My Husband's Friend In Love With Him, What Should I Do?

Hello Anty, I know you want to rest till July but this can't wait o, I need advice on how to tackle this challenge from my husbands friend, please help me , also keep my ID from readers. I have been married to my hubby for 11 years, he has a close friend , I know very well that my husband looks at this lady as a friend but she is in love my husband , she will call at anytime of the day, even at midnight just to say say hello and know how hubby's day was .

 I have  told my
husband  I dislike the relationship that close , he thinks I am over reacting .   I saw a text where she called my husband sweetheart , she is not married , not even a boy friend .
 She will ask to take him to eatery places , ask for anything , even visit him in the office . Help me readers . Am I psycho?


  1. You are not psycho. A wise woman protects and guards her marriage/man fiercely. A good man is hard to find. Pray that God should scatter the friendship between the two. Don't make trouble with the woman. Talk to your husband wisely, tell him how you feel about his friendship with the lady. But , please don't nag him. Cheers.

    1. The woman needs some hot warning before she overstretches her boundaries o.

    2. Warning? Not yet. Not until the man has told the woman off in her presence(let him put the phone on speaker) that way she can be sure he is not fueling her attitude, after which if you notice anything u can holla the lady, I dey your back.

  2. Anonymous6/17/2014

    It is possible that you are not satisfying your husband in one particular aspect and the woman in question is meeting that need. Check yourself very well and solve the problem. You see, most men cannot tell their wives where there are lacking instead they will seek for solace outside. Do not confront that woman instead be calm, friendly and ever caring to your husband, he sill rethink his actions and will adjust as you begin to do that which you were not doing before. God bless you and your marriage

    1. Anonymous6/17/2014

      sorry but i just cant believe when i hear dis type of statment so u do not value ur commitment dat u dont hav a problem sayin d man is meeti his needs outside ,do u think dat man is perfect why dont u also advice d poster dat search ur heart and see where her husband isnt meeting her needs and she should go out find other men to meet d needs since dats d way u thinking .

    2. I agree with anon 11:41. I don't like your response to the posters problem. Hey husband had no excuse you go outside of there marriage to have a friendship with another woman. He should communicate to his wife about what is lacking in their marriage. It's not the woman's fault.

    3. Her husband is not the one looking for satisfaction outside. The useless singles arr the oned chasing married men left, right and centre. When you tell them to settle down, NO they won't cos they need married men to buy their Brazilian dead women's hair.

    4. I agreed wt u guys,how can u make such statement n pls who is perfect,d woman shld go marry n leave her hubby alone,wat all ds,mtcheew

  3. Hmm,my dear the thing much oh but u didn't say if they have been friends for 11yrs or they just meet,was she his ex?,are they working in the same place? How did they meet? Since u know she wasn't married and no boyfriend why didn' u stop it initially,I'm not trying to say any wrong to u but just wish to know why u left a single lady to befriend ur hubby knowing fully well what ladies nawadays are capable of doing.

  4. Anonymous6/17/2014

    At poster pls if u want ur home u need to act fast physically and spiritually it happened to me too,im just married a year and wat i found out within dat one year abt my hubby and he's so called bestfriend (female).aft talkin to him and he kept making me feel i didnt know wat i was sayin dis lady comes to my house to show my hubby wat she's wearing and ill stand der laughin wit dem not knowin der was more to it ,she called myhubby one night dat d landlady's son entered her room to attack her,my hubby wanted to leave d house by past 10in d nit madam i talk ooo wen no b say my mama baf me wit dirty water! and dat was wer my suspicion started,diff things happened until i found out she was an ex !and d other ones too,i had to battle it spiritually too met wit his pastor and redeem pastors.Pls u r not psyco !!!!!

  5. I tried not to read comment before mine, so i don't beclouded my thoughts. Madam u are not a psyco in any way, and pls tell your husband to state his boundaries to her, which one come be all the visiting and eatery parol? Hian! And you trusts darling husband to think that he isn't enjoying the ride. Madam look deeper to find the truth.

  6. Anonymous6/17/2014

    Please do something about it now. Actually some men like wahala, a friend of mine keep inviting me to his house for one thing or the other but I keep declining. He is married with two kids yet he doesn't see anything wrong in me being in his house. The wife has no say but I put myself in the shoes of the woman, will I like it? . I have a friend who wants to marry me but he has too many female friends...I cant really fully love him. Watch what u accept while single because you will allow it while married. The funny part is all you can do is pray for single friend to meet the love of her life with another man...problem solved. If you want to follow it the hard way, then prepare for him to move over to the girls house. You can also tell your husband to introduce single young men to her.

  7. sheamapo6/17/2014

    Hmm! Just passing. This is a serious matter. However there should not be any form of nagging, no fight and don't be hard on your man. Turn it to joke but make your point letting your husband know that you will like to say hello to the woman whenever she call. If you are too hard on this issue he may stop answering her call at home but outside your home.
    Talk to him nicely let him see reason why you are not too comfortable with that relationship. I can't go further because your story is not detail. Is she your husband ex? Are they colleagues? Have you tried to find out why they are so close?
    Please tell us more. Try to be strong and be fully incharge of your home. Goodluck!
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  8. Desperate time calls for calculatively-wise actions.
    The devil has come to steal and to destroy your home but God will not allow him put assunder in what He has joined together.
    Talk to your husband like a mother will talk to a son( a wife should be able to play mother-friend-wife role to her husband). Make him realize how bad it'll hurt him if you have such a relationship with the opposite sex.
    Be sure to make use of your knees. Prayer never fails but make sure you have no grudge against e lady nor your husband coz it hinders your plea to God.
    This is just a phase that will pass, you'll win this challenge

  9. Anonymous6/17/2014

    Yeye singles befriend ing people's husbands.

  10. That woman is trying to make your husband her sleep mate .
    Fight her with your metal gloves. Desperate ashawo.
    Otrpr mmiri husband snatchers

  11. Anonymous6/18/2014

    This is my first time to comment here,dear poster better draw the boundaries between your hubby and her,ive had same experience was in a relationship for 6yrs n my den Bf had dis frd I always questioned n fight abt der friendship,but he den cleared the air so wen she chats him up self she will ask of me. The minute we broke it off,they turned lovers flaunting the whole place.I'm now happily married but don't encourage such relationship.

  12. Anonymous6/20/2014

    Poster pls don't take it lightly with this woman oo. I had d same experience with my hubby when he kept sending money to this particular female friend of his. Whenever i demand to know who she is, he always replys me with "she is a friend, you don't know her".The day wey i change am for my hubby, no be person tell am, he started talking by force. i gave the girl serious warning on phone, that was when they both understood the level of friendship they are to maintain.

  13. When it comes to your hubby's single/married female friends,my sister be wise! No be fight but also no be play issue. Don't be mute about it,talk to him about it,be involved in their friendship,dat is if it is a serious friendship. Tell your hubby to define d friendship,Y and aw its of benefit to him. Exs are meant to be expelled.


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