Anyone Knows Natural Tips For My Jaundiced Infant?

Hi Aunty EYa
Pls help post as it's urgent.
I just birthed a beautiful baby boy but has jaundice.  We've been in and out of hospital. Pls what natural remedy can I do to cure it..
Was told about unripe pawpaw soaked but Wat quantity is he to take nd if I need to take too. More suggestions r welcome pls.

Eya: Ok, the pawpaw water my neighbor gave her jaundiced baby, there were no measurements o. She
gave a few baby spoons each time she felt baby was thirsty kind of and it cleared within days but I have never tried it. I wanted to after we left the hospital with my baby but all the paw paw trees we found then had no single fruits, I guess that was not a paw paw season. We searched, asked people to help but none could find any unripe paw paw so I just continued to take him outside every morning until it finally cleared. 
Those coloured eyes lingered for over a month cos the sun wasn't coming out early and by the time it comes, it's already too hot for a baby's skin and then even when we see it and rush out, clouds cover the rays but since the Doctors said the bilirubin level has drastically reduced, I just waited and trusted God until the eyes finally cleared after like close to two months which was too long for any mother.

Eya: I'll
post on the blog to see if other parents and even medical personnels can help out ok?Do you use dusting powder, mentholatum, camphor, or any other camphor
containing item on your new born baby boy? Do you have same blood group with him?

Bb: We don't use any of the items above.
I'Il cal the hospital to find out if we have d same blood group, am not sure. 

Bb: Just confirmed from the hospital, we have the same blood group.
Bb: To see sunlight now has been golden during this rainy season. 
I trust God to perfect His healing on him.


  1. Anonymous08:47

    Congrats on your baby. Jaundice usually clears up on its own. Give your baby lots of fluids and sunlight.
    I will not give my newborn baby pawpaw water, thats just me.

  2. I think you should take your baby to LUTH, that's if you are in Lagos. I heard of babies which jaundice that gets cleared up, there.

    1. Anonymous13:56

      U, are u in Nigeria? Docs r on strike

  3. Anonymous11:41

    My Dear one word. Phototherapy but it could be expensive.

  4. Unripe pawpaw water and exposure to morning sunlight(between 8 and 10am) works perfectly.
    There is no need to panic God is in control

  5. sorry to ask madam Eya,please why do u ask whether they have the same blood group,is there anything to that ?i will appreciate you if you can enlighten me on this

  6. Anonymous14:52

    My mum tried this and it worked for my sis. Buy glucose and add a teaspoon in a little quantity of water and give the baby. There is no accurate measutement per say. Just use ur initiative.

    Note - too much of it can purge the baby so be careful not to give too much. It works.

    1. Pinkyberry00:29

      This works perfectly!! Just be careful with the quantity so it doesnt purge but if u find out its purging him just reduce the quantity.. this cleared up my little niece's eyes in just 4days witout sunlight exposure cuz we are in rainy season so no morning sun. Congrats.

    2. Bb/poster03:14


  7. The Lords is your baby's strength, God will remove the jaundice from his body in Jesus name. Amen!

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  8. Yes. The Doctors said if the Rhesus factor is not the same, the baby wd be seen as a foreign body in mommy's womb. Mom's blood try to destroy the foreign body by fighting the unborn baby's blood and this can cause jaundice when he is finally born.
    Say mother's blood Rhesus is negative while baby's positive. The pediatrician had a lecture with mothers of jaundiced babies then and taught is so much I can't even type here. Maybe you Google"causes of infant jaundice" for details.

  9. Anonymous19:20

    This is to every first time mum like me,when i gave birth to my son last year,he had jaundice frm birth,which ws in general hospital.when i put my baby on my dp it ws my friend who noticed he had jaundice,so i alerted the pediatrician but he said he doesnt have that its jst the stress the baby pass through while giving birth.he said we should go home nd watch out for it.i gave birth on a thursday went back on sunday because he's eyes started changing colour,on getting to general hospital the pediatrician said there ws no space for out born nd i ws like bt i gave birth here,he said since we'v been discharged,that made us out born bt they have space for and my hubby left in anger not knwing that jaundice ws very very bad.we went home,on monday we went to our private hospital,he went through phototherapy 4 2day,we were then refare to luth,on getting to luth they said they were going to give him a blood transfusion but before they conduct that on him,they will have to check the biliburum or what they call it.when they came bck with the result it has dropped so they asked us to go under the light again we were ther for 4days,people around me were telling me that once i get home i should give him native pawpaw socked in water and i shd always bring him out every morning for sunlight to give him natural vit.min D.

    1. Anonymous19:50

      You have not concluded. Did you give what the people advised?

    2. @ anony 7:20....what kind of suspense ís this one? Bikonu....finish up d story pls

  10. Anonymous19:22


  11. Anonymous20:53

    Yes i gave him the native papaw water and every morning i bring him out for like 2 hours under the sun.when we went bck for check up,the doctor said it has reduced and that we shd still come bck in another two i ended not going bcause i continued with the pawpaw water.

