My Husband Is Lying To Me At This Early Stage Of Our Marriage

Hello Eya,

I'm a married woman and have been married for about 9months now. There's this particular girl that came to me all in the name of friendship so that my hubby could assist her get roles in a movie.

 I have been assisting her get roles in movies produced by my husband after much pleading with him. All of a sudden she started misbehaving and the last one she did was gossip, I'm not a fan of female friends cos I hate their wahala, so, to put a stop to it, I told my husband I don't wanna see her in his jobs again and I don't want someone that will break my home. 

To avoid problems, he deleted her frm his bbm. Since then I have been asking if she called him to find out why he deleted her but he kept denying, saying maybe she hasn't noticed, all for me to see her text message asking why he deleted her and do you know his answer? He said "I can't delete you, maybe it's my wife". Can you imagine that?
Pls fellow WC, is this right?
Note: matured answers pls, no insults.


  1. Sigh' please don't let him give you high blood pressure. Does he know you have seen it? Be wise, don't over flog that issue and don't nag about it. Gently tell him to reply her that he doesn't want problems in his young marriage and would want her to keep off cos her closeness is beginning to cause problems for him. Don't be shy about it. Let him send the reply in your presence o. Tell him there'll be a reply and you want to read it too. Try to convince him that you are on his side and will flow along with him, and make sure you don't break away and push them closer o.

    Tell the holy spirit to give you wisdom for this.
    Let me post now so that you get other readers advice and tips.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2014

    He is completely she will know she is not welcome by you...thereby backing the he'll off you.wisdom.

  3. Anonymous7/23/2014

    He is completely she will know she is not welcome by you...thereby backing the he'll off you.wisdom.

  4. On the other hand, thinking about it again, My dear, your marriage isn still very young, you are still building it. Want to be truly happy and enjoy your life? Want to know the absolute truth? Your husbands job demands that he socializes and mixes with females too without YOUR interference. He needs some talents to keep growing and if you trust him, stop snooping cos it would definitely affect his job. Give him his time when it concerns his job.

    Men love their jobs o. If he sees a talent, he might bring that person closer, not for anything ungodly but to utilize that talent to your family's advantage and your continous checking and deleting as time goes on might affect that job.

  5. Please, trust him. Be anxious for nothing.
    His reply to that lady could also mean that he wants her to understand you his wife are no longer in support of the closeness without hurting anyone. Leave his gadgets alone, You might not fully understand a man's world cos you are a woman. Help him to grow and if you are the suspicious, jealous type, give him some understandable space Ok?

    It's only nine months and he has started deleting his actors, you can imagine what will happen in 9 years. He should know how to handle his female staff maturely.
    However, if he is the weak type, your monitoring won't change nothing. Join forces with him and be understanding but not mumu sha. Be wise, trust him, give him some space, help him grow the family business.

  6. Well, For haters of long comments. I no send o. I haven't commented in a looong while cos of time. Today that I'm a bit free abeg allow me to express myself without fear of anonymouses.

  7. ifeoma7/23/2014

    Lol aunt eya @ ur 8:37am comment

  8. If u help people wahala,if u no help nkoo double wahala,as for me and my humble self,I think u should learn from this incident not to introduce any female actor to ur husband,let them come for audition without ur interfarence but bear at the back of ur heart that ladies are meant to flock at ur hubby so that he can give them role and retain them in the industry,u know ur hubby more than I do so if he is not easy to get by those devilish ladies then u know u have nothing to worry about just make sure u pray very very well for him but if he is easy to get then u know u have more worK to do I.e making sure u behave well towards him,don't get upset easily when u unlawfully check his gadget and see text message sent to him by those morons,just take it easy with him,make sure he is always happy when he comes home don't try to make him go out and pray without season.

  9. Anonymous7/23/2014

    @ all thanks so much for d advice, @ Able mom and Eya, u both are a darling. Tnx for ur maturity and words of wisdom.
    I luv u all... Thanks

  10. My dear he gave an accurate answer that even if u were in his shoes u will as well give. No just worry urself pls... U r supposed 2 b happy sef that he mentioned u 2 her meaning that her case has been analysed btw u two and so she is 'persona non grata'.


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