Insecurity In Nigeria, Who Is To Blame?

Hey guys, let's take some time out 2 deliberate on d issues of insecurity or (insurgency) in our dear country as it has now become a daily occurrence. Today, it is news of a bomb blast. Yesterday, it was a suicide bombing, tomorrow it may be an assassination and the day after, mass murder. 

Every day in Nigeria, the news seems to get from bad to worse, as the security situation deteriorates further and further. Whenever there’s a problem there’s always the cause but the case becomes a bigger problem when the cause is not just one or two but an accumulation of national problems. What are the remote and immediate causes of insecurity in Nigerian and how can the situation be resolved? Bad leadership, corruption, illiteracy and many more.

Nigerians have called for improved intelligence gathering, the aligning of military and political solutions, the need to de-radicalize the affected areas as well as to invest in research that will give more insight into the different aspects of Boko Haram, including its ideology, leadership structure, profile of members, internal organization, sources of funding and weapons and links to diaspora. The inability of the security agencies to address the country's security challenges during these inauspicious periods raised yet another critical question on the preparedness of Nigeria to attain desired political, social and economic heights in the year 2020.

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the House of Representatives to grant approval to his government to borrow an external loan of $1bn(about N165bn). Jonathan said
the money would be used to upgrade the equipment of the Armed Forces.

Will the provision of $1bn (about N165bn) change the situation?
What are the state governors doing with their monthly allocation from the Federal government?
Who is to blame - religion, APC, PDP, poverty, lack of education, security agencies, Nigerians, It’s leaders or all?
How can we tackle insurgent?



  1. Nigerians are the cause of insecurity in the land. We Nigerians have this attitude of ' as long as it doesn't affect me directly, it is none of my business'. You can see where that has led to. We do not hold our government responsible and they now feel they can get away with anything they do. With all the billions ascribe to defence in the last budget, what has the government done to tackle the boko-haram menace?
    As we all know, boko-haram is being sponsored by some folks(Nigerians Inclusive). I feel Nigerians are the cause of insecurity. We do not tolerate each other, even on blogs we are quick to kill the other tribe or religion with our tongue. If we can't tolerate ourselves on blog or internet, how much more in real life when we have ammunitions at our disposal.
    When Nigerians get it right, insecurity will be a thing of the past.

  2. Anonymous7/24/2014

    Fine Ijebu Chick ur head dey there----- WE DO NOT HOLD OUR GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE!

  3. Anonymous7/25/2014

    Naija, and another bomb just went off in Kano yesterday


  4. Replies
    1. I believe Nigerians are the key contributors in this national palava. When I say Nigerians,that includes me. Theres so much hostility and intolerance everywhere.Right from the market woman whose intent is to gain 50naira more on a fish she should sell for 250. To the bus conductor who doesn't mind dropping u just because ur fare is 20naira the wheelbarrow pusher, who will dare you to challenge him after nearly breaking your leg with their wheelbarrow...
      The cure..??
      Until we start having value for human life. Until we learn to tolerate ourselves,regardless of tribe, religion,sex or status. Until the younger generation learn to respect their older ones. Until our TV stations start putting a ban on the level of nudity they show,until our tailors decide not to sow indecent wears,until house builders/ developers stop arranging blocks in the name of building, until nurses and doctors learn to treat the lives they swore to cure with dignity. Until the police force decide to confront and challenge crime.Until we decide not to sell our right to good governance for a morsel of food.until we all make our neighbour welfare our business.. Until we learn to love ourselves..Until we see every human we come across as a representation of GOD... Until then. Nigeria will remain the way it is,and the government will never be to blame.


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