Nigerian Pancake Rolls, Sausages By Omalicha

Biting into a very tasty special pancake roll
 Good evening madam eya,and the wonderful visitors of WC blog. I'm presenting my pancake rolls recipe. i made this on a cool Friday evening when me and my family decided we wanted to eat something different,we went through older posts and I copied this from a previous pancake post by IB. It tickled
everybody's fancy and we sure would be making more of it. enjoy.

Cabbage -            2 small balls
Mayonnaise -        half jar
Vegetable oil -      a teacup
Fresh pepper -       10 pieces
Onion-                    3 bulbs
Chicken sausage-   1 pack
Duck breast fillet-              half a pack
Flour-                          1kg
Milk-                            250g
Sugar-                          100g
Eggs-                           6 eggs
A cube of any seasoning of your choice
Salt to taste

 •I washed my duck fillet,and diced it into smaller pieces. grated the pepper,sliced the onion into rings,sliced the cabbage,and arranged everything I needed,for easy access.

•in a big bowl,Mix together flour and sugar and make a hole in the middle of the bowl. Then add whisked egg and milk and stir until mixture is free and rid of any lumps.(I added a bit of salt for that zitsy contrazt between salt and sugar) *wink* 

•mix your mayo and milk till it turns into cream,leave in the fridge to cool.

•put on heat 3 table spoons of oil,add marinated duck fillet and stir fry. when tender,add onion,pepper,sausages,and a seasoning cube. when fried,set aside.

•put a clean fry pan on heat with just enough oil to wet the pan,make sure it goes round all edges.(I put a tablespoon of oil for each pancake).when hot,scoop your pancake mixture and fry till its a flat,golden brown,pie.

•mix your refrigerated cream and ur sliced cabbage.

•add ur mixture to the side of the pancake,and top it with your sauce(this includes your onion,pepper,hot dog and duck fillet).

•roll it up hot and don't waste time,eating

I was able to make 15 rolls from what I had.

NB:this is a very tasty meal,and u can have corned beef in it,fish,shrimps,raisins in your pancake mixture,or anything you wish for there are absolutely no rules and regulations,so pls feel free to come up with your own recipe,thanks and God bless.

Ingredients for special pancake rolls

Cream for the vegetables
Flour mixture for pancake
Stir frying marinated duck fillet
Adding vegetables to stir fried duck fillet
Adding sausages
Stir fried, sausages, vegetables and duck fillet

Duck fillet
Making the pancakes
Pancake is ready

Adding refrigerated cream to the cabbage

Add  mixture and top with sauce

Special pancake rolls by omalicha

If you like shawarma, then you should like this.
*I made one wicked one very early this morning for my girls, though with less ingredients. They so enjoyed it that they both asked me to pack some in their lunch boxes. 
Thankfully I remembered to take pictures of the whole procedure. The girls called it "shawarma pancake"  lolz. I will try and post hopefully this week:)

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  1. james.O.11/04/2013

    You know how to cook,nd ur beautiful ! Now that's rare.I'm hungry alredi.

  2. Lol@ sharwama pancakes! Will try this very soon, nice one omalicha.

  3. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Nice one. Where can I get duck fillet?

    1. Anonymous11/04/2013


  4. Anonymous11/04/2013

    She is my luvly COUSIN.....better referred as beauty and brãin....u need taste chizzy's FOOD to confírm...endeavour to share ur testimony when u re

  5. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Awww I can't wait to put to bed so I can do dis and many other food recipe's here and enjoy with my hubby, Anty Eya I made agidi last weekend wit d recipe I got here, it was awesome, I pray I continue to love food d way I started liking food since I got pregnant, I can eat for All thnx to aunty Eya, u are God sent.

  6. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Loving this!!!! Tomorrows dinner!!

  7. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Omalicha,u dey o thanks.
    A Eya pls how do we scroll to dese recipes;is there a short cut?

    1. Google agigi on wives connection or fried rice on wives connection or moimoi on wives connection or egusi soup on wives connection or akara balls on wives connection etc etc.

    2. Anonymous11/04/2013

      Just click on the recipe and it will open up.

    3. Anonymous11/06/2013

      Thanks for ur help, av also bn wondering how to get recipe on old post.

  8. Anonymous11/04/2013

    I'm so trying this.its looks so yummy

  9. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Thanks for this lovely recipe. Saturday dinner for my family is settled.

  10. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Thanks for this lovely recipe. Saturday dinner for my family is settled.

  11. Anonymous11/04/2013

    this Suky, Chizzy always repping in the kitchen and every where. That's the way to go girl

    1. •Omalicha•11/04/2013

      Thanks sukky dear.

  12. This one na long throat things. Thank ur God am not ur neighbour. I for dey visit on per second billing.

  13. My tongue almost fell off. Thank you asampete

  14. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Wat a nice fud.

  15. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Am not a fan of pancake but there is this particular one I always eat in the church(winner chapel,ph).its tasty and CRUNCHY. I suspect there is baking powder there tho

  16. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Hmmmm,my future husband is in trouble.good job

  17. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Good stuff but they are actually called crepes not pancakes

    1. Anonymous11/05/2013

      Its the french word for pancake.calling it pancake is equally right.I just googled it.

    2. Anonymous11/05/2013

      Noted but traditionally pancakes use self raising flour or if made with plain flour baking powder is added for them to rise hence their thickness but crepes are made with plain flour and no rising agent hence their thinness and that is why they are mostly used to make fillings as opposed to traditional breakfast pancakes. Crepes can be sweet or savory because they usually have a filling but pancakes are always sweet. Thanks for the filling recipe poster that is what caught my eye:)

  18. Drooling omalicha, thanks for the recipe

  19. Anonymous11/05/2013

    Looks really nice. Me likey. But on a 2nd tot, we have to try to start watching our diets to ensure that we make healthy versions of meals. Less is more.

    1. Anonymous11/06/2013

      Let's have your more healthy recipes sweetie

    2. Anonymous11/06/2013

      Now dat I tot it, I hope dieticians n healthy food experts can help with that. I'm no guru there.

  20. Looks gud.tastes even better!

  21. im definitely making this

  22. Anonymous11/27/2013

    Is it powder milk or liquid milk? Wanna mk it too

  23. this looks yummy will sure make mine, thanks

  24. Anonymous5/13/2014

    Just saw this post last week and i tried it today and it was awesome, everybody dt tasted it loved it. Is now part of my meal. Thank u very much. Ify

  25. Anonymous5/13/2014

    Just saw this post last week and i tried it today and it was awesome, everybody dt tasted it loved it. Is now part of my meal. Thank u very much. Ify


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