He saw me Through School, Has A Child, I'm Very Happy Around Him, Confusion In My Head

Hi aunty Eya and everyone.
      I am a regular reader of the blog .I am 25 years old and I have been dating my boyfriend for the past 5 years .things hasn't been the way we wanted but God has been faithful.we finished nysc 2013 and he hasn't gotten a job. I am managing a little job in lagos now.

one faithful evening when I was waiting for a bus in a bus stop I met a guy and ever since then we have been going out together and I think I have feelings for him cos am always happy when am with him.I don't want to leave my boyfriend because of this new guy cos my boyfriend has been there for me.

He saw me through school and
he's very caring and I lack nothing .. The new guy I met wants something serious but am holding back because he's yoruba and am an Igbo girl, my family won't allow that but that's not the main reason,he told me he has a child with a lady .I am confused cos I don't want to leave my boyfriend and I don't want to hurt this guy and also lose him.


  1. You can't eat ur cake and still have it. Set urself free and make a decision. I believe You know what to do so please do it and be at peace.

  2. Your boyfriend stood by you and made life easy for u when he could have easily dated someone less burdensome. That is a guy that will stand by u in thick and thin. This is ur time to stand, encourage and support him. Wise up and stop being infatuated.

    1. Lovely comment...@ihotu u nailed it

  3. Anonymous7/20/2014

    What is happenin to my comment?

  4. Rosalyn7/20/2014

    Pls girl don't leave that guy oh. He has been with u all this while and has never left u. That's friendship and love at d same time. You are feeling this way because maybe u have gotten bored and need to feel sometin new or a change but I tell u give it a few months and evrytin will go sour. Pls stick with this guy. Guys like that are hard to come by.

  5. Anonymous7/20/2014

    pls gal stick to ur boyfrend, from all inducation he ll do anyfin to make u happy

  6. Pls don't do a silly mistake still hold on to d former abeg...its very simple na

  7. Anonymous7/21/2014

    So you want to throw away what you have built for 5. Years ( he even saw you through school) all bcos of some guy who gave you a ride? So funny!!! I think you got Carried away with material things and now thinks you have feelings for the new guy. Take away the car and all that, would you still have feelings for him? Don't ever try to leave your guy because if he swears for you, you go hear am.

  8. Anonymous7/21/2014

    You should never be with someone just because of the time you have "invested" into the relationship. That being said you are being dishonest to your boyfriend. If you dont want to be with him again them let him know, you cant have it both ways. We all have a right to be with people who have what we want, as long as we go about it in the proper way. And it is unlikely your new boyfriend will take you seriously if he finds out that you left another man for him. he will think you will do the same to him.

  9. Anonymous7/21/2014

    Girls like you truly annoy me. Understandable, you happened to fall in love with another guy despite the fact that you have a boyfriend. If you can't decide which one you love more, quit the harem and free them both. Maybe you don't fully understand the immorality of your actions- you're cheating. May God help us all.

  10. Anonymous7/23/2014

    The day I watched Tyler Perry's movie "confession of a marriage counsellor"I don't look nor admire any guy,I don't even give ears to toasters.my guy is enough for me.

  11. Anonymous7/29/2014

    Be true to ur conscience,u can't dump a guy dat has been dere cos of a new guy dat even has a child,do u know d story behind d child,babe tink well


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