A Testimony By Dee

I was 16 years old in 2006 when I wrote my first Jamb and I scored 300 but didn’t gain admission into the university because my English was withheld in my Waec Result. The next year 2007 the English was released and this time I scored 270 in Jamb and I got admission to study Economics at the Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State Nigeria.

I spent all my four years in the university yet attended church only 3 times (God has forgiven me), Fast forward to 2011, I graduated with a second class lower (2:2), same year I started doing business (buying and selling of female and male items) and November 2011 I went for National Youth Service Corp and rounded up November 2012.

After my NYSC I prayed to God that I don’t want to be Jobless, that I needed a Job before it is November 2013 which will be exactly a year after NYSC. December 2012 I left Port Harcourt where my parents reside and travelled to my state  of origin to stay with my Elder sister for a while because I was so depressed and always lugubrious due to a failed relationship etc.

December 23rd, 2012 on a Sunday I said to
myself that I needed God, so without being invited I went to worship at Salvation Ministries (Home of Success),that day was the beginning of the turning point in my life, I will never forget that day, the teaching was so direct that it hit me hard, pastor David Ibiyeomie taught on the Topic “Plan Your Life” it was awesome that I knew I needed more of this teaching.
December 25th, 2012 on Tuesday which was Christmas day, I worshiped there again and on that day I saw how the church was distributing Raw rice and other cooking ingredient to the needy, i was so moved and I became planted in the church, let me add here I had a church I worshipped with from childhood while in port Harcourt and I had never seen a thing like what I saw in Salvation Ministries.

January 21st, 2013 which was on a Monday I gave my life to Christ during the Salvation Ministry program (5Nights of Glory), depression left, I joined the church choir and I learnt a lot of new things from the church especially how they serve God irrespective of their status.
February 2013, I went to port Harcourt and on a Sunday i went to the church I normally attend in port harcourt to worship. On getting there the Pastors wife was ministering and my eyes kept going to the chairs in the church how dirty they were (maybe bcos I have seen how clean salvation ministries chairs look), I had a thought in me to come to the church the next day Monday and clean the chairs. So the next day I took my younger siblings, bought all the things I will need to wash the chairs and I left the house. 

On my way to the church while in a taxi I said in my heart that “God please Give me a Job and also in due time let me get married without stress that God as I am going to clean your sanctuary also clean my life”.
We got the church, I was nervous because it was something I have never done, so we started washing the chairs when the resident Pastor walked in saw us and said he felt like praying for us, he prayed, blessed us and went to his office. 

After about 30mins, another Young pastor walked in to pray at the alter after which he walked up to me and said “God Bless you sister, God sent me to you, that I should tell you that you should be ready for your Job as a supervisor and also my marriage” while he was talking I was smiling because I couldn’t believe God could act that fast. He said when I'm done I should pray and thank God for my job and also how I want my marriage to be. I felt the kind of Joy I have never felt in my 23yrs of existence.

Fast-forward to May 2013, I got a Text from Independent National Electoral Commission INEC inviting me for Interview in Benin on the 29th of May, I thought it was a scam,I forgot I applied for it using my Blackberry phone because I really applied for a lot of jobs online so I didn’t remember I applied for INEC job, after confirming it was real.. I went for the Interview and was favored without ANY HUMAN CONNECTION.

Fast-forward to August 30th 2013, I got a text from INEC congratulating me that I should come pick up my appointment letter as a Planning office II… it didn’t get to November 2013 God blessed me with a permanent Federal Civil Service Job.
During the recent Voters Registration Exercise I was made supervisor, to supervise the NYSC members used (Prophecies Fulfilled).

May 2014 I got admission to study petroleum and Energy Economics at Niger Delta University.
Do I need to add how much I make importing customized Wristband from China to Nigeria?
God is always God.
What if I didn’t go to church on the 23rd December 2013?
What If I had disobeyed the voice that said clean the chairs?
What if? What if?? What if?

God has been so nice to me I don’t know about you, just take some time and reflect on the good things he has done for you, you will be amazed,
You don’t have to serve God with your Money alone, if you don’t have money you have hands, you have the voice, you have the smile, computer skills etc. Please use it to serve God.

Thank You


  1. God works in mysterious ways.

    1. Thank u Aunty Eya for posting. I'm greatful... Thank you all for taking the patience to read my long writing.

  2. I thank you for reminding us of the awesome deeds of our God. Especially the issue of job without connection. Many have resigned to the much touted philosophy that you can't get those kind of jobs without knowing a senator, minister, etc in Nigeria but my sister applied for a scholarship for masters and doctorate degrees in Nigeria to study abroad and got both without any connection. I wish you all the best.

  3. I thank you for reminding us of the awesome deeds of our God. Especially the issue of job without connection. Many have resigned to the much touted philosophy that you can't get those kind of jobs without knowing a senator, minister, etc in Nigeria but my sister applied for a scholarship for masters and doctorate degrees in Nigeria to study abroad and got both without any connection. I wish you all the best.

  4. I Thank God for remembering you...many pple falter cos they loose sight of what God has promised...'The plan I have for you is that of good and not of evil 2 bring u 2 an expected end'. My dear continue 2 bask in d euphoria of God's goodness in your life.

  5. Anonymous7/19/2014

    Thank God for your Life Dee...May his hands continue to rest on you. DEE,please we are eagerly waiting for that wristband lecture abeg and have also ordered for wristwatches on Aliexpress following your lectures,I will let you know how it goes.God bless you honey

  6. Anonymous7/19/2014

    I tap into this blessings in God's name Ameen.

  7. Ivys mom7/19/2014

    wow! Our God indeed is faithful.

  8. Anonymous7/19/2014

    Hello dee. Nice testimony u gat der. Pls pls and pls I nid to gt in touch with u concerning ur import stuff. Here is my email If u cn pls gt in touch. Tnks

  9. Anonymous7/19/2014

    Wow Dee. With such a large heart u have I believe you deserve it. I am also expecting my first purchase from aliexpress. Thx to u

  10. Yay! Papa ibiyome is a blessing from God and more teestimony for U.

  11. Anonymous7/19/2014

    I am next in line for a miracle job and husband in Jesus Name- amen. Tosin

  12. chinnex7/19/2014

    So touching,I pray God answers my prayers 2,jus finished service 2 and am kind of frustrated cos dunno wher am headin inspiring,I plesd God gives me d grace 2 work 4 him 2

  13. Anonymous7/19/2014

    God is indeed faithful . If only we His children can listen and be obedient we will truly enjoy life and no stress.

  14. Thanks for sharing your story.
    I learnt some lessons.

  15. Anonymous7/20/2014

    God is faithful, am a living testimony,Am a youwin awardee today because God decided to bless me. I clean the chapel before morning mass everyday. Lil things that lead us to God!

  16. Anonymous7/20/2014

    God is so Good

  17. Anonymous7/21/2014

    Indeed he is Lord!!!

  18. Anonymous7/23/2014

    so touched by ur testimony and pray mine comes next in due time. Dee here's my email add: for importing biz. i really want someting to do. tnx u

  19. Anonymous7/25/2014

    Hello Dee, my name is Naomi I've been following this blog for a while. your story reminds me of me. But still. looking for a job. hoping to get one soon. please I want to go into importing customized wrist bands. I tried contacting a supplier on Alibaba but am not ok with the price. hoping u can connect me with a supplier and help me with some questions I have. thanks. kindly contact me via my email. thanks


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