Hi Telemundo Fans, Can We Share?

 hi my fellow telemundo fans,  in line with the just concluded
telenovela forbidden passions I would like us to say what we learnt
and discuss on it generally. 

 I really dont like it when the make it
seem like its jobless house wives that watch the channel.  okay lemme

1. never underestimate the consequence of unfaithfulness.
 (Bianca committing suicide) 

2. patience pays (yair never loved cami but
her patience with him won his heart) duh he was my worst character in
the telenovela.


  1. Monique7/17/2014

    jobless housewives, oya clap for yaselves.

    1. Monique am not jobless okay and mind you there is nothing wrong if a woman decides to be a housewife. have just always loved watching telenovela right from the days of 'no one but you' the rich also cry'

  2. Hahaha,monique are jealous of Debora and those whose watches Telem cos u missed it or cos of what?na only u sabi,anyway,Debby I learnt that it is not good to marry who u are not inlove with and if paraventure u marries that person out of Bianca's mother pressure,first tell ur husband u are not inlove with him thue Bianca didn't tell her husband,if he insist to still marry u tell him that u will leave if u find ur missing ribs(create awareness) and if ur husband goes and bring a handsome dude like bruno,for me I hate adultry,I will tell my husband to send Bruno out of the housae to avoide temtetion.

  3. Telemundo fans... marry for love

  4. Please what is this telemundo and how do I get tuned in already? Lol.
    I will check it in Google anyway but it will be nice to have someone aid my ignorance :)

  5. Anonymous7/19/2014

    Kai deborah pls don't mind em o. Me I was hook on that forbidden passion. Terrible way 2 die. And 2 think she was even pregnant. What Ƌ̲̣̣̣ sad life. Moral of the story. Pls wives don't marry 4 money so u don't fall in love with a bruno. And end up dying like bianca.


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