  12. Bb/poster22:49

    Thanks alot for all the advise &prayers. We did phototherapy for 5 days. He's on pawpaw water nd sunlight now. Thank God the sun came out after some showers today. His eyes are also clearing.He sucks very well(expressed breast milk) and finishes 50ml on an average of 2/3 hrs feeding. God bless us all.

    1. Happy you did phototheraphy, he'll be fine in no time.

  13. Hmmm,I hope all of us bathed with hot water and salt this early morning, Naija for life.

  14. Anonymous13:23

    Pls at anon 9 34. This is a reputable blog for serious minded people. Keep your charlatan away from here. Don't contaminate this blog with rubbish


  15. Thanks madam Eya.I learnt that bathing with salt is a rumour,

    kindly check this;

    1. Thanks F.T, I checked it out. Bless you dear.

    2. Thanks F.T, I checked it out. Bless you dear.

  16. Anonymous02:23

    Phototherapy worked for my baby. Two days, was under d light for six hours. Not easy sha, babies hate to stay under Iτ̲̅ .

  17. Anonymous19:26

    Pls lots of fluid,that is breast milk or formula. Also early morning sun, but pls don't leave ur baby directly in d sun,just by a window where d rays can hit him, do it at 10 mins intervals summing up to 30 minutes. This is what I was told by my pediatrician. In this america, unless d level of jaundice is too high, they so not give pbototherapy. However, if u do notice that the jaundice is getting worse u are advised to take d baby to a doctor.

    1. Anonymous19:28

      Sorry for the typos. I see u r using sunlight already. Pls cover ur baby's eyes o in case u r doing direct sunning.

    2. Bb/poster22:10

      Thanks alot. His Sb has dropped but we are still continuing the sun and pawpaw water therapy.

    3. creampalace01:38

      Poster thanks for sending this,had wanted to send in a mail too,but have been to busy

      Had my third baby boy 2 Fridays ago, infact my son was discharged on Sunday,without him being checked or blood tested,i just registered in d hospital and had my two boys else where,so i wasn't really familiar with their procedures.

      Being a big hospital i tot it will really b professional but was d opposite ,no doc checked on my baby,till a young doc came in to say hello, saw babieyeyes but wasn't sure,he told an older doc he also checked but wasn't a big deal any ways,we were discharged and asked to come d next day, lo and behold my baby boy had Jaundice with an11.9 level ,we were asked to still go back home coz d pediatrican travelled to b back on Wednesday,d doc couldn't make decision for d pediatrician ,by d time we returned it was 14.9,we were admitted and was placed for phototherapy for a week,did his naming ceremony at d hospital,doh plans had already been in motion,it was quite painful sha,to go back,thanks to God it dropped to 7.9,we were discharged got home,i did d test 3 days later it went to 9.6.

      Have been taking raw pawpaw with boiled water ,allowed it to get fermented and pawpaw also mixed with raw pap water also with glucose gives discharge in his eyes and excrets well which shows its healing.also chewing sugar cane and morning sunlight works.
      In short, women should just try and be informed during pregnancy and after delivery ,congratulations to all expectant mum's and new mum's

    4. Bb/poster03:09

      @creampalace: I feel your pain my sister. Your story is close to mine except that the hosp I used do test regularly. What can we say but still thank God it was detected and the boys are getting better. God will perfect what he has started and our testimonies are permanent ijn. I will try the glucose method after approval from my Huby cause my son does not want to take the pawpaw water again..I can't wait to see his eyes sparkling white.

  18. I had my baby boy a week plus now. He has jaundice. It was discovered the day after I have birth to him. Had bn on Phototherapy for a week now. Stays between 2 to 3hrs daily. Yet SB level went from 5.1 to 10.1 to 12.3. Couldn't do circumcision cos it went up again. This really pissed me off cos I diligently followed up on Phototherapy.

    Now am resolved to give paw paw water. But I researched and found out where a Peadiatrician kicked against paw paw water on the ground that baby liver and kidney is under developed to digest paw paw water. He only recommend Phototherapy and Morning sun.

    I have already soaked the paw paw water. About to start giving baby 4m 6pm today.

    But am confused, should I continue or not? D reason the Peadiatrician gave made sense.

    1. Hi new mum. Don't worry your son is going to get well. I understand you perfectly. My son endured phototherapy 24 hours daily for over a week before we got discharged from ICU.The paediatrician reason is very strong, however, if I tried phototherapy and th hospital and my baby is getting worse, I'll try alternative. Paw paw is a fruit, I haven't tried it though but considering the circumstance, I'd be desperate enough to try something new even if it's in reduced dosages.

    2. Don't forget early morning sunlight too. I was wandering why just 3 hours phototherapy daily when it can be done 24/7. He'll be fine.


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