Ebola Cure: Where Are African Scientists, Miracle, Faith Healers?

Thinking about the cure for the much dreaded Ebola disease, I am worried about Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and all other West African countries. What happens if no cure is found till the end of the year? How many lives would have been lost by December 2014? How many children would have become orphans, women become widows and whole families and villages and even towns wiped out?

Are we going to just sit there and wait for American Scientists to do all the reserach and discoveries and then send these vaccine/medications on a platter of gold. Are Africans doing something apart from the figures we see on TV being released by the Government? Our Scientists, are they spending sleepless nights in the Laboratories doing research and sincerely trying to find a cure or just wearing the lab coat and waiting?

We have so many Faith healers and Miracle workers in Africa, people all over the world travel down to Africa, Nigeria especially, to get healing from different kinds of "orthodox medicine defying ailments"  We watch these things on Television daily, we see live miracles I suppose. We hear and read healing testimonies every sunday in our different places of worship. I am a believer, a follower, a very practical and realistic African woman, a disciple still learning from the masters and also expecting so much more.

If Jesus were physically here today, with what is happening in the world right now, his compassionate heart will make him do something to bring help. He went to the Camp of the lepers then, helped a man who couldn't get himself up when the Pool of Bethesda is stirred. He layed hands on people with infectious diseases and healed them. He ministered to the quarantined and very sick, brought help and healing. Doing all to the glory of the Almighty. If Jesus were still moving around preaching to people, he would have ministered to the physical needs of Ebola victims (HEALING).

The death toll is rising according to The World Health Organisation (WHO) "Ebola vaccine should be ready for public use by 2015" What now happens in Africa in the next 4 months before 2015?
“Since this is an emergency, we can put emergency procedures in place... so that we can have a vaccine available by 2015,” Jean-Marie Okwo Bele, the head of immunisation and vaccines at the WHO, told French radio broadcaster RFI.

I am thinking; is Ebola too strong for Faith Healing? seriously. Are
the masters not compassionate enough to visit the sick and move this Ebola mountain?What about the healing testimonies that abound all over Nigeria as the most populated country in Africa. Kindly share with me any Ebola healing testimonies confirmed by Medical Doctors any where in Africa?

Liberia is now dreaded by all, what about the spiritual ogbonges, our "spiritual papas?"
 Prisoners get prayers from the Faithfuls, the sick on hospital beds are being visited with prayers offered. Now what about the sick of Ebola, the quarantined, the very ill who are counting days to die, are there compassionate spiritual leaders heading to those camps to lay hands and cast out Ebola? 

I have a lot in my mind, thinking about our African Scientists and General Overseers and Church Founders and Bishops and Pastors and Televangelists. I have a lot of questions I want to ask. I need answers to so many spiritual things but do not know how to ask without coming off as...


  1. What am about to say is sensitive and may offend some of us but the truth is that is nt all pastors that can perform miracles reason I said so is that if your faith isn't activated you are already defeated. Many times you need to spend time knowing your worth as a son of God for you to manifest. Many pastors are motivational speaker, many are entertainers. And the truth is if you go to a place God didn't send you to he can't sustain you there. If you read some of John G lake books on healing you will find out that it's not every sick person Jesus healed. If you know you place and authority in Jesus only then can you have the Power of God.

    1. a million likes.
      Quick question madam ... are you saying God hasn't sent any pastor to pray for Ebola victims?:))

  2. Anonymous8/11/2014

    Wow! ON POINT. Wey una now? No be only to collect money from us worshippers carry invest for School business and others o. God is watching our Nigerian pastors on 4D.
    Time don reach we dey wait ooooooooo

  3. My thoughts exactly. Eya is not the only one thinking and worried.

  4. Anonymous8/11/2014

    Hum!May GOD help us in ds situation as one wld jst ofend GOD if one speak about ds healing centres;may Ebola nevr cum nokin on our doors Amen.

  5. May God heal our land

  6. Could this be true?
    I saw the following and I can't help but wonder what the world is turning into if it is actually true.

    The Ebola family of viruses that are presently causing havoc in West Africa were possibly introduced into Liberia just to depopulate West Africa and to an extent the whole of Africa.

    It could have been done through some of those missionaries working down there in Liberia.

    Some of these missionaries are working in Africa because of reaction formation they are suffering from.

    Was it not through missionaries that Britain introduced colonialism into Africa and the rest part of the world?

    The Ebola family of viruses were first introduced into the Congo area but had no tangible effect and now they introduced them into West Africa.

    1. In as much as there are good people in America, there are a lot of sick and evil people there too.

      Also there are sick and evil scientists working in the labs all over America, genetically creating viruses and other bugs that have the potential to wipe out millions of people.

      Why are people who are not going to live for ever so concerned about the population of the world as if they were the one that created the world in the first place?

      Can somebody tell me how the population of African-American in USA have been kept at around 12% for years and years? Is that not a food for thought.

      There is a video where Bill gates talked about how vaccines can be used to depopulate the world.
      So, could this be the reason why Bill gate is championing vaccination all over Africa?

      Also there is this scientist who is labelled a pioneer of Ebola vaccine. His name is Dr. Arntzen (a developer of Ebola vaccine tested on mice, works in a university in USA) who I saw with my own eyes talking and cracking jokes how to get rid of 25% of the world population by using genetically created viruses like Ebola virus. Is this not alarming?

      Why was he not arrested for making terrorist statements?

    2. Why did the United States government turned blind eye to such statement from a scientist who is supposed to be a saviour of lives but now cracking jokes on how to be a mass murder?

      Now the big pharmaceutical companies in America are all pushing for the new vaccine or treatment that was just created to be shipped to West Africa and tested on Africans. Is this not alarming? Right now, Obama is saying no, but who knows what he or the president after him will be saying tomorrow.

      Is it not an irony that all African leaders were dinning and partying with Obama and the likes of Lionel Richie in the White House when Ebola is on the ground in various African countries killing off people.

      President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia cannot even make adequate provision for Liberian people to incinerate dead Ebola victims while the Liberian people had no option but to be placing all those sickened with or killed by Ebola on the streets away from their homes.

    3. I guessed that's what Liberians get when they make those whose role should be limited to the bedroom and the kitchen their president.The men are not even performing any better anyway.

      President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf mediocrity, irresponsibility and dereliction of duty for not putting Patrick Sawyer under forced and supervised quarantine is causing the whole of Nigeria pain, misery and death right now. In fact it is going to cause the whole world a lot of pain.

      NB: This is link to where the Ebola vaccine Doctor was cracking jokes about killing off 25% of the world population( and I bet you, it is Africans this potential mass murderer has in mind) before they force google to get rid of this video.
      This is the link:

  7. Anonymous8/12/2014

    Aunty Eya pls delete dis spell post from Anon 1:01am b4 dey infect dis blog.

  8. Anonymous8/12/2014

    Na only ebola, what abt oda diseases lik hiv, hepatitis and d likes. Where r all d pastors dt claim dey perform sign and wonders?? Its a food for thought for us all


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