Nigerian Vegetable Fish Soup With Basmati Rice, Wheat Bread For Weight Loss

Where are the geniuses and prodigies in the house? Who can look at this wordless recipe post and write us a recipe by just looking at the pictures? Recipe to hold body for the mean time because right now it's mid night and I'm eyeing the bed. Who can help please?

Nutritious fish soup with basmati rice
 Yes, I know... Nursing mother, no dieting. I did just a lil healthy dieting sort of to lose only 2 kg and fit into a dress. After that, continued eating my everything all join o.

Before trying this soups, I actually went to a gym and was advised to go back home and return when baby is 6 months and above. Well, I went because I didn't know rigorous exercises affect breast milk production.

Needed to fit into
my "getting tight by the day" dress for hubby's Birthday Dinner and get togerra which  I did and was happy with my self cos even baby wasn't affected afterall. These kinds of recipes are still balanced for the whole family.
"Will look for any Eya alone pic and share, lolz.

Fish soup with vegetables is the best for weight watchers and every health conscious person. Serving with basmati rice is good, serving with wheat bread is great.

It tasted so good the kids abandoned their meals and cleared this pot of soup.
Complete recipe much later please...
Frozen croaker, washed salted and lightly fried before cooking with vegetables.

 Still frying fish with just a greased fry pan. I think soya oil and Olive pomace oil are healthy for cooking. I don't experiment with oil cos some make my heart beat too fast, would have shared which one I think is best for cooking.

 Chopped and seasoned vegetables being sauteed
Ingredients for fish stew:
  • Croaker fish
  • fresh red pepper
  • Few slices of tomatoes
  • seasoning cubes. I used one bouillon cube.
  • Runner beans
  • Onion rings
  • oil

Ingredients begin to heat up and cook 

The fish soup is emptied into a big pot so I can add water . Here the onion and beans are cooking and softening 

Added some water to cooked vegetables to make the fish stew
Add caption

Not very well fried fish cos it's going to be cooked again
I emptied soup into the shiny pot which is bigger to enable me stir without crushing the fresh fish o, NOTtwo different

fFish is added to the soup, check for salt and seasoning before reducing heat. Allow to simmer. While simmering the fried fish yummy taste seeps into the soup.

This time I cooked the vegetables till done cos of the runner beans included.
Soup is emptied here to continue cooking

Fish soup with vegetables served with whole wheat bread

The colour of this soup does not affect taste and nutrition

Fish, vegetable soup is ready

Fish soup served with boiled basmati rice
Nigerian fish stew with vegetables served with basmati rice

 Let's look at the pics, Think of a suitable recipe (nearest in meaning recipe will do). Help us abeg. Tomorrow I'll try and fill in the blanks and let's see what your score is... hehehe.

It's updated now.


  1. Yommy! I am salivating

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    1. Anonymous6/25/2014

      pls how do i post a question.

    2. Through email. Compose a mail and send to that's Sis Eya's contact.
      Do well to tell her to hide hour identity if its a private issue.
      Hope that helped

    3. Anonymous6/27/2014

      thanks Debbie

    4. Thanks Alloy and Debbie

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jenny. It's actually very easy and fast.

  3. First fry the washed and salted fish a bit
    Wash and chop vegetables
    Sautee vegetables with seasoning
    Add water to vegetables, season add the lightly fried fish.
    Cook till done and serve with boil rice or wheat bread.
    #I no try???

  4. Anonymous6/25/2014


    1. Thanks Anon, if you don't like the taste of raw green beans, let it simmer until you are satisfied. You'll enjoy it.

  5. Anonymous6/25/2014

    Cooking is like a hubby to me. Love feeding people. So I'm learning a lot here. A friend introduced me to this site and its d best I've ever visited. Kudos.
    Pls can u share recipe for diabetic people? It will be highly appreciated.

    1. Me too. Cooking is like a number one hobby. God bless your friend for suggesting wives connection blog.

      Thank you, diabetic people should eat foods that do not contain sugar like this recipe and other soups and unripe plantain recipes already in the blog archives.
      Google plantain recipes in wives connection.
      Google soups on wives connection, these soups can be eaten with wheat meals.
      Also search 'wives connection recipes for less/no carb recipes. I pray this helps.

  6. Anonymous6/25/2014

    Looks beautiful and healthy and sweet

  7. A bomb blast around Banex Plaza Abuja some minutes ago. God is still on the throne.

    1. Anonymous6/28/2014

      No harm shall befall us In Jesus Name

    2. May God save our country from Terrorism. Thank you.

  8. Anonymous6/25/2014

    so happy to see your post Debbie long time

  9. Nice one, my kinda of soup. But i think it can also be taken with boiled yam, Abi?

    1. Anonymous6/28/2014

      Oh yeah

    2. Thank you Kemi, yes, I think yam is ok.

  10. Aunt Ey green pkantsina, I can't 4 get your love for watery soups, lol. This is nice and healthy with the vegetables and fish. Someone asked if it can be eaten with yam and I think one can certainly have it wit yam, bread, Ripe or green plantain, pasta, couscous or noodles.

    1. Yes o Lizzy, watery soup all the way. Yes, I also think it can be eaten with all those and even plantain and Irish potatoes.

  11. feeding with my eyes....

  12. This is because prescription weight loss pills can have potentially harmful side effects.


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