Happy New Month To You!

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This second half of 2014 shall bring us joy and peace individually and as a country, Amen. May we truly enjoy our days and not continue to nurse thoughts of checking out,  Yes!may this second half give us all reasons to say thank God for life and thank God for peace in Nigeria and the world (It's possible).
FEAR! the fear of explosions, the fear of leaving the house, the fear of parked vehicles that prevents us from parking where we should , the fear of crowded and fun places that has made weekends and holidays boring and indoors, the fear of markets that has restricted us to buying everything including pepper and salt, ordinary pepper o at supermarkets, the fear of untimely and bomb blasted death  that has made us more prayerful with "prayer of fear" the fear of driving, the fear of going to church on Sunday *sigh* the fear of death, May it not be our portion this July and the remaining half of this year.
Every depression and bad news of
June, every despair of June every confusion and frustration that we experienced in June, like June 2014 is gone forever, may you negativity disappear, fear, disappear! Unhappiness, disappear! Despair, disappear! and  leave us alone to enjoy this second half ooo!!! May no mistake of ours cause us defeat in any way, Amen! May we soar higher than the enemy; remain a step ahead at all times; and be happy.Afterall, what else are we looking for in life aside true happiness.God bless us all!God bless Nigeria our dear country!Happy New Month People!


  1. Blenwa7/01/2014

    Amen. Happy new month 2 u.

  2. The loudest AAAAmen!

  3. Anonymous7/01/2014

    Only do not rebel against Yahweh, and you will not fear the people of the land, because they will be our food. Their protection has been turned from them; Yahweh is with us. You should not fear them.” (Numbers 14:9)
    Happy New Month.

  4. AMEN Aunty! HNM to all wonderful WC BVs. I wish yall love, peace, prosperity and a sound mind in dz nu month and beyond.


  5. Anonymous7/01/2014

    Anty Eya pls were can i get cinnamol i was told it heip in weight los if mix wit honey

  6. A big Amne! To your prayers and wishes, wish you same thing and more anut Eya
    Happy new month to all WC family

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  7. Anonymous7/03/2014



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