'm happy she didn't make me understand cos the mere mention of the word "induction" would have made me say no cos of all I heard while pregnant.

      Induction is like short cut. You feel the pain once and the baby is out, then, the pain is forgotten. Please don't hate induction, just pray for a fast and SAFE delivery.

  2. Anonymous8/02/2014

    thank u so much dear Eya. God bless. I should feel at peace now.

  3. Happy new month to you Aunty Eya and to all WC families my wishes for everyone this month are as follows:
    May God remember you today
    - like Noah
    - Favour you like Moses
    - Fight for you like Israelites
    - Prosper you like Isaac
    - Intervene for you like Esther - Protect you
    like Daniel
    - Use you like Paul
    - Heal you like Naaman
    - Answer you like Elijah
    - Annoint you like David
    "AMEN". HNM.

    And may this month open up unto all WC readers its deep hidden treasures like The rose flower opens up at the presence of the morning glory Sun Amen.......

    Anut eya I love the new look of your blog, its attractively beautiful

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  4. Aunty Eya you are super on point.
    AMEN to your prayers.

    Alloy AMEN to yours too.

    Anon 6.48:- welcome to the family of Christ. Regarding your baby/induction,God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can think,ask or imagine according to the power that worketh within us EPH 3:20. WE AWAIT YOUR TESTIMONY?

  5. Anonymous8/03/2014

    thank u ayo

  6. Anonymous8/03/2014

    Big Amen. Alloy and Aunty Eya

  7. Anonymous8/03/2014

    Amen! I claim everybody's prayer on WC-Portable

  8. Anonymous8/04/2014

    Amen to all your prayers! I'm one of those waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. I believe this will be my month of breakthrough IJN.


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