Where Are My Sports Lovers?

Where my sport lovers @?

Defending champions, Spain, in the on-going 2014 world cup in Brazil, has been demolished. It's Chidinma, sornt ry I mean Chile dt sent them  parking hehehe
In fact, didn't know if it was Spain or Tahiti dt was playing last nyt..

But like seriously, does it mean  that the Super Eagles R now better than Spain coz I'm sure dt we can't concede 7 goals in this tournament ?


  1. me i cant wait for the world cup to end sef, haba hubby no they gree make we watch any other channel. #teamlettheworldcupend

    1. Hmmm,Debby u better learn how to follow hubby watch ball cos it will make him happy. I wasn't a football fan untill my hubby decides to go out and watch the ball cos no body to follow him shout for house, as in eeh sharply sharply I force my self to be watching it now is fun for him cos any time our team wins we both can only tell our next line of action.

  2. its was really a surprise to see Spain crash out of the world cup, and I was happy because I never liked their dominance, anyway that's football for you, its like biscuits, you never know where it will crack

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