Tortilla Wraps And Chicken By Judith O

Vegetable Wraps For Shawarma Lovers

 Tortilla Wraps
I got up to make breakfast today and then thought, "why not just take pictures of this and send to WC?".
And that was how this post was made.
This is my first food post, I hope the ladies in the house try it out.

Tortilla wraps and chicken and vegetable filling for sharwama lovers.


* 1/4 of a large sized red pepper( this pepper is the exact same thing with green pepper- the only difference is the colour so if you can't get it, use green pepper)
*1/3 of a little cabbage.
*1/2 o of a lettuce
* Diced chicken breasts
* One knorr cube
* White onions (half), diced
* Butter chicken sauce (this sauce eh, hmmmm, I got it from Asda and I don't know if they have them in the really upscale shops in Nig but then, it has a really "garlic-ky" flavour so you can make some yourself by melting a little butter, frying your crushed garlic and crushed ginger in it and adding a dash of spice and then adding it directly to the diced chicken breasts when it is marinating in the hot oil.
* All purpose seasoning ( or, Allspice- the kind mixed in the markets in naija)
* Cameroun pepper (or any pepper of your choice)
* A little vegetable oil (I don't quite know how to quantify, I am able to tell the exact quantity I need when pouring but suffice to say that you do not add too much, the idea is that you cook the veggies on low heat and keep stirring so they do not burn, that way, they soften a little without you needing to drown them in oil)
* Salt to taste.

1) Heat your oil and then put in a little diced onions (this is to give the next thing to follow some flavour)
2) Add the diced chicken breasts and lower the heat as you stir and allow to cook in oil- keep stiring so it doesn't burn/stick to the pan- it'll turn white.
3) Add a dollop or two of the butter chicken sauce to the chicken(I added about 4- I really like the flavour) and keep stiring.
Add one cube of the knorr cubes, a little salt to taste and some pepper- I love pepper and so.... Then the all spice.
4) Add in the remainder of diced onions and allow to fry.
5) Followed closely by the diced cabbages (and when its gotten slightly soft), the lettuce and the red peppers.
6) Toss them all together with the other cube in the knorr wrapper. Taste to make sure it tastes just the way you want it to.
7) Turn off heat and bring down
1)On a flat plate, lay out your tortilla wrap or white wrap (these are those wraps used for sharwama- they can be got in Park n' Shop, Chanrais, Everyday Supermarket and any upscale supermarket for that matter).

2) Smear mayonnaise on the surface, especially at the outer edges (to enable the wrap stay/stick when you roll it up)

3) Spoon out some of the chicken-veg mix to the outer edge of the wrap, then, roll from that end to the other end.
4) Repeat procedure with other wraps.
5) You can actually serve this now if you like.
I prefer to heat up the oven at 80•c and heating for about 2- 3 minutes.

You'll truly enjoy this rather simple meal- I had mine with a large glass of pepsi..... What the heck, I can indulge myself every once in a while #winkwink.
Do have an awesome weekend. :D

Ps: I've got a recipe for "Chinapot"- an interestingly delicious rice recipe, will send it next.


Enjoy Your Tortilla Wraps expecting more recipes from me this year. 
Oga go chop food tire!


  1. I love tortilla wraps. I use to have them with just about any filling from boiled eggs, to fried eggs, to sausages, to prawns, fish, chicken.....
    Good job Judith. Never knew of butter chicken sauce, now I know. Thanks.
    Can butter chicken sauce be used for other types of meat or fish when cooking?

    1. Anonymous1/13/2014

      Absolutely Lizzy!
      It most definitely can!
      I even put in beans, Lol!
      Judith O.

  2. Fyn Ijebu Chic1/13/2014

    Bookmarked *in Bonario Nnags voice*

  3. Anonymous1/13/2014

    please what is in that plastic bag. it looks like crayfish. is it?

    1. Judith O.1/13/2014

      Hi dear,
      Pls that is cameroun pepper.
      I ground enough before coming here.
      The flavour is amaz-balls.

  4. Anonymous1/13/2014

    Am salivatin olready, so easy n am so tryin ds ot pls send. More o. My hubby is a food lover

    1. Anonymous1/13/2014

      Nice nice!! Keep it up babe.

  5. Anonymous1/13/2014

    My fellow Asda girlie:) Yes this is my kinda food I sprinkle some cheese on top and melt in the oven DIVINE!!! Sometimes I go all out and make enchilladas yummy!

    1. Judith O.1/13/2014

      We should get together! #wink
      Cheese on top is something I've never tried. I'll definitely try that.
      Plus, WHAT is 'enchilladas'?
      Please post the recipe- I'll check it out tho, Lol!
      Judith O.

    2. Anonymous1/13/2014

      Enchillada is a Mexican tortilla wrap dish made using a Mexican red pepper and tomato sauce. Since the exact pepper used in Mexico is not common outside of South America and the States you can use any pepper of your choice. There are different ways of making it but the way I make it is I prepare the filling it can be anything even your chicken recipe will do, prepare the Enchillada sauce similar to how you would prepare tomato sauce for Jollof without stock though. Once your enchillada sauce is ready pour it into a large frying pan if it wasn't made in one take the tortilla wrap dip it in the enchillada sauce both sides should be well coated then put it on a plate, spoon out the filling, roll it up, top it up with plenty of cheese and you are good to go you can melt the cheese in the microwave or oven if desired. Just Google "Enchillada recipe" on YouTube for visual descriptions just like Jollof different people make Enchilladas in a different way but the basic ingredients are the tortilla, enchillada sauce, filling and cheese. Other recipes that you can use tortillas for are "Quesadillas" just YouTube search for the recipe. In South America corn tortillas are more common but I prefer flour tortillas like the ones you used.

  6. LNC Range Lover1/14/2014

    Weldone, send more recipes pls.
    Bet errrm me and who wan chow dis oyibo food**RollsEyeBalls*


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