#words, Once Spoken, Cannot Be Taken Back

The girl  you called a slut today---is still a virgin.
The boy you called lame---he has  to work every night  to support his family.
The boy  you made fun of for crying---his mother is dying.

The girl  you called fat-- is starving herself.
The woman  you laughed @ coz of her pot belly, got it after giving birth to children.

The old man  you made fun of coz of his ugly scars----he fought 4 our country.
The girl  you  called a loner coz she's always quiet and lacks activity.
..she was abused@ age 3.

U think  you  know them? Guess what? you don't!!
Words can make  someone  or break someone. We gotta always be careful what we say  to people coz once said can't be taken back but only forgiven.

For men would have to account on  the  day of resurrection for every careless word they've spoken.
Speak kind words, words  that  are uplifting, motivating and soothing. Also don't say anything if you can't improve on the silence.
#happy weekend fam.


  1. I love this so much, yes words can be hurting, it can kill, I was thought in my catechism class that, we don't kill with weapons alone, we also kill with our mouth, just a word from you is enough to make someone commit suicide
    Also aside from insulting someone, or bullying someone with our mouth, sometimes in life you might say something, and you don't mean any harm, but some person might interpret it differently, so wisdom demands that we chose our words carefully
    Let's be blessing with our mouth and not cursing

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