Between ETISALAT And MTN Network, Sigh

MTN was my first browsing Network, initially it was fun, then it became slow, then, downloading and uploading images began to take like forever. I don't know if other bloggers experience that too but there is a kind of banging headache I get when Network is very slow.

When I need to download many images but can't because the first is taking too long, I know it can neither be my phone nor laptop, neither is it the borrowed Ipad, it definitely is the Network's fault.

I eventually got tired of MTN slow network and ported to ETISALAT.  Oh mehn, ETISALAT was fun. Before you say jack, multiple files download is complete. I enjoyed downloading recipes and other images, blogging became more fun. Blog reader's recipes and images started getting published as soon as they arrive:)

A lot
of people were encouraged to try MTN and enjoy fast browsing.

Recently,  going Online is getting harder and harder and I can't blame my gadgets lie lie cos all cannot be failing at the same time.

Etisalat has become the slowest of thrm all. Why na?
Well,  if other browsers and bloggers don't experience this difficulty in connecting,  then I need to check elsewhere. 


  1. Honestly speaking, all this network are good but it depends on the area u are but to choose btw them, is Etisalat all the way.

    1. @ able Mom, you make me think. I hope it's not my location causing the the slow loading...

    2. Yes oo Anty Eya,it might be ur location or they is low network the place ur Laptop is in the house,a friend of mine who uses Airtel told me that if she is browsing with her laptop that the best place for network is her bedroom any other place will take edges before anything can open or download,maybe u should try any other place in the house.

  2. Anonymous7/28/2014

    They are all problematic these days

  3. Anonymous7/28/2014

    D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ are all the same Oo°˚˚˚°! aunty Eya. IPHY.

  4. Airtel for calls... Cheap caLl rates
    MTN for BIS... Strongest network in my area
    Etisalat for calling n browsing when d above networks fumble!
    With these 3, I am covered.

  5. Its true that location do affect network coverage, but aside from that, the network this days has been very bad, browsing and calling wise, especially MTN

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  6. For me it's Etisalat. Nothing sweet my belly like their data carryover. I close my eye and do the 6G for 8K and I use it for months, I only renew with 1K every month just few days before it expires.
    Find a way to locate the right spot in your house and stick with Etisalat, its cheap and fast. Maybe you can try your roof, loooooooool *runsaway


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